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JAMStack Hackathon PDX Edition!

Alchemy Code Lab
30 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209 (map)



Free Code Camp is hosting a JAMStack Hackathon in San Fransisco, and we can participate together in Portland! It's a two-day event on Saturday & Sunday, November 3 & 4 from 9AM to 9PM.

Come hang out and participate in the online version of the hackathon in person with teams we'll help you build in downtown Portland at Alchemy Code Lab! ACL lead instructor, mJordan, and Free Code Camp Portland Organizers / awesome developers, Brigette, Kenny, and Daniel will be ready to hack and help. Jason from Gatsby will also be popping in to help and provide some swag!

The online hackathon teams will compete for their own set of prizes. They can interact with the judges, mentors, and other hackathon teams through the chat room and the live stream of the event on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel.

HOW TO SIGN UP (4 Steps to Officially Participate): 1. RSVP to our MeetUp

  1. Check out the official event page: https://hackathon.freecodecamp.org/

  2. Build and deploy a JAMStack app by following the included instructions. If you need help, feel free to reach out to [email protected] or join the Free Code Camp Portland slack group [http://bit.ly/freecodecamppdx] and reach out!

  3. Once your hello world app is live, apply for a free online ticket here: https://freecodecamp.typeform.com/to/v4mc19

*You can still participate without signing up for the online hackathon ticket, but you won’t be eligible for the official prizes.

SHOULD YOU SIGN UP? YES! Any skill level should feel welcome to come hang out and learn! Hackathons are a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. Some experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript would be helpful, but there are always plenty of ways for people to contribute even if you don’t know any code coming in.

EVENT DETAILS: The main hackathon is from 9am to 9pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The space here will be available for the same hours.

Food carts are just a few blocks away when you need a midday break, and there will be some food provided...stay tuned!

WAIT, WAIT…. WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE JAMStack? The JAMstack is a simple way of building web apps. JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (HTML and CSS).

If you've built some of the projects in the freeCodeCamp curriculum, you've already been using the JAMstack.

The main difference between the JAMstack and other web development stacks like LAMP and MEAN is this: instead of using a web server back end, you use APIs.