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  • Started Friday
    Nov 16 2018
    Essay competition
    Oasis Cafe

    Essay writing competition for all students

  • Sunday
    Nov 18 2018
    Workshop: Designing with Sound: Principles and Patterns for Products and Environments

    Instructor: Amber Case

    Sound is one of the most commonly overlooked components in product design, even though it’s often the first way people interact with many products. When designers don’t pay enough attention to sound elements, customers are frequently left with annoying and interruptive results. This practical workshop covers several methods that product designers and managers can use to improve everyday interactions through an understanding and application of sound design.

    Understand the place of sound in design, and how it can make a difference in your product

    Learn key concepts in sound design, with patterns and principles you can use to improve user experience

    Learn how to integrate sound design into a project

    Use exercises to help evaluate sound design

    We have a limited number of scholarships for our workshops. If you need an application, please send an email to [email protected] with your complete name and contact information.

    If you need academic credits for the workshops, please contact [email protected].

  • AgilePDX: Lean Coffee in the North

    Join us for coffee/tea or beverage of your choice and fun discussions about how to overcome challenges we face or to share about Agile-inspired and other topics we agree or disagree with. This event is aimed at getting people in the North and NE areas of Portland together to facilitate discussions. It's not exclusive to people that live in the North and NE, just closer to those parts of the city to make it easier to come out. (If you want something other than tea or coffee, you'll have to bring it with you. We'll have hot water and cups available.)

    Percipio Consulting Group is opening up their offices to host this event. Percipio is a business consulting firm that helps companies identify opportunities for improvement and successfully implement meaningful changes. That means more efficient processes, shored-up controls, a technology solution that really works for you, or all of the above. They have helped many companies, both Fortune 500 and mid-sized, navigate complex projects by truly understanding business needs and defining up front what success will look like.

    Parking: Use the Gotham Building Parking lot on the corner of N Page St and N Borthwick Ave.

    Building Entry: Entry to the building is best through the door by Little Gotham Coffee. We'll have someone meeting on time attendees at the door. For those that run a few minutes late due to traffic or other reasons out of your control, there will be directions at the door on how to contact someone to let you in.

    We'll spend the first few minutes gathering discussion ideas, then roll right into the smooth easy cadence of the lively chatter.

    New to Lean Coffee?

    It's a great way to have real, focused dialogue and we often discuss matters of agile, lean and such - but anything goes. As far as the mechanics, here's the format we'll follow:

    Step 1: Everybody writes down proposed topics on stickies, placing them in the center of the table. Take as much time as needed, but typically takes only 3-5 minutes (or whenever coffee is ready).

    Step 2: Each topic is briefly described by its writer to get a flavor for the subject (15-30 seconds typically per sticky).

    Step 3: Each person gets five votes which they indicate by marking the voted-for sticky with their Sharpie. Mark with a plus + if you agree with the topic and want to discuss it, or a minus - if you disagree and want to discuss it, mark it with a dot if you want to hear the discussion and maybe join in. You can put all votes on one, one across many, however you feel. Each mark counts as one vote.

    Step 4: The top vote-getting stickies are placed in the ToDo column, ordered by the stickies with the most votes at the top. In an Agile fashion, we'll use groupings of ToDo, Doing, Done and Lessons learned.

    Step 5: Each of these stickies are discussed for 5 minutes, most votes first. The facilitator takes a quick "Cesar" (thumbs up/down) vote at the five-minute timer, and she moves on for three more minutes if the discussion still has majority interest. When complete, move the sticky over to the Done column. Rinse and repeat.

    Step 6: wrap-up thoughts at the end - what one idea or person did you most enjoy, then break for home/drinks/cover.

  • PLUG Linux Clinic

    Free Geek

    The Linux Clinic meets once a month on the third Sunday from 1 - 5 pm at Free Geek, 1731 SE 10th Avenue, Portland, 97214.

    Bring your Linux computer that is being a brat and we'll teach it some manners. Or bring your computer that has some evil operating system on it and we'll send it home with a shiny, clean Linux distro. Or just come and look over shoulders to see what Linux is all about.

    If you already know Linux well, the Clinic is also a good place to learn how to help users troubleshoot problems. It's excellent training for tech support work in Linux.

    We have monitors, mice, keyboards, and miscellanous other perifpherals, so generally all you need to bring is the box.

    There will also be coffee and people usually bring munchies as well. After all, you can't do computers on an empty tummy.



  • Started Friday
    Nov 16 2018
    Essay competition
    Oasis Cafe

    Essay writing competition for all students

  • Monday
    Nov 19 2018
    Workshop on Designing Calm Technology at PNCA's Make+Think+Code Lab

    Instructor: Amber Case

    Calm Technology is a framework for designing ubiquitous devices that engage our attention in an appropriate manner. The aim of Calm Technology is to provide principles that follow the human lifestyle and environment in mind, allowing technology to amplify humanness instead of taking it away.

    The difference between an annoying technology and one that is helpful is how it engages our attention. This workshop will cover how to use principles of Calm Technology to design the next generation of connected devices. We’ll look at notification styles, compressing information into other senses, and designing for the least amount of cognitive overhead.

    Structure and activities

    Students will work in groups to solve a series of design challenges, including designing new products, ‘calming down’ a complex ones, communicating the principles of Calm Technology across an organization and team, and entering a product successfully into the marketplace.

    You’ll learn how to:

    Use principles of Calm Technology to design the next generation of connected devices.

    Design appropriate notification systems into both physical and software products

    Communicate the principles of Calm Technology to your across your organization and team

    Use methods of Calm Technology to design technology for generations, not seasons.

    Enter your product successfully into the marketplace.

    Who is the workshop for?

    This workshop is for anyone that actively builds or makes decisions about technology, especially user experience designers, product designers, managers, creative directors and developers. Attendees are encouraged to have some background in user experience design and look at http://calmtech.com/ or Designing Calm Technology before the workshop.

    Bringing a laptop is not required, as work will be done on paper and in groups.

    We have a limited number of scholarships for our workshops. If you need an application, please send an email to [email protected] with your complete name and contact information.

    If you need academic credits for the workshops, please contact [email protected].


Next two weeks

  • Started Friday
    Nov 16 2018
    Essay competition
    Oasis Cafe

    Essay writing competition for all students

  • Tuesday
    Nov 20 2018
    DIY CNC Mill

    Free Geek

    Learn how to create a computer controlled wood mill using parts harvested from recycled electronics. Students will have a hands-on chance to work with the materials and understand the underlying concepts behind creating and using a computer-controlled machine.

  • Learn to Code | Thinkful Portland - Thinkful + Free Geek | Free Crash Course: Basic Javascript

    Free Geek

    *** Please RSVP on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thinkful-free-geek-free-crash-course-basic-javascript-tickets-51359911879?aff=meetup ***

    Learn the fundamentals of programming as you get introduced to JavaScript, the most popular language on the job market. Join this workshop and start your journey towards becoming a developer.

    We'll cover everything you need to know to start learning the language, including different data types, variables, and functions. We'll finish the workshop with a road map you can follow to continue learning JavaScript after the meetup.

    Be sure to bring a laptop. If you don't have one, we can pair you with someone who does.

    How to find us:
    1731 SE 10th Ave., Portland, OR 97214

    Located SE Portland near Ladd's Addition on 10th between SE Market & Mill.
    Free Street Parking available on every block.
    Buses 4, 10, 14, and 70 all have stops within 2-3 blocks of location.
    Check in at Front Desk for Event with Free Geek Admin Team.

  • SharePint with Portland SharePoint User Group

    Want to connect with SharePoint and Office 365 professionals? Join us at our professional networking event.

  • PHPDX - Unblocking PHP applications with message queues


    Pizza, learning and a great time to network with the fabulous PHP Community!

    Message queuing allows applications to communicate by sending messages to each other. The message queue provides a temporary message storage when the destination program is busy or not connected. Join us as Caleb Tucker-Raymond takes us on an exploration of message queues. We'll learn both how to use them in a simple PHP web application, and how to test them.

    Code we will be using can be found at https://github.com/calebtr/queue-testing-demo

  • Wednesday
    Nov 21 2018
    Jr Dev Meetup


    Join us at our monthly meetup for junior developers! We alternate monthly between Happy Hours (at White Owl Social) and Speakers (hosted at Vacasa). For more details about upcoming and past gatherings, check out http://www.meetup.com/Portland-JR-DEVELOPER-Meetup/.

  • CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - PDX Exploit Workshop

    Hey everybody. Got a bug you just can't land? Is there a recent CVE you've been eyeballing seductively? Just want to brush up on your appsec?

    PDX Exploit Workshop

    All are welcome. See you there!

  • Thursday
    Nov 22 2018
    Ruby Coworking: Hollywood Edition

    Case Study Coffee

    An informal gathering of Ruby/Rails developers, working alongside each other. Join us!

  • Monday
    Nov 26 2018
    Portland UX Happy Hour

    Welcome to the reboot of Portland's UX Happy Hour! Come join us to meet new friends and have chill design conversations over drinks.

    Your new hosts for Portland's UX Happy Hour are Rachel Glaves and Leo LaCroix, both local UX freelancers. Welcome! We hope you swing by and say hi.

    This is the first in a monthly series of happy hours to build and strengthen our local design community. We are actively seeking venue suggestions and co-hosts. We're both based in SE Portland but know that folks come from every corner of the city. Want a UX Happy Hour in your neighborhood? We welcome you to host one or suggest a venue you love! Message us to get started.

    Venue note: Monday happens to be Lucky Lab's "Happy Day", with $1 off pints and specials on pitchers. We will have a visible sign or placard on our table to help you locate us - details on our Facebook event.

  • CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - Dorkbot Meetup

    Part hackathon, part geek social, these biweekly meetings are a time for you to come join others for insight, inspiration or just insanity.

    Bring your toys for others to see, or come see what others have been painstakingly chipping away at in their spare time.

    Whether it's code or chips, hacking of all sorts is encouraged. But we also like to hear your crazy ideas, so please come join us and bring your willingness to share your brilliance.

    We'll be the kids with all the coolest stuff on the table. Hope to see you there.

    p.s. This event is open to everyone, dork or robot. No ^H membership is required to attend.

  • Tuesday
    Nov 27 2018
    Women in Cable Telecommunications presents Tech It Out

    Tech It Out’s mission is to demystify technology for professionals at all levels and across multiple disciplines within an organization, highlight technology leaders in an interactive and creative forum, enable attendees to learn about new and existing technologies driving innovation, and inspire participants to advance their career paths along the technology continuum.

    Event Timeline

    10:00am: Registration & Networking

    10:30am: Welcome

    10:45am: Touchstones Fireside Chat

    • Megan Bishop, VP Finance, Comcast

    • Jessie Brousard, Sr Director Sales Marketing, Comcast Spotlight

    • Amanda Field, VP Residential Direct Sales, Charter Communications

    • Doug George, Sr Director Brand Distribution, Turner Networks

    12:00pm: Lunch/Hands-On Tech Displays

    1:00pm: Tech Talk - Evolving Industry Technology

    · Gregg Hardy, Principal, Pacific Crest Labs

    · Rodrigo Lopez, RSVP OR/SW WA Region, Comcast

    · Ryan Mutek, VP, Prince Telecommunications

    · Danielle Wade, AVP Field Operations Pacific NW, Charter Communications

    2:15pm: Break

    2:25pm: Keynote Speaker: The Influential Conversationalist, Jen Mueller, Sports broadcaster and founder of "Talk Sport to Me"

    Every conversation reinforces what people think about you or gives them a chance to rethink what they know. Jen provides practical conversation strategies based on more than 15 years spent in sports broadcasting.

    Jen works as a member of the Seattle Mariners television broadcast on ROOT SPORTS and as the Seattle Seahawks sideline radio reporter. Jen founded Talk Sporty to Me in 2009 as a way to leverage sports fandom in business conversations. She provides practical conversation strategies based on more than 15 years spent in sports broadcasting.

    3:40pm: Closing Remarks

  • PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) November Happy Hour

    Free Geek

    PDXWIT is thrilled to be partnering with Free Geek for a special edition happy hour on #givingtuesday November 27th! The theme of the evening is Supporting our Community. Let’s connect to talk about how we can really show up and support one another.

    While the event is primarily intended for networking, we will have a short segment at 5:30 to share important announcements and showcase some individuals in our community.

    An employee of Free Geek will provide an introduction to the company and share open job opportunities.

    A guest speaker will share their story of the impact Free Geek and PDXWIT has had on their professional and personal life.

    Elizabeth Stock and Hilary Shohoney will talk about how critical it is for community members to do what they can to support organizations that matter to them.

    During the event, we’ll have more to do than free-form networking:

    An activity table where you can get creative. This is a fantastic way to meet others if large groups are not your thing. If you have trouble finding it, look for Meg Aul, our Event Activities Director.

    Table topics to help break the ice.

    A section for job seekers and our sponsors who are hiring, to ensure people get connected.

    A #givingtuesday table with raffle prizes and other goodies for folks who decide to support BOTH FreeGeek and PDXWIT at the event.


    4:30 p.m. - Doors open/networking

    5:30 p.m. - Introductions, announcements + lightning speakers

    6:30 p.m. - Event ends


    PDXWIT is a community-based non-profit organization. Our purpose is to strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities. We are unifying a supportive environment for current and potential women in tech, all of whom are committed to helping each other. Our goal is to bring together and empower women in tech and to encourage others to pursue tech careers. This is our step towards reducing the gender imbalance in the industry and addressing the current negative effects of that imbalance on women.

    Our events are inclusive. ALL people who support our purpose are welcome.

  • Donut.js November 2018

    Alchemy Code Lab

    Donut.js is a monthly meet-up in Portland, OR with a handful of wonderful talks on tech, creativity, community, and the places they come together.


    • 6:00 — Arrive, socialize, eat tasty donuts and snacks!
    • 6:30 — Opening Remarks
    • 6:45 — Masen Matthews (@masen_matthews) — Developing for All: The Who, What, and Why of Accessibility in Technology
    • 7:00 — 10-minute break
    • 7:15 — Mike Lambert — Intrapreneurship for Everyone
    • 7:30 — 10-minute break
    • 7:45 — Sarah Joy Calpo (@superissarah) — Poetic Devices for Programmers
    • 8:00 — Meet people and eat more donuts!


    • $10 or $0 in advance at https://donutjs.club/ or at the door. We take cards.
    • Nametags and pronoun stickers will be available at check-in.
    • Donut.js logo stickers and enamel pins also available at check-in.
    • All talks are live-captioned by Mirabai Knight of Steno Knight.
    • Two all-gender, stall-only restrooms are available.
    • Event is on the second floor. Elevator is available.
    • 3.5′-wide physical access lanes will be taped on the floor throughout the venue.
    • We'll have donuts! We have donuts for omnivores from Delicious Donuts and combination gluten-free-vegan donuts from Back to Eden Bakery.
    • A few other snacks (pretzels, vegan+gluten-free chips) will be available.
    • LaCroix soda and water will be available.
    • We have a Code of Conduct and require that all staff, speakers, attendees, and venue staff abide by it: https://donutjs.club/conduct/
    • A hard copy of our Code of Conduct will be posted at the check-in, by the refreshments, and in each of the bathrooms.

    Our Nonprofit Beneficiary

    Every month, our proceeds go to a local non-profit. This month we are raising money for Portland Street Medicine, a coalition of volunteer medical providers, social workers, care managers, and lay people dedicated to providing medical care for those experiencing homelessness.

  • Learn to Code | Thinkful Portland - Intro to Python: Build a Predictive Model

    CENTRL West

    *** Please RSVP on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-python-build-a-predictive-model-tickets-51360173662?aff=Meetup ***

    Learn the fundamentals of programming with Python by building a Predictive Model from scratch, training the model and running predictions against it.

    We'll cover everything you need to know to start learning the language, including different data types, variables, and functions. We'll finish the workshop with a roadmap you can follow to continue learning Python and Data Science after the meetup.

    Be sure to bring a laptop. If you don't have one, we can pair you with someone who does.

    How to find us:
    329 NE Couch St., Portland OR 97232

    Located in the middle of the Burnside Bridgehead project Slate building. Entrance at the intersection of the Streetcar line & NE Couch.
    Free street parking available on NE Davis & 3rd.
    City Center Parking Lot across from Oregon Convention Center on NE Lloyd.
    TriMet Stops on NE MLK & Burnside and SE Grand & E Burnside.

  • Wednesday
    Nov 28 2018
    Programming with Python 1

    Free Geek

    Have you ever thought programming was interesting, but don't know where to start? Do you want to unlock the true potential of computers? This is the class for you!

    This class is an introduction to programming concepts with Python, an easy-to-learn programming language. Every class begins with the basics of what Python is and how to use it. After that we'll talk about computer science theory in an approachable way. Finally we'll have a lab where your questions can get answered and you can show off your projects.

    No prior programming experience required. If you can type, you can program!

    Recommended Follow-up: Programming with Python 2

  • CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - PDX Exploit Workshop

    Hey everybody. Got a bug you just can't land? Is there a recent CVE you've been eyeballing seductively? Just want to brush up on your appsec?

    PDX Exploit Workshop

    All are welcome. See you there!

  • Thursday
    Nov 29 2018
    Ruby Coworking: Hollywood Edition

    Case Study Coffee

    An informal gathering of Ruby/Rails developers, working alongside each other. Join us!

  • PDX Blacks in Technology Next Happy Hour

    Olive or Twist

    We usually sit in a circle. We listen, share, encourage: rinse, repeat.

    *Friends and any guests are welcome.

  • #FullStackPDX : November : Critique

    Just like fight club, if this is your first night attending, you have to present.

    Discussing your startup, recent project, code reviews, business ideas, etc. are all applicable. There is not a required length of time to present. This can be a live prototype or even a set of powerpoint slides. You do not have to know how to code to present your dream, and we are HERE TO HELP you. Presentations are meant to be collaborative, not the traditional meetup style where a presenter talks like a teacher for a very long time and saves questions for the end. We use a timer and the group dynamic works to collaboratively prevent cross talk and side conversations. So bring your computer, fun spirit and desire to learn, and let's have fun.

    Signups through meetup.com are required and seats are limited, so buy your tickets early because we usually sell out. We are self funded, and 100% of the revenue received is put back into the meetup costs. We will have top shelf pizza from Crown PDX (http://www.imperialpdx.com/the-crown/) so come HUNGRY for dinner!!

    Doors open at 6pm and we kick off on time. After the concert of presentations we will walk over to Bailey's Taproom (http://www.baileystaproom.com/) to continue the evening.

    Location: WeWork Customs House : Room 1C : When you check in ask for CP Handheld, they are our sponsor. The room is right to the left as you walk in.

  • BSD Pizza Night

    48 North

    A meeting of folks interested in Copy Free licenses, primarily BSD operating systems. We get together eat pizza, drink beer, and talk about what interesting things have been going on.


    This fall, the Oregon Justice Resource Center welcomes Sam Sinyangwe to Portland for a very special event. Sam Sinyangwe is a policy analyst and activist who uses his analytical and data-mapping skills to advance the cause of racial justice, particularly with regard to police violence. Join us to meet Sam and hear from him about where the movement to end mass incarceration and make law enforcement agencies more accountable to all the communities they serve goes next.

    TICKETS This event includes a meet-and greet with Sam where we will serve drinks and light hors d'oeuvres followed by a separate speaking event. Tickets for the meet-and-greet include refreshments and priority seating for the speaking event and are priced at $125.

    We are offering sliding scale pricing for general admission to the speaking event at $65, $45, or $25. You are free to decide how much to pay.

    Discounted entry to the speaking event only is available at $10 for students of any school, college or university.

    Entry to the speaking event only is free for formerly incarcerated people.

    No one will be denied for inability to pay; scholarships are available. Please contact Amie Wexler at [email protected].

    All tickets to this event are fully tax deductible and your contribution will support all of the programs and services of the Oregon Justice Resource Center.

  • CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - CTRL-H Open House

    Thursdays are open house night here at CTRL-H. Jon and Melinda are available during this time to give guided tours, answer questions and show you all that the hackerspace has to offer.

    We don't have an opening ceremony or any formal meeting. This is a time for you to eavesdrop on other peoples projects and get support on a project that you may need help with. Bring your laptop, projects, inventions, your technical toys and your broken microwave to CTRL-H and hack with friends.

  • Saturday
    Dec 1 2018
    Alchemy Master Workshop Series :: Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Karvari Ellingson

    Alchemy Code Lab


    This four day workshop unlocks the mysteries behind ‘Put it in the cloud’ by showing students the main tools used for AWS provisioning and resource management, and showing them how to host their own website ‘in the cloud’. If you are intersted in getting the AWS certification, this workshop will certainly help you prepare to take it. This is the first in a series of Alchemy Master Workshops designed to share deep technical expertise here in our Portland tech community.

    Instructor Karvari Ellingson - Software Engineer, Ops at Jama Software Karvari draws from her education in Fine Art, and her history as a contractor, to create, organize, and analyze infrastructure systems, built on borrowed hardware. She has been an ops focused software engineer at Jama Software for nearly three years, and was previously a release engineer at Thetus. She has assisted with numerous migrations from in-house servers, to AWS hosted resources, and is currently becoming a subject matter expert on distributed systems monitoring.

    Class Dates and Times Class Times: 10am - 2pm on Saturdays (The first Saturday, November 10th, will start at 9am for those who need help setting up their machine.)

    Online availability during the week for questions and prep work

    Class Dates: November 10th, November 17th, December 1st, and December 8th

    Price $240 per person. Limited to 30 people. Limited scholarships available, please email us at [email protected]

    Summary This class is designed to give you a working skillset with AWS services. We will start with the most commonly utilized services, and learn how to use and manage them from day one. You will know how to deploy websites (perfect if your are looking to develop a personal website to promote yourself to employers or clients) and the ability to deploy any application you write into a virtual machine in the cloud! Did I mention that this is all just day one? By the end of the four-week session, you will have explored scalability, serverless computing, networking, and the scripting tools most used to accomplish these goals.

    Prerequisites and Requirements You need to have basic programming knowledge, with the basics of either Python or JavaScript, and have created at least one full stack application.

    You will be required to create an AWS account, a Github (or equivalent) account, and be able to use an code editor. (Existing accounts are fine, no need to create new ones for this workshop!)

    You will need to use a credit card to setup your AWS account. You will likely accrue very small charges for using AWS during the class (likely less than $1 - $20, depending on what type of use your site receives). We will cover this during the first class

    You will also need a laptop (Linux, Mac, or Windows) with administrator access to install the necessary tools. Provided scripts and applications will be written in Python and JavaScript using NodeJS. You will need to have one or other installed.

    On the first Saturday, we will be available from 9am - 10am to help with any computer setup related issues.

    Curriculum Outline Day 1 (November 10th) - Developer’s Perspective Learn how to manage AWS resources through the console and the AWS CLI. By the end of the day, you will have deployed a static website to an s3 bucket and an application in an EC2 instance, Amazon’s most commonly used virtual machine. You will be able to create simple command scripts to update and manage your resources. You will also understand how to create a domain name and how to request a certificate from Amazon to provide secure access to your sites.

    Day 2 (November 17th) - Deployment and Security Now that you have an application in the cloud, this week you will learn how to use troposphere and boto3 to define cloud formation template and create them. Then, add git hooks using lambda functions to grab merges and create your continuous deployment pipeline! It is also time to lock it down. We will apply our amazon signed certificates, and create security groups, IAM roles, and User Policies to make sure our sites are secure.

    Day 3 (December 1st) - Ops and Scaling Architecture In week three, we’ll get into the joys of networking in virtual environments. You will learn about Virtual Private Clouds, Subnets, Gateways, Autoscaling, and Load Balancing. We will touch on the pitfalls of containerization (Hello, Docker!) in a virtual world as well. I will also try to point out common issues and gotchas when you are trying to connect, and scale your environments.

    Day 4 (December 8th) - Exploring AWS (Event Driven Development) In our last week, we will dive into the less common, but most interesting services Amazon provides. We’ll dabble in Machine learning, Data pipelines and refine our knowledge of Lamba (AKA serverless computing) with an image recognition function.


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