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Hudson Community Room

101 E 6th St
Vanccouver, WA 98660, USA (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Mar 8 2017
    How to turn your idea into a startup and get your first clients.

    Hudson Community Room

    All too often entrepreneurs delay action while they perfect their product or service. However, to be a successful entrepreneur today you need to move quickly to market. That can mean developing and validating markets even before you are ready to serve them. We will explore 3 key strategies to launch your idea before fully developing your product or service.

  • Monday
    May 23 2016
    Developing Main Street

    Hudson Community Room

    DEVELOPING MAIN STREET is about getting the technology answer and help you need to run your business. We are bringing together two communities who need each other; main street business owners and the experts in the technology businesses use every day.

    Come out and get your questions answered about Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Cloud Services, Social Media Marketing and more. There is no fee for the service, just a great chance to bring different groups together in our community.

    We bring the experts, you bring your questions. It can be as simple as setting up an email mailing list to your website. Or it could be as complex as getting your business contacts in your CRM to sync to your sales reps phones. Our goal is to help you tackle the problem whatever the challenge. Our goal is to empower local main street business owners who are forced to develop greater and greater technical skills to manage their businesses and help them operate more smoothly. Our event will help you pinpoint your business tech challenge and then match you with experts who can help you fix the problem or direct you towards better solutions.

    We will rotate small groups of attendees around tables with experts you need in: -Online Sales -E-Commerce -Social Media -Search Engine Marketing -Email Marketing -Cloud Applications Website -Wordpress -Wix -Custom Built

    Come out to find answers or just find out what is new. Register today.