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  • Tuesday
    Aug 29 2017


    • 6:00 — Arrive and nom on tasty donuts!
    • 6:30 — Opening Remarks
    • 6:40 — Lee Baillie (@_lbaillie): Ruby is Awesome! Rust is Awesome! Building a Game in Both is AWESOME!
    • 7:00 — Kara Sowles (@feynudibranch): Carrying On: Tech Travel Lessons
    • 7:20 — Intermission!
    • 7:40 — Liz Abinante (@feministy): The Social Responsibility of Coding
    • 8:00 — Meet people and eat more donuts!


    • $10 in advance at https://donutjs.club or at the door. We take cards.
    • Women Who Code members can register for free.
    • Nametags and pronoun stickers will be handed out at check-in.
    • Free Donut.js stickers available.
    • Donut.js enamel pins available for $5.
    • Proceeds this month go to Basic Rights OR, an organization that works tirelessly for LGBTQ Oregonians.
    • All talks are live-captioned by Mirabai Knight of Steno Knight.
    • Two restrooms (gendered, marked 'Men' and 'Women') are available.
    • Event is on the second floor. Elevator is available.
    • We'll have donuts! We have donuts for omnivores from Coco Donuts and combination gluten-free-vegan donuts from Back to Eden Bakery.
    • A variety of LaCroix soda will be available.
    • Water will be available.
    • We have a Code of Conduct and require that all staff, speakers, attendees, and venue staff abide by it: https://donutjs.club/conduct/

    Every Month

    Donut.js is a monthly meet-up in Portland, OR with a handful of wonderful talks on tech, creativity, community, society, and the places those things overlap. Every month we donate our proceeds to a local nonprofit. Come and see wonderful presentations, eat donuts, and chat with friends.

  • Monday
    Sep 18 2017
    Web Animation Workshop: Web Animation 0 to 60: CSS, JavaScript, and SVG Essentials
    Alchemy Code Lab

    This workshop will get you up and running with web animation in less time than it would take to read all the tutorials you have bookmarked. Over two days, you’ll go from beginner or novice web animatior to having expert level knowledge of the current web animation landscape. You’ll get an in-depth look at animating with CSS, JavaScript, and SVG through hands-on exercises and learn the most efficient workflows for each. Learn how to make your product or project standout from the competition with performant, effective, and well designed animation.


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