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  • Friday
    Mar 27 2015
    PDX OpenStack Hackathon

    PDX OpenStack Hackathon

    Bring ideas for items you want to hack on and each morning we will break out into groups to hack on them.

    This is a two day unconference like sprint for openstack developers. We will focus on upstream development. At the beginning of each day we will propose topics in an unconference style and will pick things to hack on for the rest of the day.

    When: March 26th and 27th, 9am - 5pm

    Location: Portland; 1900 SW 4th Ave Room 8601. This is on the Portland State University campus. Lunch/food: There are a number of food carts across from the building that have delicious lunch in all dietary formats. Social events: We have not planned anything formal, but count on having a drinkup at a bar on wednesday and friday nights.

    Contact nibz@spencerkrum.com for details. Code of Conduct: http://www.openstack.org/legal/community-code-of-conduct/

  • Workfrom Coder-CoWorking

    Breken Kitchen

    Please Review Meetup.com

  • I Want to be an LLC

    Walk into the workshop with an idea for a new business and walk out registered as a corporation.

    Topics that will be covered:

    • Is my preferred Company Name available?
    • Should I choose Sole Proprietor, LLC or S Corp?
    • I want to register everything online.
    • What kind of record-keeping should I set up?
    • How will I know when I need more help?

    Attending the event will cost $100. Also, be prepared to spend $100 for government filing fees. That's it!

  • Open House - The Tech Academy

    We are hosting an open house in celebration of our recent growth! There will be drinks, food, and graduates will talk about their experience with our Software Developer Boot Camp. Please come on down to network with other tech-inclined individuals!



  • Saturday
    Mar 28 2015
    Press Publish

    Press Publish is a conference for bloggers who use WordPress (or want to switch), with a whole day of inspirational presentations by successful bloggers and useful tutorials by the people who make WordPress.com and Jetpack — all designed to help you level up your skills and get fired up about your blog.

  • EAST Knowledge - "Coffee Break" #2

    Cafe Delirium

    EAST Knowledge is going to try a repeat of our first "Coffee Break". The first had a lot of great discussions. We invite you to join us for coffee at Cafe Delirium. We have the room in the back reserved. We're going to hang out for a couple of hours, so feel free to come by, talk shop, show off what you're working on, ask questions and pick each other's brains. We look forward to seeing you there! All are welcome!

    • What: Coffee Break
    • Where: Cafe Delirium
    • When: 10:00am-Noon, Saturday, March 28th, 2015
    • Why: Sharing what we know and what we're up to
  • Storytelling with Data Demo Night

    Hack Oregon and UO-SOJC's Agora Center Journalism Center Storytelling with Data Event 

    Celebrate the end of our workshop with a live preview of our data-driven stories!

    What is it?

    We've assembled the best and brightest teams of designers, journalists, and technologists to tell data-driven stories on inspired by some of the biggest issues facing Portland and Oregon.  

    We'll be working 3 days straight to create articles that we hope and plan to publish with different local media partners, and we want to share our work with you! 

    Come support our teams and enjoy a compelling evening of data-discovery. 

    Project themes and media partners:

    Cascadia Earthquake Preparedness- OPB

    Campaign Finance- Willamette Week

    Innovation Economy-Portland Business Journal

    Education- The Oregonian

    Sustainable Development- Surprise! 

    Story of the Story- Wieden Kennedy



    RSVP early, limited space available. 


Next two weeks

  • Sunday
    Mar 29 2015
    KiCad PCB Workshop



    Have you ever wanted to design your own PCB from scratch? Are you curious about the design process and the tools and techniques used by pros and hackers alike? Maybe you have some experience with Eagle PCB and want to try out a free and open source design suite...

    Now's the chance to learn KiCad!

    "KiCad is an EDA software suite for the creation of professional schematics and printed circuit boards up to 32 copper layers with additional technical layers. KiCad runs on Windows, Linux and Apple OS X and is released under the open-source GNU GPL v2 free of charge."

    The workshop will be hosted by hardware ninja Jared Boone of Sharebrained Technology and HackRF fame.


    • When: Sunday, March 29th, 1-5pm
    • Cost: Free/Donation $
    • Where: Control-H, 7600 N Interstate, Portland, OR
    • Bring: A laptop with KiCad installed + power cable (and maybe a mouse)
    • Arduino Soft Circuits Workshop

      Join us for this hands-on workshop sponsored by Crowd Compass, which combines art and open hardware to create “soft circuits”. We’ll use microcontrollers, LEDs, sensors, conductive thread and art supplies to create a project that will teach you the basics of circuits and programming. And you can take it home too!

      When: Sunday, March 28, 2015 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

      Cost for this event is $79 which covers the cost of all the hardware.

      The leading mobile app provider for conferences and meetings.

    • Monday
      Mar 30 2015
      Monday Python (Programmer Peer Mentoring Night)

      PDX Code Guild

      Join us for an evening of programming!

      Save this phone number in case you need directions. (541) 602-6215

      Come to learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. We cover Python, Django, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML and More. Our event is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Come to learn and/or to mentor.

      This week we will do introductions and then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.

      Bring your laptop, and something you want to learn, try, or build.

    • Tuesday
      Mar 31 2015
      Startup 411 – “How to Start” Workshop

      Miller Nash

      Got an idea for a startup, but don’t know where to start? This workshop, hosted by OEN and OTBC, will provide an overview of local resources, along with a checklist of steps to take as you build out your plan.

    • Portland Lean Coffee - Downtown

      Time for another Portland Lean Coffee Downtown! We got off to a great start in February and we're going to eek one in for March.

      *Note: A change in location from last month - http://pdxgreendragon.com/

      Lean Coffee discussions are where we discuss a wide variety of questions that you bring for feedback, inquiry and laughs with fellow Agile practitioners. You pick your poison (in more ways than one). Sharpies and sticky notes are our agenda-setting tools of choice!

    • OWASP Chapter Meeting

      New Relic

      People in Information Security say passwords are dead. Yet the replacement solutions are not available or main stream. An independent developer, Steve Gibson, decided to do something about it and created SQRL. From his website "Proposing a comprehensive, easy-to-use, high security replacement for usernames, passwords, reminders, one-time-code authenticators . . . and everything else." Let's talk about what SQRL is, how it works, how it could work in your solution and does it have competitors.? I am as interested in your feedback as I hope you are interested in resolving the password problem!

      Brian Ventura is an Information Security Architect at the City of Portland and 21 years experience in IT. Brian has enterprise, consulting and project management experience, supplying secure solutions to internal and external customers. Brian is mentoring a SANS MGT414 course in Portland between April 14th and Jun 16th. You can find more information at https://www.sans.org/instructors/brian-ventura

    • PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) Film Screening of Big Dreams

      Bazi Bierbrasserie

      Join us for happy hour at Bazi! Due to a last minute cancellation, we are doing something different this month. We will be having our networking event at Bazi and featuring the film Big Dreams. For more information regarding the film, visit http://www.bigdreammovement.com. The film will begin right at 6 pm. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. You can arrive early to order food or purchase during the film.

      PDX Women in Tech exists to celebrate professional women in the Portland-metro area who work with, manage, lead or have an interest in technology. Whether you are developing event-driven, non-blocking applications in node.js or setting technology strategy for a Fortune 500 company-or anything in between-come join us!

    • eBay Tech Tuesday: "Considering the Human Factor"

      If you build it, they will come.


      How many times have you seen a product or app and thought to yourself, “Who would ever use that,” or dealt with the frustration of trying to operate something that feels like you need a degree in rocket science to figure out.

      Or maybe you don’t interact with the product much, but the noise it emits, or vibrations its function causes, drives you batty.

      Now, imagine that your company designed that product, built that website, deployed that app… and countless users are muttering your name under their breath. Hundreds and thousands of hours and dollars have been wasted and you have to go back to the drawing board.

      Did you do the research to ensure your product or technology would appeal to human wants, needs and desires? Factoring in the human element seems like common sense, but that piece of the equation is often left out.

      If you’re involved in building a product or developing a technology that is or will be used by humans, you’ll want to join us for the March 31st Tech Tuesday. We’ll have Marcelino Alvarez, CEO of Uncorked Studios, a local product design agency doing awesome things, talking with us about the importance of incorporating human factors and intuitive use into the design of products and digital environments.

      We’ll also have Renny Gleeson, Global Director, Interactive Strategy, and Oonie Chase, Director of Experience Design, from Wieden+Kennedy talking about brand building and failing harder at the intersection of strategy and human-centered design.

      The evening's discussions should provide some interesting and engaging conversation. We look forward to seeing you there!

      • Doors open at 5:45pm, Speakers start promptly at 6:30pm

      • The main lobby doors lock at 7pm. Someone will be available to let you in, but please plan accordingly.

      • Pizza and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

    • Regional Internet Backbones

      Have you ever wondered where the internet backbones run through our region? Who owns it? What are peering and transit agreements? Ever wondered how much it would cost to run a fiber optic line across the Pacific to Asia? Are you curious about what makes data centers so special?

      Eric Hulbert of Opus Interactive will discuss the internet backbones running through the region, and give a bit of history on how they came to be. Eric will also discuss options for hosting virtual servers on equipment that doesn’t belong to your or your client.


      6:00--6:20 Networking

      6:20--7:00 No-host dinner

      7:00--7:30 Introductions and announcements

      7:30--8:30 Main Presentation (followed by Q&A)

      About Eric Hulbert:

      Eric Hulbert is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Opus Interactive, a Portland-based hosting company that was founded in 1994 and provides services from Tier III+ data centers in Portland, Hillsboro, San Jose and Dallas.

      With 16 years of IT experience, Eric provides leadership and vision for Opus Interactive’s strategic development and business growth goals. Eric also plays a key role in the company’s operations and is known for his hands on approach, hard work and determination.


    • RainSec

      Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

      RainSec is an informal group of like-minded security professionals who meet to discuss topics of interest in a non-work, non-vendor setting. Preferably while drinking just enough to forget our day jobs.

      While this is a public event open to any interested parties, our target audience is experienced information security professionals.

      Follow @PDXRainSec for updates & point your IRC client to #rainsec on freenode.

      This event is also on meetup.com. Invite your friends!

    • Programming Open Source Web Spatio-Temporal Mapping Visualizations

      Anna Bananas

      Programming OS Web Spatio-temporal Mapping Visiualizations: Tues, March 31, 7:00pm, Anna Bananas St Johns, 8716 N. Lombard, Portland, Oregon (back room). This month we will continue to work with OpenStreetMap data, editing in JOSM and downloading data to qgis and making a desktop map. We will then begin the process adding the data to a web visualization.

    • Wednesday
      Apr 1 2015
      Code Oregon Meetup

      The Gameroom

      Gameroom PDX is hosting a meet-up every other Wednesday

      Learn to make websites and apps on Treehouse for free by signing up with Code Oregon!

      For more information and to register to attend, visit: http://www.gameroompdx.com/code-oregon.html

      If you are not yet a Code Oregon participant, visit http://www.codeoregon.org/ to sign up for free and it takes about 30 seconds.

    • Elixir Games PDX


      "And the winner for Best Actor is..." -Pid Spawnington

      Well, we managed to kick things off with solid attendance, some competition that came down to the wire, and valuable lessons learned all around. Let's see if we can build some momentum as we take a dip into how Elixir handles concurrency and how we might solve problems with those tools and patterns.

      For the newcomers, the "Games" format is designed to create a bit of friendly competition and is accessible for all ranges of experience; beginners and pros alike.

      Early in this series we'll be focusing mostly on solving problems in a functional paradigm, and as the series continues over time we'll move more and more toward Elixir's differentiators; Erlang interop, hygienic macros, & OTP patterns.

      If all that read like gibberish to you, don't worry you don't have to know any of that jargon, and by the time you do everything will already make sense. Because we'll introduce ideas and concepts in a way that will help you understand those things conceptually before you ever need a weird name for them.

      Food and drink will be provided. There will also be small desk fodder prizes for the winning teams.

      Please make sure you come with a computer to work on and have Elixir pre-installed locally or in a VM and ready to go.


      If you'd like to take a look at the previous session's exercise feel free to check it out here: https://github.com/elixir-pdx/prime , some submitted solutions are available on non-master branches.

      Special thanks to Daniel Hedlund and CrowdCompass, ‘The leading mobile app provider for conferences and meetings’, for hosting us.

    • Ruby Book Club

      Reading through technical books in a group is a great way to learn. You can stay motivated by reading together; better apply what you are reading by actively communicating it, as well as hearing others perspectives that will help you better understand the book. Even if you're a more experienced developer it's a great way to keep your skill sharp and share your wisdom and experience. If none of that is convincing just come and have fun with fellow ruby developers!

      We are reading Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby by Sandi Metz. This week we will discuss chapters 7-8. Please come having read the chapters and ready to discuss it.

      Make sure to grab food before.

    • PDXTech4Good April Meetup: 15NTC Round-up


      Unable to attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference? That's OK! This month, hear short mini-presentations from locals who spoke at the 2015 NTC.


      • How Progressive Nerds are Changing the Future of Political Data and Integration with Lev Tsypin

      • Content Strategy 101 with Brett Meyer

      • Demographic Data Collection Implications and Opportunities with Yee Won Chong

      • Why I Don't Use Volunteers with Liza Dyer

      More to come!


      Lev Tsypin (@levelos) is the CTO and co-owner of ThinkShout. Lev leads a diverse team of forward-thinking engineers, helping ThinkShout's clients achieve their goals through innovation and technical excellence.

      Brett Meyer (@brett_meyer) is the Director of Strategy at ThinkShout. He helps nonprofits craft compelling messages and measure the success of their digital campaigns.

      Yee Won Chong (@yeewon) has over 18 years of experience working on racial, gender and economic justice. As a trainer and strategist, he helps nonprofit organizations to improve their diversity and ability to fulfill their mission by embodying an inclusive culture that empowers everyone to thrive. As a public speaker, he presented on "Beyond the Gender Binary" at TEDx Rainier in Seattle.

      Liza Dyer (@lizaface)

      More to come!


      Networking and refreshments 6pm-6:15pm/6:30pm Presentations 6:15pm/6:30pm-8pm

      What you'll get out of PDXTech4Good events:

      Nonprofit staffers will find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for those not experienced with technology, and many chances to ask questions of tech-experienced nonprofits and experts.

      Techies will find opportunities to hear the real-world stories of nonprofit clients, and put their own expertise to social good — as well as the potential for lasting relationships (be they paid or volunteer) with leading organizations in our community.

      Activists and community organizers will see and be given the chance to present on successful uses of technology for social change. We'll explore how technology can help support activism and where activism can push it forward.

    • CHIFOO Meeting: If It Isn’t Fun, No One Will Care

      "If It Isn’t Fun, No One Will Care" with Grant Roberts, E-Line Media

      Grant will share a variety of game and human-computer interaction design insights from his long career in the video game industry — which has featured Marvel Comics games for kids, free-to-play games for phones, big-budget sequels for the hardcore, and casino games for the bargain bin.

    • Thursday
      Apr 2 2015
      Business Expo West 2015

      Tektronix Bldg 38

      With 500 attendees and 130 exhibitors in 2014, Portland's premier business event on the west side, Business Expo West attracts businesses of all sizes and industries, local non-profits, and public/government agencies. Opportunities for making connections and growing your business are plentiful! Don't miss this chance to get connected and grow your firm.

    • Clojure PDX: How to Host a Mini Workshop, Yesql, Rook, Exceptional Feedback and More

      Puppet Labs

      This month we have duelling Howards! Two Howards enter, one Howard leaves.

      First Howard Abrams will give us a short talk on

      1) How to Host a Mini Workshop

      and then

      2) A Mini workshop on Yesql

      Then Howard M. Lewis Ship will present 3) Exceptional Feedback in Clojure

      You're in the flow: writing code, experimenting in the REPL, running tests ... and then it happens: an exception. Clojure approaches a kind of ideal coding environment, right up until something goes wrong. Clojure stack traces are notoriously challenging: hard to read, lots of noise, and limited in context. Fortunately, we have the tools to fix this! We'll describe Pretty: a library that presents exceptions ordered and formatted for readability, and Tracker: a library to provide context to exceptions that goes beyond the stack trace.

      4) Sane, smart, fast, Clojure web services with Rook Rook (the name is a play on Bishop) is a library that fits into Ring as a straight-forward, easy way to build web services. In essence, Rook is a mapping between web resources and specific Clojure namespaces.Rook leverages conventions, metadata, and a few strong opinions to make it fast and easy to build well structured web services, following the REST pattern ... and goes beyond just request dispatching, providing some much needed infrastructure that helps you build code that is concise, efficient, testable, and maintainable..

    • MaptimePDX
      Javascript Html Free

      Welcome to MaptimePDX, a monthly hack and learn meetup for map nerds, geo-geeks, and the spatially inclined. Beginners are very welcome!

      Our goal is to be inclusive no matter your tech level, so bring your questions, geoprojects, and mapping curiosities. We also highly encourage bringing a laptop so you can get hands-on!

      Register Here

    • Deviant Cartography

      Deviant Cartography presents provocative maps of burglaries, prostitution, murder, and natural disasters in forms that are simultaneously familiar and foreign. What if crime were elevation, or the geography of your city was determined by the density of sex offenders? Doug McCune’s work creates a juxtaposition between macabre subject matter and beautiful visual representation. The maps are equally pleasant and repulsive — stunning and disquieting.

      This is the first solo show for Doug McCune. Doug is a San Francisco artist who embraces data exploration and map making in an attempt to come to terms with the chaos of urban environments. He experiments heavily with 3D printing and laser cutting to bring digital forms into physical space. He’s a programmer by trade, an amateur cartographer, and a big believer in using data to understand the world.

    • Portland Linux/Unix Group
      Beer Linux

      PLUG: Portland's monthly, three-track open source conference!

      Celebrating 20 years of hosting Portland's best open source and technology freedom speakers.

      This month's topic To Be Announced

      First Thursday: General Meeting at PSU

      Third Tuesday: Advanced Topics at Free Geek

      Third Sunday: Hands-on Clinic at Free Geek

    • Friday
      Apr 3 2015
      Workfrom Coder-CoWorking

      Breken Kitchen

      Please Review Meetup.com

    • AgilePDX Dntn Pub Lunch: Agile Distributed Teams

      Distributed teams . . . virtual teams . . . remote workers . . . are a part of the daily life of most teams aspiring to agility. This is ironic given that "The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation."

      Many teams are finding ways to work around lack of co-location. These include things such as portable webcams carried around documentary style, telepresence tools which are becoming more affordable, team agreements to support the needs of co-located and telecommuting workers, and frequent trips to meet face-to-face at critical times, such as at sprint transitions. What have you tried in your organization? What works--or doesn't?

      In April, the Downtown Pub Lunchers will be chewing over the distributed teams aspiring to agility problem. Thank goodness there will be beer! See you all there. You know the drill:

      We'll be in the back. Bring your war stories, your conundrums, your friends, and people you want to be friends with. But--wait--here's a new twist:

      Our attendance is getting to be large enough that RSVP's are becoming important. If it looks like we'll have a crowd again this month (and the word is we will) we're going to try a slightly different format to get all the goodness we can out of the hour. So, RSVP to jean@azuregate.net saying how many you expect to bring with you. We'll move the furniture and get going right at 12p.

    • Saturday
      Apr 4 2015
      Calagator & Open Source Bridge Code Sprint
      Ruby Rails

      TBD - Portland

      Come hack on Calagator, the open source calendar aggregator, and Open Source Bridge, Stumptown Syndicate's open source conference.

      We'll be digging in to open issues, working on some refactoring tasks, and getting new folks acquainted with the code bases.

      Catch up on the current status by checking out our open issues (https://github.com/calagator/calagator/issues) to find something you'd like to work on!

      Calagator is a Ruby/Rails web app.

    • Tuesday
      Apr 7 2015
      Portland Ruby Brigade monthly meeting
      Ruby Rails

      New Relic

      We'll have pizza & beer starting at 6pm, so stop by early if you want to have dinner and socialize before the presentations.

      PRESENTATIONS at 7pm

      Mike Perham: Using Background Jobs with Sidekiq and Rails

      You know how to make a controller and view in Ruby on Rails. But what's a background job? How do I use them to make my website as fast as possible? This talk will introduce the notion of background jobs, why you might want to use them and show how to integrate Sidekiq with your Rails app to make background jobs easy!

      After presentations we'll have more socializing time.

      Thanks to New Relic for providing the venue and beer, pizza & snacks this month!

      ARRIVING BY BIKE? Cyclists are welcome to park their bikes in the New Relic office. Bikes are not allowed in the building lobby, however, and must use the freight elevator. To get your bike up to the 29th floor, enter the building's parking lot by going down the ramp at 5th and Pine. Go past the booth -- no need to pick up a ticket -- and turn right. Go straight until you almost run into the elevator lobby, then go right again. On the back side of the elevator block you'll see a beat up pair of double doors marked "freight elevator." You can get up by buzzing in with the intercom, and saying you're here for New Relic. Ride on up to the 29th floor, you'll easily find the bike parking.

      ABOUT THE GROUP: The Portland Ruby Brigade, also known as pdxruby and pdx.rb, is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. The group welcomes all programmers interested in the language and its implementations, tools, libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. The group has been meeting since August 2002 for presentations, demos and discussions. Every month 35-75 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for Ruby. If you'd like to present or have a topic you'd like discussed, please post to the mailing list. The group usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month, "Ruby Tuesday" -- see you there!

    • Monthly Maker Meetup


      Make it here! Have some projects you'd like to work on, but could benefit from a creative atmosphere? OSH Park and CymaSpace team up to offer just the space!

      We will supply wifi, and a place to share ideas and collaborate with a community of fellow creators and makers. We'll share tips and tricks, and support your creative endeavors! The goal for the meetup is to support the local creative scene while providing an opportunity for people to build a network with people of varied skills. Makers, crafters, and creators of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds are encouraged to bring your projects, supplies, and ideas.

      From sewing to electronics to art projects, this will be an incubator for interesting collaborations. For example, if someone comes in to work on an embroidery project, another could show them how to incorporate conductive thread and LEDs to make that project light up. Tips and tricks that can be shared varied depending on who comes to the event. Things shared at previous events include working with Arduino, programming, sculpting, knitting, hand sewing, misc hobbyist electronics tips from component suppliers to soldering tricks.

      Please note that while this is a free event, CymaSpace is a non-profit that relies on donations to cover their expenses.

    • RCSQE Presents: 'Multiply with Beaker' by Alice Nodelman (Puppet Labs)

      Rose City Software Quality Engineers (RCSQE)

      Empowering software professionals to build better software for tomorrow by championing quality today

      Tonight's discussion: 'Multiply with Beaker' by Alice Nodelman (Puppet Labs)

      Beaker is an acceptance level testing tool developed by Puppet Labs that supports both multi-platform and multi-virtualization techniques.  Beaker tests combine basic Ruby with a custom DSL and are designed to be executed no matter the operating system or cloud provider selected at runtime.  SUTs of a variety of platforms (linux, mac, windows, etc) are provisioned on a variety of virtualization systems and are then validated and configured.  The result is a SUT abstraction that allows automators to write understandable and powerful scripts.

    • Portland Bitcoin Group


      This group is for people who are interested in Bitcoin, the open source, peer-to-peer payment network and currency.

      Come along to: * Learn why Bitcoin is different from other currencies and precious metals * Learn how to use Bitcoin to increase your online privacy and security * Discuss politics and economics as they relate to Bitcoin and the $. Barter, trade, and network for a more resilient local economy. * Buy and sell products and services for Bitcoin. If you have a business, how you can be one of the first to start transacting with Bitcoin.

      These are exciting times for Bitcoin. Come be a part of the new way to think about money!

    • Science on Tap - Freshwater Ecosystems

      In Hot Water: What is the Future of our Freshwater Ecosystems?

      DATE: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

      TIME: Doors at 6 p.m. event at 7 p.m.

      LOCATION: Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton Street, Portland, Ore.

      COST: $8 online advance tickets, $10* suggested cover at the door

      FOOD & DRINK: Beer, wine, popcorn, and snacks available. You’re welcome to bring food into the theater with you.


      Freshwaters are some of the most imperiled ecosystems on the planet. Human activities, such as those linked to climate change, invasive species, and pollution, have greatly accelerated the degradation of these critical ecosystems.

      Angela Strecker, PhD, assistant professor of Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University, will share some recent research and prospects for the future of healthy freshwaters in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

      Science on Tap is a science lecture series where you can sit back, enjoy a pint, and laugh while you learn. Listen to experts talk about the science in your neighborhood and around the world. You don’t have to be a science geek to have fun—all you need is a thirst for knowledge!

      *A note on the suggested cover at the door: Science on Tap is mostly supported by money collected at the door. It is committed to offering educational opportunities to adults who want to learn, so if $10 is a hardship for you, please come anyway and donate what you can.

    • Wednesday
      Apr 8 2015
      Ignite Portland 13

      5 minute lightening talks on a diverse range of topics (Maps! Tea! Jenga! Curling! Linguistics!)

    • APICS Portland Chapter OPEN HOUSE April 8th

      APICS Portland Chapter will be holding an open house on April 8th from 5:30pm to 8pm in the Doubletree by Hilton here in Portland Oregon. We invite you and those who might benefit from the suite of educational offering by APICS Portland Chapter to attend this open house event.

      If your group is growing and needs training to grow then attend this event and discover what hundreds of local area supply chain operations professional already know. Please RSVP and sign upfor this open house event by clicking on the following link. http://apics-pdx.org/meetinginfo.php?id=76&ts=1424304987

    • Portland Virtual Reality Meetup - April 2015

      This is our monthly VR meetup time. Come try out some demos and talk about some news.

      I'll be returning from the IEEE VR and 3DUI conferences in France, and can talk about highlights from these two academic VR conferences.

      We've had a team of VR meetup members working on the Oculus mobile game jam, and we can report back our initial progress for developing for the Gear VR.

      E-mail me at [masked] if you'd like to speak or present on anything.

      Demo Logistics

      If you have an Oculus Rift or have any other interesting VR hardware or software to share, please consider bringing it along for the demo and show and tell portion of the event. 

      Add a comment below if you plan on bringing either an entire VR rig to show a demo of your own (or a demo you really love). Also leave a comment if you have a gaming laptop that you're willing to bring for someone with a Rift without a portable & fast enough computer. 

      Location Logistics 
      Doors open at 6:30PM, speakers start at 7:00. 

      Doors automatically lock at 7pm, so please plan accordingly. There will not be any food, and so please plan accordingly.

      If you arrive after 7pm you can call[masked] for access.

      eBay is located at 1400 SW 5th Avenue (southeast corner of 5th and Columbia). General access and ADA access are through the main doors on 5th Avenue. 

      The Community Lounge is located on the 3rd floor. As you exit the elevators walk straight ahead through the double doors, then go through the open doorway on your right. 

      Parking: There is a pay-to-park lot directly behind the building, with a single door leading into the backside of the lobby. (This door locks at 7pm). There is also an ample amount of street parking, as well as several other pay-to-park surface lots and parking structures within easy walking distance. 

    • Thursday
      Apr 9 2015
      Esri GeoDev Meetup & HackerLab

      Portland City Grill

      Come join us for an Esri GeoDev Meetup at Portland City Grill. In addition to our regularly scheduled technosocial for geospatial developers, we have also included HackerLab, a four-hour, hand-on guided tutorial for developers using ArcGIS Online and building Web apps.

    • Portland Lean Coffee - Inner Eastside

      Barley Mill Pub

      For those of you with a downtown phobia, this is our first Lean Coffee on the inner eastside!

      Lean Coffee discussions are where we discuss a wide variety of questions that you bring for feedback, inquiry and laughs with fellow Agile practitioners.

      Sharpies and sticky notes are our agenda-setting tools of choice.

    • Portland TypeScript Meetup

      CSG Pro

      Inaugural meeting for an introduction to TypeScript.

    • PDX Big Data Discussion Group

      Eastmoreland BigTable

      "No talks. You may opt to take up to 60 seconds to complain about Big Data. One paper per month, no obligation to read it."

      We'll start by letting anyone who wants to take up to a minute to tell us what they've been doing with data lately.

      This month's paper is Geotagging One Hundred Million Twitter Accounts with Total Variation Minimization by Compton etal. Read it or don't - the goal is just to have something to start conversations. "Did you read the paper?" will do nicely.

      Mention @PDXBigData on Twitter with the link to the full paper to suggest papers for future sessions.

      There will be food.

    • Code Fellows Info Sesh for Prospective Students, Teachers, Mentors, Guest Speakers!

      Code Fellows

      Come join us for a beer (or a Coca Cola) and learn all about Portland's newest code school.

      This is an info session for prospective students and also for those interested in teaching, mentoring, speaking or leading workshops.

      Come see our space, meet our staff and alumni, and ask any questions you may have!

      Code Fellows teaches beginning and advanced coding (1-2 years of experience) and has a job offer guarantee for graduates of its Development Accelerator courses: get an offer within 9 months of graduating, or your tuition money back.

      RSVP here: http://www.codefellows.org/events#pdx-apr-info-session


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