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Jul 13
#FullStackPDX : Code Critique

Who are we? We are entrepreneurs, full stack engineers, hackers, continuous learners, but above all, we are a group that loves to work hard and play harder. We organize a variety of content types, and the organizing team believes in delivering the best value for time invested in our events. Companies have launched, founders paired, code taken apart, lessons learned, and more. We are not the typical meetup where a teacher like presenter stands in front of the class and delivers their message. We are a full hands on interactive experience and meetings are successful from the cumulative knowledge and expertise of all members.

Join us for something different.

Join us to learn.

Let’s have fun building our dreams.

Register for our events and buy your ticket on


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Aug 27, 2014
Portland JavaScript Admirers' Monthly Meeting
Janrain Headquarters

The monthly meeting of Portland's first JavaScript and ECMAscript users' group. We host presentations and discussions on everything JavaScript-related - including JavaScript frameworks, node.js, CoffeeScript, and whatever else comes up.

This month Jesse Hallett will talk about React and the Virtual DOM. React is a library for building HTML views in a less stateful, more functional way than is done with many other frameworks. Under the hood it uses a virtual DOM representation, which makes page updates really fast.

Thanks go to PubNub for sponsoring pizza, and to Janrain for providing meeting space.

Feel free to join our mailing list at if you too are a JavaScript admirer. Or visit our web site for more information at

If you're interested in making a presentation at this or at a future meet-up, please e-mail Jesse Hallett ([email protected]).

Nov 11, 2014
Portland ReactJS Hang Session
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

We recently started a user group for Portland ReactJS users. I'd like to have an informal meet and greet to get to know the community here and get some input from you all on what you'd like to get from this user group and some of our ideas. We hope to have our first official meeting in January/February 2015.

We have a website here (WIP, don't judge :)) and a meetup group at Please Join our meetup group and RSVP if you can so we have an idea of how many people might be attending.

Dec 16, 2014
ReactJS user group drinkup
Ex Novo Brewing Company

Hello Reagents!

We are having another casual/drinkup meeting to prepare for our first official meetup(s) in Jan/Feb. To keep the conversation focused we're trying to limit the attendance to about 20 people, so please RSVP here.

We will be discussing what our plans are for the initial meetings starting early 2015. Please bring your thoughts with you. If you can't make it, or would like to get the discussion started now, please use the comment/conversation on the meetup page.

Thanks, look forward to seeing you next month!

Feb 10, 2015
Portland ReactJS meetup

Greetings fellow Reagents!

We are looking forward to our first official ReactJS user group. Dave and Eric from will be sharing some interesting stuff (details below) with us, and we're hoping to have one additional talk. Please let us know if you're interested in speaking/presenting. We'd like to have at least a few lightning talks as well. I have a feeling this will fill up fast, so please RSVP if you would like to attend this event.

If you are new to our group, Welcome! If you would like to get more involved or hear what we're talking about, we'd like to invite you to join our google group to join the conversations or start a new one. Also, please take a look at our code of conduct which let's you know what we think "being excellent to each other" should look and feel like.


Notes on the Design of Components (Dave McCabe)

Dave will discuss what has learned about designing React components, specifically techniques for promoting simplicity, reuse, statelessness, and separation of concerns, and for dealing with asynchrony.

Isomorphic Webpack Hot Module Replacement Boilerplate (Eric O'Connell)

  • Do you want to serve fully-rendered HTML from your React application?
  • Do you want near-instant feedback in your browser as soon as you edit your React components?
  • How about CSS?

This talk will give the starting point for a very nice dev environment using the webpack Hot Module Replacement feature. It will include a (trivial) Express app that renders the entire React component hierarchy which will then be hydrated on the client. Variations shown will include serving API requests out of the same app, and shared client/server routing.

TBD / Lightning talks

Get in touch with us if you'd like to share your experiences!

Mar 10, 2015
Portland ReactJS Presentation night
Jama Software (New Office)

Greetings to all!

We're excited to announce our second meeting and presentation night! We already have some great talks lined up from Dave McCabe and Asa Miller. We're hoping to set aside some time for lightning talks as well. Please join the mailing list and let us know if you are interested in presenting or participating in lightning talks.

Jama Software will be hosting us at their new office in downtown Portland. Catering will also be provided, more details on that soon.

== Proposed Schedule ==

Using React with Real-time data from Firebase. (Asa Miller)

Asa will discuss setting up real-time communication between desktop and mobile and how to to configure it for communication between components instead of passing props.

Notes on the Design of Components. (Dave McCabe)

A discussion on what we've learned about designing React components: Techniques for promoting simplicity, reuse, statelessness, and separation of concerns, and for dealing with asynchrony.

Apr 14, 2015
Portland ReactJS Presentation night
Jama Software (New Office)

Greetings Reagents!

We had an awesome meetup at Jama with some great talks. Thanks to everyone that took time from their schedule to come out.

We're still looking for some talks from the Portland community. Please let us know if you'd be interested in speaking at this or any future meetings. We have some things brewing for the May meetup that we're excited to share with you next month.

Jama Software has graciously offered their event space again for this meeting. Food will also be provided by, please come at 6pm to enjoy some dinner and socializing.

Presentations will start promptly at 6:30.

== Proposed Schedule ==

• Observables and React (or, 'Yo dawg, I heard you like reactive programming, so I put some Reactive Extensions in your React so you can react while you React’) - (Ian Irvine)

Ian takes us on a tour of JavaScript Observables via RXJS, and explores some potential use cases within the realm of React.

• TBA!!!

Some members have mentioned wanting to see and hear a talk on a rewrite of an app from [something] to React. Have you done this? You should talk about it! Are you interested in trying this? Try it! Then show us how it went.

May 12, 2015
Portland ReactJS Presentation Night
Jama Software (New Office)

Hello all!

We had an awesome meetup last week at Jama with some great talks. Thanks to everyone that took time from their schedule to come out.

In May, we're very excited to announce that Areeb Malik from Facebook's Ads Team will be presenting his talk, "Going Big with React", which will focus on the strengths of a unidirectional data flow architecture in apps with several engineers and megabytes of client-side code. Here is a link to this talk from last year. Areeb will be catering this talk to our React users community here, so please come prepared to ask questions and expect an interesting conversation after his talk.

Jama Software has graciously offered their event space again for this meeting. Food will also be provided by, please come at 6pm to enjoy some dinner and socializing.

The presentation will start promptly at 6:30.

Looking forward to a great meetup! Please RSVP at so we know how many people are coming. Thank you!

Sep 17, 2016
2-day workshop: Advanced Redux/Async
through Epicodus

Image Logo - Advanced Redux: A 2-day workshop from Real World React

Note: this is a paid event. You can purchase tickets at

You've learned React, and are excited about building robust, scalable applications. But at some point your application is going to become too complex for React to handle on its own. How do you effectively manage each component and their states? Enter Redux.

Redux has fast become the architecture of choice for building scalable applications with JavaScript and React. It will help you to better organize your application and make state mutations more predictable and transparent.

In this advanced workshop, FreeCodeCamp CTO Berkeley Martinez will help you to take your development skills to the next level.

What you will learn

Saturday - Sunday:

  • Using Redux Middleware
  • Managing Asynchronicity
  • Dispatching Thunks and Promises
  • Using Redux with RxJS Observables
  • Analytics with Redux
  • Server Side Rendering using RxJS Observables

What we will build

We will apply the principles above as we build a social e-commerce app, complete with:

  • Search and Filtering
  • User authentication
  • Likes
  • Follows
  • Shopping Cart

Your Instructor

Berkeley Martinez, CTO of

An image of Berkeley Martinez

Berkeley is the CTO of, a free online community for learning full-stack web development where students garner real-world experience by engineering solutions for nonprofit companies. He has been programming with React for over two years, and is the author of Redux-Epic, a library built to do better async and server-side rendering in React with RxJS Observables. He is also the co-organizer of the San Francisco-based Meetup group Real World React, which features talks and workshops on using React in real-world, production applications. As an instructor at Real World React, he consults individuals and businesses looking to become experts in React, Redux, and other tools in the ecosystem.


  • Familiar with React.js
  • Understands fundamentals of Redux
  • Comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiar with ES6 Syntax (not an exhaustive list)
    • Arrow Function syntax
    • Spread/Rest
      • And using them to change objects/arrays without mutation (immutable methods)
    • Promises
    • Class syntax
    • Module syntax
  • Comfortable with the command line & NPM
  • Comfortable building with React and React-Router
  • Comfortable with the concepts of functional programming.

Pre-class Resources

  • Follow the link above to the event website -- Calagator limits the amount of links we can post

Your Organizer

Real World React is an SF-based organization that features talks, meetups, and workshops on using React & Redux in real-world, production applications.

Oct 25, 2016
The Cleaners

$10 ticket, pay on arrival or ahead of time at the website.

6:00pm Arrive and nom on tasty donuts!

Jeff Lombard @JeffLombardJr Working Hard to be Lazy

7:15 Jeena Lee & Malisa Smith @theJeenaLee & @malisas7 Team JaM in Systems Wonderland

7:30 Intermission!

7:45 Caterina Paun @caterinasworld FramerJS

Meet people and eat more donuts!

Nov 9, 2016
Elm-lang Hack Night
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

Hang out and work on projects with other Elm developers. Open to all skill levels.

Jan 10
GraphQLPDX Presentation Night
AppNexus, Inc.

Second meetup! Hosted at AppNexus, talk about more graphql goodness.

Submit a PR or reach out directly if you'd like to speak!

Mar 30
#FullStackPDX : Code Critique

Sign up for meetup required.

Apr 8
Hack Oregon Spring Buildathon
Hidden Venue

Spring Buildathon!

Guidelines for Guest Contributors

What is it?

Believe it or not, Hack Oregon actually doesn’t really do a lot of Hackathons. We form specialized teams to build software and open data stories for important themes in Oregon, and work and iterate incrementally over months to create a product.

The "Buildathon" is the one day where we open up our project teams for guest and current contributors that want to be part of the magic and build something amazing, but might not have the time to participate in our months-long project season.

What’s the goal?

The Buildathon is a production sprint. We’ve laid the groundwork to do research, visualizations, and data storytelling quickly, and we need your help to bring our projects to the next level. We’ll get to work shoring up and finalizing our projects with some cross-team and outsider help. We’re going to use our lifelines and help each other close those blocked github issues and fine-tune designs.

Be prepared to make friends and be an instant part of our Hack Oregon family!

How can I get involved?

By joining our sprint, you’ll be placed with a team that needs extra hands on deck in your particular skill set. We’re working toward our public demo day at OMSI on May 1st, where you can proudly present alongside your team.


  • Team T-Shirt

  • All Day Food

  • Ticket to sold out Demo Day

  • Profound Glory

Submit your information here and we’ll reach out to match you with a team and link to reserve your ticket.

Below you’ll find a list of skills and roles we’re looking for at the Buildathon, along with this year’s five project themes.

Technical skills we’re looking for the Buildathon:

  • Front End Developers (we use React.js)

  • Data Visualization Developers (we use React.js/D3.js)

  • API Developers (we use Django)

  • Database Programmers (we use PostgreSQL)

  • UX/UI Designers

  • DevOps Engineers (we use AWS, Docker, Travis.CI)

  • Content Writers / Copywriters

  • Data Scientists (we use Python)

  • Multimedia Developers (Photography, Motion Graphics, Animation, Videography)

  • Visual Designers (Graphic Design, Illustration)

Project Teams


MVP: We’re highlighting the City of Portland’s budget data in a neutral manner so that users can quickly and efficiently understand its components, view basic spending trends and dive deeper into bureau-level budgets.

Stretch Goals: We’ll organize more sophisticated granular views, and applied analysis of deltas and outcomes of programs.


MVP: We’re creating a new system organize and model the efficiency of road construction and capital infrastructure planning.

Stretch goals: Expand into usage and impact of Portland’s biking and transit ecosystem through the lense of multi-modal transportation patterns.

Emergency Response

MVP: We are collaborating with Portland Fire and Rescue to take data relating to their emergency calls and build interesting dashboards, visualizations, and simulations.

Stretch goals: Understand more about how emergency response patterns vary by unique aspects of neighborhood demographics.


MVP: We’re exploring how the city and its neighborhoods have changed over time, from the perspective of 12 representative households.

Stretch Goals: We’ll work with raw data from the voter registration to explore change of address as a vector, which may indicate displacement trends.


MVP: We’re expanding the perception around the definitions of homelessness in Portland and the moment in time where people experience homelessness.

Stretch goals: Capture a fuller picture of children in Multnomah County who hang in the balance food security and housing security.

Apr 12
#FullStackPDX : Code Critique

Sign up for meetup required.

Apr 18
The Cleaners

RSVP Here:

A fun night of code and donuts!

This month’s event will be on Tuesday, February 28th at 6pm at The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel

Tickets are $10 (includes a donut), and leftover proceeds go to a local non-profit.

This month we are raising money for Portland’s Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization!

May 4
#FullStackPDX : Code Critique

Sign up for meetup required.

Jun 8
#FullStackPDX : Code Critique

Sign up for meetup required.

Jun 15
React Native Portland Presents
Crowd Compass

Please join us for React Native Portland meetup and presentation nite.

We will have Jamon Holmgren, Founder and COO of Infinite Red ( ) giving a talk about the versatile and powerful CLI tool they have built for React Native - Ignite CLI

According to Jamon, "we love React Native at Infinite Red and we are using it to build real Mobile apps for our clients"

Ignite CLI is a great tool for beginners as well as experts in React Native.

If you are just curious to get started on RN, or you are developing in iOS or Android and want to explore the 'other platform', or have been using RN but just want to expand your knowledge, his talk should have something for everyone.

Infinite Red is also hosting a dedicated conference on React Native, Chain React, right here in Portland July 10th and 11th.

Please join us for the RN Meetup on June 15th, 6pm at CrowdCompass.

There will be free Pizza and Beer!