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  • Tuesday
    Jul 23 2024
    AI Tinkerers Portland Inaugural Meetup - Hacking and Making with AI technologies

    The goal here is to connect like-minded folks in the Portland area who are actively building a more interesting future with LLMs. We can’t let the folks in Silicon Valley have all of the fun!

    Connect, Collaborate, and Create

    This meetup is your chance to:

    Showcase your latest AI projects: Share your work with the community during our demo session. Submit your proposal for a 5-minute presentation and inspire others with your innovative ideas.

    Network with fellow tinkerers: Meet and collaborate with other active builders, AI engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers who share your passion for building the future with AI.

    MUCH MUCH MUCH more on the webiste and the main website at aitinkerers.org - It's global and it's awesome and it's time to represent Portland.

    Learn from industry experts: Gain insights and inspiration from leading figures in the AI space.


Next two weeks

  • Thursday
    Jul 25 2024
    Demolicious - July 2024

    July Demolicious will be at the westside UpStart Collective location!

    ::::::: Please use the form below to apply to pitch for JULY :::::::::::

    Demolicious is back! This monthly pitch event brings together founders and the community to learn about what is being built here and around Portland.

    How this all works: If you are a founder, you will apply to pitch here (https://forms.gle/sx81RaT6Nuqj9sWR7) (https://forms.gle/sx81RaT6Nuqj9sWR7). Don't worry. "Apply" simply means you want to pitch, but there's no real competitive process to be accepted. We just want to see what you're working on before we put you in front of a room full of people.

    You will be given 3 minutes to pitch at the event.

    The audience will be given a number to text and vote for their favorite one. The one with the most votes will go home with the Demolicious Championship belt.

    The belt is not for you to keep as you will have to come back and "defend" it. However, you will be allowed to put your startup sticker (if applicable) on the belt for all to see and to live on forever in infamy!

    We will post the projects/companies that will be pitching a week prior to the event. Which means you have until then to fill out the form.

    Teams Pitching: Airbuild (C) Cobweb Goddess Mousse BodyFuel The Coffee Purist (moka pot) Project Revolution Sales Span Rising Wines Collective, Inc.

    Will you be the next founder to pitch!?!

  • Sunday
    Jul 28 2024
    PDX Code & Coffee @ Albina Press (On Albina Ave)

    Albina Press

    What to Expect:

    Please RSVP ahead of time as we only have a limited amount of space.

    Code and Coffee is an inclusive, informal co-working session. Drink some coffee and have engaging conversations. This is a great opportunity to learn from others, share your knowledge, and possibly collaborate on side projects, online courses, or even your day-to-day work tasks.


    The Venue is Albina Press, who is graciously allowing us to host a space. Check them out here: https://tinyurl.com/9vddcj65

    Street Parking is available. The 4 Bus takes you from Downtown to the Historic Mississippi Ave & Albina St.


    • 10 AM - Arrival: Find a spot in the back.
    • 10:15 AM - Introductions:
      • Share your name
      • Discuss your current projects or interests. If you don’t have a specific project, share what intrigues you!
      • Mention your expertise and how you can assist others.
      • Are you job hunting or hiring? Let us know!
      • Community events you wanna plug. If none, that's cool too.
    • 1:00 PM - Wrapping Up: You can stay longer, but we'll officially be done! After the introduction circle, everything is self-organized. Find a social circle or grab a desk and code.


    Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/X5UQpJJG Learn more about Code & Coffee: https://codeandcoffee.org/

  • The Mondo Croquet World Championships and Mad Hatter Picnic

    It's the 27th Annual Mondo Croquet World Championships & Mad Hatter Picnic!

    It's croquet, only American Style – with bowling balls and sledgehammers.

    Photos and more!

    When: July 28th, High Noon until about 5pm

    Where: NW Park ave and Everett, Portland Oregon


    • Bring a bowling ball and a sledgehammer. Don’t worry if you don’t have, we’ve got plenty of extras to loan out

    • You’ll enjoy yourself more if you’re dressed appropriately in lawn whites, or Mad Hatter gear, or simply appropriately inappropriate. Peruse some of our photos for ideas.

    • Bring along something to share for the picnic and something cold to drink.

    • …and you might want a chair.

    Free, kid-friendly and you don't have to play, many people drop in just to watch!

    For you Facebook types: https://www.facebook.com/events/1103949757367509

  • Tuesday
    Jul 30 2024
    RainSec - PDX Information Security Meetup

    Lucky Lab Brew Pub

    RainSec is an informal group of like-minded security professionals who meet to network and discuss topics of interest in a non-work, non-vendor setting.

    While our target audience is experienced information security professionals, this is a public event open to any interested parties. If you have a friend or colleague who might benefit, please pass an invite along.

    Follow @PDXRainSec on Twitter for last minute updates.

    Because COVID-19 still presents significant risk to some members of our community, we ask that you observe the following and make your own risk assessment decision regarding your attendance:

    • If outdoor seating is available and weather permits, we will be outside.
    • If you are feeling sick, stay home!
    • If you've had a recent COVID exposure, stay home!
    • If you are not vaccinated, stay home!
    • If you are otherwise considered high risk for COVID, please stay home until you feel it is safe to gather in large groups (20-40 people). We don't want to be the cause of anyone's illness or death.

    You can also find us on Meetup.com and Google Groups.

    If you're looking for more security-focused community meetups in the Portland area, check out pdx-infosec.com.

  • Friday
    Aug 2 2024
    First Friday @ UpStart Collective

    Join us for our monthly community gathering of founders at the UpStart Collective to connect, learn, network, and enjoy the incredible views from our westside balconies. UpStart Collective's First Friday is a monthly gathering of the founder community to better connect with other founders at the space over drinks and food.

    This month we will be featuring UpStart Collective founder, Mirco Fiaschi who is a serial founder working to bring fresh local sustainable foods to the workplace through a low friction vending machine with technology meant to make it easy for patrons to buy the foods they want.

    When you arrive at the UpStart Collective building at 107 SE Washington St, enter on the Stark St. side and enter #2505 at the keypad at the outside door. Once inside you can take the elevator up to the 7th floor.

  • Saturday
    Aug 3 2024
    Joint Statistical Meetings
    Oregon Convention Center

    The Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) is the largest gathering of statisticians and data scientists in North America.

  • Mentorship Saturdays

    The Tech Academy

    We are both online via the link below and hosted in person thanks to Tech Academy!

    Hosted by Aaron Campf. Online Teams Link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_YTljOWRlMDAtNThmZS00NzljLWE1YTEtZDhlODMyYzI0OTRi%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%2282ea9e81-6f10-49e0-a1f1-d75b0b4c2e7c%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22143ee9d3-21a4-4da7-a1e8-2472c358110e%22%7d

    Or call in (audio only) +1 872-240-8681,,882162595# United States, Chicago Phone Conference ID: 882 162 595#

    Please join one of our community group chats

    Slack https://join.slack.com/t/mentorshipsaturdays/shared_invite/zt-1mnjewbt2-rWJfxmqf6_JWtSSk~Svj0w

    Discord https://discord.gg/nSCxgbcG7U

    If there are any issues with joining in person or online please message on here and Slack or Discord


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