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Meetup: Anatomy of a GraphQL query starring Eric Baer

AppNexus, Inc.
711 SW Alder St. Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205, us (map)



Presentation: Eric Baer (Formidable) "Anatomy of a GraphQL Query"

Eric will be doing a deep-dive on the anatomy of a GraphQL's query-based protocol, so be sure to come with questions as he's a bona-fide expert. Eric's a software-lead at the formidable Formidable in Seattle, WA; and will be presenting at Chain React soon so check him out there as well!

Raffle: (2) JetBrains Toolbox 1-year licenses

We're upping the game here by raffling off some prizes. I have two coupon codes for any JetBrains Toolbox product. There's also a few other raffles in the works, so be sure to come get some free swag.


YES! There's food! I'm working on the details at the moment, and will update this event when everything has solidified!

How can I help?

So glad you asked! I'm looking for help getting this community off the ground, so if you're passionate about GraphQL I'm looking for speakers, AV help, and Social Media help. Please ping me directly at [email protected] if you're interested in helping out!

Really looking forward to this, see you all there!