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Calagator is a unified calendar for the technology community of Portland, Oregon. We are an all-volunteer effort and encourage anyone to import, create, and edit events.

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  • Started Monday
    Oct 5 2015
    Delight Conference
    Portland Art Museum: Kridel Grand Ballroom

    Join us October 5-7 at the Portland Art Museum for a unique conference for people passionate about creating experiences people love. Delight 2015 features two days of keynotes, case study presentations, and hands-on workshops from leaders at brands like Twitter, Fidelity Investments, Airbnb, Virgin America, Intuit, Zappos, and more! The third day is an exclusive patient experience healthcare intensive with Peter Jones, author of Design for Care.

    When: October 5-7, 2015 | 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

    Where: Portland Art Museum | 1219 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205

    Who: Designers, marketers, developers, digital strategists and more are welcome! If you care about creating and delivering great customer experiences, this conference is for you.

    Price: $699 through 7/31 ($599/person for groups of 4+)

    Find out more and register on the Delight 2015 site. http://delight.us/conference

  • Tuesday
    Oct 6 2015
    Couchbase Day Portland

    Ace Hotel

    Are you a developer, architect or operations expert who is new to Couchbase or wants to learn more? This is the event for you!

    Join us for Couchbase Day in Portland on October 6 at the Ace Hotel Portland. This FREE day-long educational event will feature a combination of hands-on workshops and presentations on Couchbase Server. Couchbase experts will walk you through everything you need to know.

    For more information and to register visit: http://info.couchbase.com/Couchbase_Days_Portland_Register_Web.html

  • Biz & Beer 2.0

    Back by popular demand we are launching Biz and Beer 2.0!

    This will be a great night of networking, learning and meeting awesome people. Like before, we will be having an awesome photo booth with unlimited pictures as well as free beer and food! You'll want to invite your friends to this free event because it's guaranteed to be awesome.

    There will also be an after party for those who want to join (TBD)

    Our mission is to Collaborate, Educate and create a group that wants to Reciprocate by passing awesome referrals!

    There will be great prizes, food and beverages. The best part of all… It's FREE thanks to our generous local sponsors!!! All we ask is that you go check them out sometime after the event to support our local business community.

    We look forward to meeting each of you at our next event!

  • Portland Ruby Brigade monthly meeting
    Ruby 6cb4bb736e6c4cb0000f6e4d6254e13d9088263198adc4a1fd0676f8a2f84c34 Rails e53bc8411df8122f74959f46c2f69c99152414a663cd1a21068d19ec22aa5a50

    New Relic

    We'll have pizza & beer starting at 6pm, so stop by early if you want to have dinner and socialize before the presentations.


    Dana Scheider: How and Why to Love Cucumber

    Cucumber is a powerful and enjoyable tool to use when it is incorporated effectively into your test suite. This talk explains what Cucumber and the rich ecosystem surrounding it have to offer, and why it isn’t really as clunky or awkward as a lot of developers think.

    Tim Krajcar - kenny_g.rb: Making Ruby Write Smooth Jazz

    For too long, computers have been shut out of the red-hot music-to-listen-to-while-relaxing-in-the-bathtub genre. Today, that all changes. Our smooth-jazz-as-a-service startup is primed to disrupt this stale industry. In this talk we'll introduce the basic protocols of digital music and take a whirlwind tour of musical harmonic theory. We'll survey some Ruby tools that make noise and we'll dig deep into using Ruby to generate beautiful piano music with audience-selected chords. It will all culminate in a showdown between man and machine to decide the fate of the musical universe as our program battles a real live musician.

    Lightning Talks ⚡️

    There will be a whiteboard to sign up on arrival (first come first serve).

    After presentations we'll have more socializing time.

    Thanks to New Relic for providing the venue and beer, pizza & snacks this month!

    ARRIVING BY BIKE? Cyclists are welcome to park their bikes in the New Relic office. Bikes are not allowed in the building lobby, however, and must use the freight elevator. To get your bike up to the 29th floor, enter the building's parking lot by going down the ramp at 5th and Pine. Go past the booth -- no need to pick up a ticket -- and turn right. Go straight until you almost run into the elevator lobby, then go right again. On the back side of the elevator block you'll see a beat up pair of double doors marked "freight elevator." You can get up by buzzing in with the intercom, and saying you're here for New Relic. Ride on up to the 29th floor, you'll easily find the bike parking.

    ABOUT THE GROUP: The Portland Ruby Brigade, also known as pdxruby and pdx.rb, is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. The group welcomes all programmers interested in the language and its implementations, tools, libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. The group has been meeting since August 2002 for presentations, demos and discussions. Every month 35-75 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for Ruby. If you'd like to present or have a topic you'd like discussed, please post to the mailing list. The group usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month, "Ruby Tuesday" -- see you there!

  • Demolicious Portland

    The last Demolicious of 2015 is October 6. Doors open 6:00, Demos start 7:00.

    Portlanders in web and mobile tech are creating cool new apps, services and companies. But we aren't sharing them nearly enough. Demolicious shines a well-deserved spotlight on some of the best work. Previous presenters have gone on to raise money from PIE, the Portland Seed Fund and other investors.

  • MBrace, .NET, and F# by Alena Dzenisenka

    The talk is about F#, MBrace and Azure as uber-innovative open source tools for distributed programming, cloud computing and big data inspired by functional paradigm and wonders of monads.

    I will describe computation expressions or monadic computations, which is the unique F# feature that makes it possible to introduce language integrated domain specific language to control the custom flow, side effects, ambiguous unpredictable behavior and shows absolutely innovative usage of F# language.

    You'll see the open-source MBrace framework built on the base of F# computation expressions as a distributed computational framework engine for cloud computing and performing highly loaded jobs on big data, executing in non-blocking way, managing the state across the cluster of same-network nodes and making all that stuff easy for the software engineer. I will give you a tour through MBrace framework constructions, its architectural design and practical implementation model and demonstrate the full solution potential with Azure infrastructural services and open source Brisk Engine.

    As a result, you'll see the undeniable advantages of both individual technologies: F#, MBrace, Azure and their combination in solving complex and frequently used tasks, like highly scalable data-intensive computations, processing of huge amounts of distributed data in cloud environment.
    Architecture construction examples, code fragments, demo of parallel computation tasks execution and the result will be presented, clearly showing that .NET Open Source stack is finally shooting ahead.

  • Networking Night @ Quick Left: Advanced Negotiation Practices

    Quick Left

    For our upcoming Networking Night at Quick Left, we're switching things up and featuring a talk on advanced networking techniques by Karen O'Keefe. This is a very important topic that each of us will face throughout our careers, and we're very lucky to have Karen joining us to impart her knowledge and experience.


    6:00-6:30 - Check-in + Networking
    6:30-6:45 - Women Who Code Intro + Quick Left Intro
    6:45-7:45 - Women and Negotiation: Professional Happines, One Conversation at a Time
    - Networking + Wrap-up

    Women and Negotiation: Professional Happiness One Conversation at a Time

    When we hear the word ‘negotiation,’ most of us think about deal-making, buying and selling on behalf of a company, legal settlements, union/management contract negotiations, and mergers and acquisitions. In these cases, the negotiators follow a formal process to achieve their successes.

    While important, not everyone is involved in buying and selling in this sense. Many of us are navigating workplace issues on our way to becoming respected professionals and leaders. Examples of our work conversations revolve around getting resources to do our job, priority for our projects, for getting new opportunities, support for our ideas, for advancement, to hammer out budget agreements, a change in title, or a change in work schedule. Negotiating skill is critical to accomplishing these goals. Today, we will learn how to apply a deal-maker’s formal negotiation process to our work conversations in order to achieve our goals, to bring professional happiness and to develop as leaders in our organizations.

    About Karen O'Keefe: 

    Karen O’Keefe is the founder of Advanced Negotiation Strategies, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping professionals and business owners achieve breakthrough results by building personal and company-wide negotiation strength. She works with business owners and their teams to develop overall negotiation strategy, to prepare and plan for negotiations, and to build executives’ and managers’ negotiation skills through training.

    Prior to launching her own firm, Karen enjoyed a successful 25-year career with several large manufacturing firms, where she held operations and financial responsibility for performance in the supply chain disciplines. She negotiated multi-million dollar logistics contracts and designed and managed service programs to support the flow of goods from suppliers through to the firms’ customers.

    About Quick Left:

    Quick Left Inc. is a leading provider of innovative software development services and tools with offices in Boulder, Denver, Portland and San Francisco. Its services team specializes in agile web development, mobile applications, design and team training/mentoring. The company also operates Sprintly, a development management platform designed to power a more productive relationship between teams and their managers. Together with Sprintly, Quick Left accelerates software product launches with a process defined by accountability, simplicity, scalability and today’s smartest web technologies. 

    Visit Quick Left at quickleft.com.

  • Science on Tap - Arctic Science in Alaska

    Science on Tap - Arctic Science in Alaska

    Science on Tap is a science lecture series where you can sit back, enjoy a pint, and laugh while you learn. You don’t have to be a science geek to have fun—all you need is a thirst for knowledge!

    DESCRIPTION: At this Science on Tap, join us as Zach Brown, PhD, executive director of Inian Islands Institute, talks about climate change in the Arctic and his effort to create an institute for education and research in Alaska. Through photos and stories, Zach will take us on a journey through the Arctic Ocean, where declining sea ice is changing life for biological communities and indigenous peoples, and where industrial expansion threatens a fragile ecosystem.

    *A note on the suggested cover at the door: Science on Tap is supported by money collected at the door. It is committed to offering educational opportunities to adults who want to learn, so if $10 is a hardship for you, please come anyway and donate what you can.



  • Started Monday
    Oct 5 2015
    Delight Conference
    Portland Art Museum: Kridel Grand Ballroom

    Join us October 5-7 at the Portland Art Museum for a unique conference for people passionate about creating experiences people love. Delight 2015 features two days of keynotes, case study presentations, and hands-on workshops from leaders at brands like Twitter, Fidelity Investments, Airbnb, Virgin America, Intuit, Zappos, and more! The third day is an exclusive patient experience healthcare intensive with Peter Jones, author of Design for Care.

    When: October 5-7, 2015 | 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

    Where: Portland Art Museum | 1219 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205

    Who: Designers, marketers, developers, digital strategists and more are welcome! If you care about creating and delivering great customer experiences, this conference is for you.

    Price: $699 through 7/31 ($599/person for groups of 4+)

    Find out more and register on the Delight 2015 site. http://delight.us/conference

  • Wednesday
    Oct 7 2015
    Portland 1 Million Cups


    Every week we have a new local entrepreneur building an amazing company here in Portland. They give a short presentation followed up with a great Q&A session where you get to ask questions and ask about the real challenges and triumphs behind the business.

    As always we welcome everyone interested in startups and founders building great companies here in Portland.

    Come and check it out and bring a friend.

  • Money on a Mission

    The Evergreen -

    A community gathering to connect business owners and social entrepreneurs with local lenders and technical assistance providers. Featuring Beneficial State Bank’s Kat Taylor and Governor Kate Brown.

    *Admission is free, but space is limited. Register now: http://beneficialstate.org/moam/

  • Homebrew Website Club PDX


    Hack night edition! Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy? If so, come on by and join a gathering of people with likeminded interests. Bring your friends that want to start a personal web site. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, or help work on a project!

  • ChickTech's Scrum Workshop


    Come to ChickTech’s Scrum Workshop to get a refresher or an introduction to the world of Scrum. For two Wednesday evenings in a row, you will go through the core aspects of the Scrum Framework. This includes why Scrum works, the key players on each Scrum team, and how product development occurs within Scrum.

    Registration for this event includes both workshop sessions. You can register for the event via Eventbrite.

    Scrum is an agile way to manage a project, usually software development. Agile software development with Scrum is often perceived as a methodology; but rather than viewing Scrum as methodology, think of it as a framework for managing a process. -Mountain Goat Software

    The Instructor: Austin Richter, Scrum Master Austin, a Certified Scrum Master, has been working within the Scrum Framework for two years. Before that he worked as Project Coordinator on a team that was transitioning from a Waterfall approach to Scrum.

    Session 1, September 30th: Introduction to Scrum and Building a Backlog The first session will offer an overview/refresher of the Scrum Framework. In this workshop we will explore the differences betwen a Waterfall approach and the Scrum Framework. This will highlight the importance of feedback to a team. We will demonstrate these concepts by constructing a bridge and building backlogs. During the building a backlog activity we will explore the three roles on the Scrum Team.

    Session 2, October 7th: Sprint Simulation In this workshop you will build something for a customer using the Scrum process. Through this exercise you will go through each step of the Scrum process and produce the necessary artifacts to be successful in a given Sprint. From building a task board to demonstrating your product to the stakeholders, you will be immersed into the scrum process during the Sprint Simulation.

    By the end of this workshop series you'll have a comprehensive understanding of Scrum.

    Part of ChickTech’s mission is to retain women in technology. We intend for this event to build community and add skills to resumes. We encourage anyone who wants to practice the Scrum workflow to register for this event!

    Dates: September 30th and October 7th

    Time: Doors open at 5:30pm and close around 8:30pm. The sessions will run 6-8pm

    Location: DeskHub 334 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209

    Registration pays for dinner both evenings, along with the class costs. Any amount left over supports ChickTech: High School.

    A big thank you to our event location provider, DeskHub!

    ChickTech: Career events are open to all genders with a focus on women.

  • PDXRust Monthly Meeting


    Are you a Rust expert? Have you played with Rust a bit and told yourself you really should write more code in it, but never made the time? Do you just like learning about cool new programming languages? If any of these apply to you, come to the PDXRust meetup to learn more and meet others with similar interests!

    This meetup occurs on the first Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm.

    October's meeting will be at Mozilla's Portland space.

    What will happen at the meetup? Good question! That's largely up to attendees!

    We start with 30-50 minutes of lightning talks from anyone who:

    • Has built something in Rust that they want to share,

    • Wants to build something in Rust and is seeking feedback and collaborators, or

    • Has learned something cool about Rust that they think would be useful to others.

    After the lightning talks, we have about an hour of hack time so you can sit down and work on your Rust project in a room full of others who enjoy the language.

    Join us in #pdxrust on irc.freenode.net (http://webchat.freenode.net/) with any feedback about what you'd like to see!

    Remember that Rust's Code of Conduct applies to this event.


    Parking near the building can be scarce. The Mozilla office is close to the 11th&Couch stop and 10th&Couch stop on the NS streetcar line, and within walking distance of several bus lines. Covered bike parking is available in the courtyard that you cross to get to Mozilla's building, across from the Peet's Coffee and Tea seating area.

    The building is mostly wheelchair-accessible, in that there are no unavoidable stairs and the outside door has an automatic opening switch. Restroom doors on the 3rd floor and Mozilla office door are not automatic.

    Food is not yet planned for the event. If your company would like to sponsor food for the meeting, let edunham know (rustpdx@edunham.net, or IRC).

  • Ruby Book Club
    Ruby 6cb4bb736e6c4cb0000f6e4d6254e13d9088263198adc4a1fd0676f8a2f84c34 Pizza 9efb07ed841480b15cdb3a16f5e02aaf7bbf2cf318cf59db3f6b85c80dcf1add

    Renewable Funding

    Reading through technical books in a group is a great way to learn. You can stay motivated by reading together; better apply what you are reading by actively communicating it, as well as hearing others perspectives that will help you better understand the book. Even if you're a more experienced developer it's a great way to keep your skill sharp and share your wisdom and experience. If none of that is convincing just come and have fun with fellow ruby developers!

    We are starting a new book Working With Ruby Threads by Jesse Storimer. We will be discussing chapters 10-14 ('Signaling Threads with Condition Variables' - 'Thread Safety in Rails').

    Please come having read the chapters and ready to discuss it.

    Pizza will be provided!

    Book Summary

    Threading and concurrency are hot topics in the Ruby community. Want to join the conversation?

    You've probably heard people around you talking mutexes, race conditions, or the GIL. Do you wonder what the heck they're talking about?

    This book is a gentle introduction to these concepts and will give you the knowledge you need to become your teams resident concurrency expert.

  • CHIFOO Meeting: Games that Change Us (For the Better!)

    “Games that Change Us (For the Better!)” with Emily Treat, Games for Change

    Emily regularly facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. Come listen in as she shares her experience and views as an expert game design instructor, game development advisor and game interaction designer, about behind-the-scenes techniques for creating games that really make a difference in the world.

  • OWASP Chapter Planning Meeting

    This is a planning meeting for the Portland OWASP chapter. Please join us if you are interested in helping us plan and organize the activities of the chapter for the next year.

    Please RSVP if you plan on showing up. Just shoot an email to

    ( tim DOT morgan AT owasp DOT org )

    Some of the topics we expect to discuss at this meeting:

    • Summary of AppSecUSA
    • Leads on speakers for Chapter Meetings
    • FLOSSHack events
    • A Possible Training Day
    • Long term group leadership and governance
    • YOUR ideas

    The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501c3 not-for-profit worldwide charitable organization focused on improving the security of application software. To sign up for future meeting notes and to discuss security topics with local gurus, sign up on the OWASP Portland mailing list: https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-portland

    Meetings are free and open to the public.


Next two weeks

  • Thursday
    Oct 8 2015
    Ruby/Rails Coworking SE

    Crema Bakery & Cafe

    An informal gathering of Ruby/Rails developers, working alongside each other at various coffeeshops in SE Portland. Join us!

  • Pitch Perfect Hillsboro: Practice Pitch & Startup Mixer
    Free a0f32ae5b976c3700ed6cf40805731ace5b6de51751da977f9aaa9215d8ad4df

    The Hillsboro Chamber is excited to announce our first startup practice pitch through Pitch Perfect Hillsboro featuring Distributed BioSystems, Inc. Join us THIS Thursday, October 8th from 4:30-6:30 pm to support this local startup. Attendees enjoy networking, pitch, and Q&A session. This event is FREE, though RSVP's are necessary to prepare so if you intend on going, please RSVP to AimeeS@hillchamber.org. Snacks & drinks included.

    What: Startup Practice Pitch & Networking Where: Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, 5193 NE Elam Young Pkwy Ste A 97124 When: Thursday, October 8th from 4:30-6:30 pm Cost: Free RSVP: AimeeS@hillchamber.org

    Pitch Perfect Hillsboro allows startups to reserve the Chamber classroom on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 4:30-6:30 to work on a project, network, and/or pitch their company. This program is free and open to any startup whether east or westside. One week's notice and reservation is required to staff the office. Inquiries can be made to Aimee Sukol.

  • Epicodus Alumni: Freelancing Panel


    5:00 networking/announcements 5:30-6:30 freelancing panel with Mac Eisenberg (former Epicodus instructor), Jenny Olsen, Duane Moody (Epicodus Ruby Winter 15 class) & Laura Pelofske

  • TiE Oregon Pitch Club Featuring Brent Hieggelke


    COST: TiE Members: FREE, Public: $25

    Join us for another edition of TiE Oregon Pitch Club, the most educational pitch clinic in town! Our featured speaker for this edition is Brent Hieggelke.

    Brent Hieggelke is the Chief Mobile Evangelist for Urban Airship and is responsible for uncovering and inspiring innovation with customers, app development and agency partners, mobile platform providers and the industry-at-large.

    Before Urban Airship, Brent spent more than a decade helping brands optimize digital marketing initiatives in Marketing Executive positions at WebTrends, TouchClarity and Omniture. Most recently, Brent founded and launched Second Porch, the first Facebook-integrated social vacation rental site that was sold to HomeAway, Inc. in May 2011. Early in his career, Brent also co-founded New City, a media company in Chicago.

    Brent has been awarded multiple marketing awards, and is a frequent speaker at both marketing and digital conferences. He is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association’s North America board and the International Executive Council of the Internet Marketing Association.

    Once Brent is finished speaking, you will have the opportunity to practice your pitches with us. You can practice investor pitches, concept pitches, sales pitches, co-founder pitches, product pitches, elevator pitches, or any other pitch you can think of. Bring your pitch and pitch deck to receive actionable and valuable feedback from fellow entrepreneurs who have been through it or are going through it. You never know, there may be an investor or two sprinkled throughout the crowd.

    Not fully comfortable pitching? Come be part of the audience and learn by watching and providing feedback to others. However, it pays not to just be a watcher; you will definitely get the most benefit from this event by getting up and practicing your pitch! Many went before you, lived to tell the tale (we don’t bite!) and got a lot of actionable feedback!

  • ProductTank October

    We're launching ProductTank here in PDX! ProductTank is an opportunity for Product professionals to learn and network. For our first meetup, we have a great speaker lined up and hopefully one more to announce!

    Samuel Hulick

    Growing Your User Base with Better Onboarding

    Frustration drives people to sign up for products in hopes of improving their lives. The space between the intolerable “before” and the ideal “after” is your project’s “improvement trajectory.” And once this is defined, it’s easier to identify key moments in the customer journey and match them to design patterns.

    Samuel shares strategies that help you stop hemorrhaging signups. You’ll learn to create quality onboarding experiences that target your users’ frustrations and move them from A to B in their lives, instead of just A to B in your app.

    About Samuel

    Samuel Hulick runs UserOnboard.com and is the author of The Elements of User Onboarding. He’s combined UX savvy and a cat-like curiosity for measuring UX impact to become an expert in onboarding. His approach is shaped by over a decade of web experience, theories taken from behavioral psychology, cognitive development, video game design, and even filmmaking.

  • DesignSpeaks Presents: Peak Performance

    52 Limited

    DESIGNSPEAKS exists to explore design within the multidisciplinary: architecture, brand, communications, experience, film, fashion, graphic, industrial. We establish an interface within the context of real life, supporting the most compelling regional voices in design, and talk through to the heart of the practice.

    PEAK PERFORMANCE Data, Design, and Driving the Future October 8, 2015 7 to 9 pm / 52 Limited Moderated by Tony Thacker

    Tony Thacker is a longtime auto industry authority, author and book publisher based in Los Angeles. Most recently, Tony was Executive Director of the World of Speed, an educational motorsports-themed museum, in Wilsonville. He served as executive director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona and the marketing director for the famed SO-CAL Speed Shop for 10 years.

    Led by the enigmatic Tony Thacker, consider this a glimpse into a not-so-distant future of driverless cars negotiating rush hour traffic and carless drivers using augmented reality.

    We’ll trace the path of Salem-based Nick McMillen from passionate video gamer to professional racecar driver and learn how the virtual and augmented training environments being pioneered by Keith Maher in Hillsboro give drivers like McMillen an edge on the track.

    Then we'll take on engineering feats from self-driving trucks to land speed motorcycle design with Daimler Trucks North America's former vehicle dynamics manager Matt Markstaller and contemplate the future of automotive design with Aaron Pizzuti, a former design manager at Chrysler. From Pikes Peak to peak performance, where is technology taking us and who exactly is in the driver's seat?

    Doors open at 6 pm. Come early for food, drinks and virtual reality demos. Your ticket includes the presentation, dinner, hosted bar, and a limited edition poster.

    With Panelists:

    Keith Maher is a leading authority in automotive simulation - from programming to podiums, he provides custom simulation solutions to automotive problems. With 22 years in high technology and a motorsports obsession, he founded Maher Solutions, LLC to help people in the automotive industry achieve their goals through simulation.

    Matt Markstaller is a mechanical engineer who has worked in various capacities for Daimler Trucks North America for 27 years. He designed and built numerous prototype vehicles including Pikes Peak Hill Climb trucks, test facilities, and wind tunnels. By night, he designs and builds vehicles from open road racers to Bonneville record streamliners.

    Nick McMillen is a professional racing driver for Nissan. Born in Salem, he took an unconventional path to professional driving by winning the 2013 GT Academy, an international virtual-to-reality contest that allows the best Gran Turismo players to compete for the opportunity to become professional drivers. He won the Dubai 24 and Silverstone in 2014.

    Aaron Pizzuti is a designer specializing in automotive, footwear and consumer product design and creative direction. Following a life long passion for both automobiles and art, he spent nine years at Chrysler as design manager and senior product designer. He's currently Creative Director at Under Armour in Portland.

  • Techies on Bikes - Eat, Drink, Bike!

    Velo Cult

    ~$ sudo come -meet -new -friends while [ imbibe craft -beer && eat; $BIKE]


    6:30-7:45PM: BYTE good food and choose from an ARRAY of drinks;

    7:45-8:00PM: Offer ideas to places you'd like to bike to and form ride groups;

    8:00-9:00PM: Bike and gain READ & WRITE PERMISSIONS to cycling laughter!

  • Portland Perl Mongers - ORM Wars

    Free Geek

    A long time ago in a community far away ...

    This month, Matt S Trout is in town and will be speaking on the history and future of DBIx::Class.

    As always, join us afterwards at the SE Lucky Lab for drinks and more conversation.

  • TAO's Battle of the Tech Bands

    TAO’s Battle of the Tech Bands (BxB) is a musical tussle between the local industry's most melodious members! This is your chance to mingle with your peers and get down to the creative talent that keeps the PDX tech community rocking here in the Silicon Forest!

    This event showcases two of the best parts of Portland's Culture: music & tech. TAO member companies take the stage to compete for Portland's best tech band. A crowd of over 300 from the TAO community & beyond will assemble to cheer on their favorite bands and company. This event is a great way to increase community connectedness and promote Portland's unique corporate culture.

  • Code Fellows PDX Info Session

    Code Fellows PDX

    How do our programs work? Who hires our grads? How do we get you job ready? Whether you're an aspiring dev just starting out or an experienced programmer looking to switch stacks, we're here to help you discover which path will help you reach your goals.

    Join us on October 8 to talk with instructors, see our space, hear from alumni, and get all of your questions answered. RSVP today!

  • CTRL-H Open House

    Thursdays are open house night here at CTRL-H. This is when members gather and can open the door for you. We know we can be there by 7:00PM, but most of the time we are hours early. We don't have an opening ceremony or any formal meeting. This is a time for you to eavesdrop on other peoples projects and get support on a project that you may need help with. Bring your inventions, your technical toys and your broken microwave to CTRL-H and Hack with friends.

  • Friday
    Oct 9 2015
    Tech Talk, The Tech Academy

    The Tech Academy

    Free Geek will be delivering a tech talk!

  • Saturday
    Oct 10 2015
    PyDX Community Python Conference
    Python 7d0292f9705752d39a2459a8eab8946b2ac1f0ddec928d2d68267259586412e9
    White Stag Block (University of Oregon)

    Join your friends in the Cascadia Python community for two days of learning and connection. Meet new people and learn about the interesting Pythonic work being done around here. Make the Pacific Northwest an even better place to be a Python programmer.

    Keynotes, fantastic speakers, and price of ticket includes a BoF dinner on Saturday.

    Tickets available through the PyDX website! And can be bought at the door.

    Check out the schedule too.

  • CAT BarCamp

    BarCamps are free unconferences where the people who show up on the day of the conference decide what the conference is about. It has been shown time and time again to produce some of the best material available. The spontaneity of the entire event stands in stark contrast to the more planned conferences you may have been to. Essentially the entire conference is a hallway track, and many people feel it’s the best quality of BarCamps!

    The CAT at PSU is an ops training organization that has secured the venue and is organizing the event. We expect many job-hungry students skilled in development, computer science, operations, and everything else to be in attendance at this event and we want to enable as many connections as possible.

    Although registration is not required please RSVP at https://goo.gl/Bf9ttp so that our organizers can plan accordingly.

  • Portland Startup Summit III: The Social Good


    Portland Startup Summit is a summit for Portland startups.

    Join us for our fall summit, focused on The Social Good. The summit takes place Saturday, October 10, from 11 AM - 7 PM.

    Speakers and special guests will focus on ways that startups can build and support communities, solve real-world problems, and make the world a better place.

    Register now and join our online community: https://events.bizzabo.com/pss3

  • Monday
    Oct 12 2015
    Pacific NW Software Quality Conference
    World Trade Center

    PNSQC has a strong Pacific Northwest region attendance profile with a substantial proportion of national and international presenters and invited speakers.

    The conference attracts a diverse audience and is considered a “must attend” event for software product managers, quality professionals, Agilists, managers, contractors, consultants, customers, developer-testers, tester-developers, and maintenance engineers.

    PNSQC Mission: Enable knowledge exchange to produce higher quality software.

  • FutureTalk with Ron Evans + Happy Half-Hour

    New Relic

    Full Stack Robotics

    › Please RSVP via Eventbrite HERE

    The Internet of Things has begun to emerge, and the Age of Robots has come upon us. What are the technologies that will help make it real? In this talk, we will share our vision of "Full Stack Robotics" based on open source software such as Cylon.js, Gobot, and more, with live demonstrations of actual robotic devices.

    "Full Stack Robotics" consists of:

    • Front-ends & consists Interfaces
    • Frameworks & Tools
    • Integrations
    • Things

    We will show a complete application with plenty of live demos of actual devices, along with some of the code that makes it all work. Time to get real about the Robot Evolution!

    Ron Evans is a software developer who has been active in the free and open source community for over 20 years. As "Ringleader" of The Hybrid Group, he helps clients solve some of their most difficult technical and business problems. Ron has been a keynote speaker or presenter at conferences such as Maker Faire, GopherCon, JSConf, RubyConf, FutureRuby, Ignite, L.A. Ruby Conference, Scottish Ruby Conf, and MagmaConf. He was featured in Computerworld Magazine in the article "Rock Star Coders" for his popular blog post "I'd Rather Be A Jazz Programmer", as well as having written articles for MSNBC, BYTE Magazine, and the Direct Marketing Association. Ron is an active contributor to many open source projects and created the award-winning KidsRuby, free software to help teach Ruby programming to kids.

    › Doors will open at 5:30 for a 30-minute networking happy half-hour! The food, beer and drinks are provided by Bellagios and New Relic. The presentation will begin right at 6p.

    › Stay tuned for the latest developments and updates on this and upcoming events by joining our Meetup group, New Relic FutureTalks PDX, and following us on Twitter @newrelic.

    › FutureTalk is brought to you by New Relic in collaboration with TAO

  • Monday Python (Programmer Peer Mentoring Night)

    PDX Code Guild

    Join us for an evening of programming!

    Save this phone number in case you need directions. (541) 602-6215

    Come to learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. We cover Python, Django, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML and More. Our event is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Come to learn and/or to mentor.

    This week we will do introductions and then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.

    Bring your laptop, and something you want to learn, try, or build.

  • Tuesday
    Oct 13 2015
    MaptimePDX - Come see the new Mapbox Studio!

    Cartography will never be the same. Mapbox has just released the latest iteration of Studio and it's making its way to users around the world. We'll be demoing Studio from styling Mapbox sources based on OpenStreetMap to customizing your own data.

    We'll be covering:

    • Map design
    • Importing GIS data
    • Basic GL technology
    • Interacting with your map with Mapbox GL JS
    • Mobile tools for GL

    Lots to cover so RSVP and get there early! Note the new location: Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR, Cramer Hall Room 413. As always, beginners welcome!

  • Highlights of Write The Docs EU

    New Relic

    The Write The Docs EU conference happened in Prague just a few days ago (August 31-September 1). At the meetup we'll talk about some of the highlights and key takeaways from the conference.

    For more information, see the Write The Docs EU schedule of speakers

    (I'll edit this announcement with additional details later.)

  • I want to work for IDExperts w/Travis Cannon (Product Manager)

    Forge Portland

    Can you guess who is our next meetup guest at "I want to work for _ _ _ _ _ _"??? None other than our very good friend Travis Cannon. Yay!

    We are thrilled to welcome Travis, who is a Lead Product manager at the fast growing IDExperts.

    Travis will share his career journey leading up to this position at IDExperts (through a series of practical Q&As). We will then do in-depth research on what IDExperts is all about... their clients, competition, products, value proposition and much, much more!

    The experience and value you will get from this meetup is going to be unlike any other you ever saw... You have my personal guarantee!

    Oh, as always, this meetup is POWERED BY FREE PIZZA :)

  • Wednesday
    Oct 14 2015
    Lean Coffee

    Join us for Lean Coffee at Viewpoint Construction Software. Viewpoint is located at the east landing of the Hawthorne Bridge, at 1510 SE Water Ave. Come to the Tech Center on the eastern side of Water Ave.

    Lean Coffee is a simple, efficient, and fun way to discuss open ended topics in a small group. We’ll tend to focus on agile software development, but welcome any and all topics of interest. Porltand Lean Coffee is always an open, free community event. Some notes from past discussions are available on http://portland.leancoffee.org/

    For more on Lean Coffee, check out http://leancoffee.org/

  • Networking Happy Hour with Green House Data


    Reserve your spot for a complimentary happy hour with Green House Data and fellow members of Portland's technology and business scene. This laid back event will be a chance for us to get to know each other better, talk about projects, and enjoy some food and drinks.

    Meet at Saucebox any time between 4:30 and 6:30 and be sure to bring your business cards.

  • IPFS Enthusiasts

    Nedspace Morrison

    The inaugural meeting of the Portland Inter-planetary File System (IPFS) Enthusiasts. IPFS (http://ipfs.io/) is a "new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol" that has great promise for creating an open, distributed web.

    Let's meet up, talk and learn about IPFS, and do some coding!

  • Science on Tap - Dawn Mission

    Kiggins Theatre

    Science on Tap is a science lecture series where you can sit back, enjoy a pint, and laugh while you learn. You don’t have to be a science geek to have fun—all you need is a thirst for knowledge!

    Event Description:

    The ambitious and exciting Dawn mission is one of NASA’s most remarkable ventures into the solar system. Launched in September 2007, this mission is to explore the two most massive and uncharted residents of the main asteroid belt in our solar system: Vesta and Ceres.

    At this Science on Tap, Greg Cermak, a NASA Solar System Ambassador and former Astrobiology instructor at WSU, will describe the Dawn mission and NASA’s commitment to exploring the Solar System.

    Science on Tap at the Kiggins is produced in partnership with Washington State University Vancouver.

    *Science on Tap is largely supported by money collected at the door. If $10 is a hardship for you, please come anyway and donate what you can.

    Cost: $8 online advance tickets, $10* suggested cover at the door.

  • Thursday
    Oct 15 2015
    Nike Tech Talks

    Clear your calendar! Nike Consumer Digital Tech is hosting tech talks for the PDX tech community on October 15th. We're bringing great speakers to the Nike campus and there will be time to network and enjoy snacks and drinks.

    How Augmented Reality Will Change Your Life, Relationships, and the Planet Todd Revolt / Director of Strategic Alliances, Meta / @sfrevo

    Topic/Speaker Coming Soon!

    RSVP and learn more at: https://niketechtalks-oct2015.splashthat.com!

  • Navigate IT

    Mara Zepeda is the co-founder and CEO of Switchboard, an online community building platform often described as a non-creepy Craigslist. She will share some insights into how the feminine approach to work is different than the masculine approach (and how that's okay).

    You'll leave feeling inspired to embrace your feminine strengths!

  • PDXPUG: October meeting


    Portland Postgres Users Group See website for details.

  • Friday
    Oct 16 2015
    BSidesPDX Security Conference
    Oregon Convention Center

    BSides PDX is a gathering of the most interesting infosec minds in Portland and the Pacific Northwest! Our passion about all things security has driven attendance from other parts of the country. Our goal is to provide an open environment for the InfoSec community to engage in conversations, learn from each other and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. The Portland and greater Northwest information security community spans a broad spectrum of participation from CISOs, Fortune 100 company security experts, small business system admins, to independent security researchers.

    BSidesPDX 2015 is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, October 16th and 17th.

    Register Now!! : http://bsidespdx2015.eventzilla.net/

    To get involved, join the BSidesPDX mailing list : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bsidespdx

  • Monday
    Oct 19 2015
    Ruby brightnight


    Break into small teams! Build something awesome! Share the results!

    At brightnight, we will start with a challenge, break into small groups, then create and code our ideas into existence! We will take the last 30 or so minutes of the night to show and tell. All skill levels are welcome. We'll code in Ruby but those who know other languages are welcome as well.

    Come join us to enjoy some creative coding time where we all can learn from each other, try out wacky ideas and cultivate our skills in a fun, low-pressure environment.

    Bring Computers to work on if you prefer

  • NewTech PDX

    Mercy Corps

    Join us for NewTech PDX on the 3rd Monday of nearly every month. Portland has one of the most vibrant tech communities in the country, and the more we support our tech ecosystem, the more we'll all experience and create together!

    Join us to learn about the cool and amazing technologies being developed by Portland companies. You can arrive early (as early as 5:30) and network. You can leave a little late (as late as 8:30) and network some more. Then follow us over to the after-party!

    Event volunteers are welcome! Let us know if you'd like to volunteer.

    Entry to the meetup is $10 online, or $20 at the door.

    6:00pm - Doors Open / Buffet / Drinks / Get to know your community
    7:00pm - Event Begins!

    • Community Announcements: Events, Jobs, etc. (20 seconds/each)

    • Demonstrations (5 minutes/each)

    8:00pm - After-Party at the Thirsty Lion (71 SW 2nd Ave [at SW Ash Street])

  • Monday Python (Programmer Peer Mentoring Night)

    PDX Code Guild

    Join us for an evening of programming!

    Save this phone number in case you need directions. (541) 602-6215

    Come to learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. We cover Python, Django, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML and More. Our event is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Come to learn and/or to mentor.

    This week we will do introductions and then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.

    Bring your laptop, and something you want to learn, try, or build.


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