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Mar 24, 2015
PHPDX - Microservices Architecture + Continuous Delivery
Cascade Energy Inc

Microservice Architecture + Continuous Delivery = Developer Bliss

Joseph will speak on microservices architecture and continuous delivery. He currently is consulting as an Engineering Manager for the Automation Engineering team at Nike.

Jul 19, 2016
Portland Java User Group (PJUG)

Rightsize Your Services with WildFly Swarm

There has been a rise in the popularity of microservices. We will look at using Java EE in microservices with the help of WildFly Swarm. You will see how easy you can make a microservice of an existing Java EE project.


James Perkins is a software developer at Red Hat working remotely from Portland, OR. He works as a core engineer on the WildFly Application Server, JBoss EAP, logging frameworks and JBeret (a JSR 352 batch implementation).

Oct 20, 2016
Container Summit City Series: Portland

The Container Summit City Series brings expert practitioners and key container ecosystem leaders together to present user stories, share best practices, and give insights into the containerized future.

City series will be stopping in Portland on Thursday, October 20th! Join expert practitioners and key leaders in the ecosystem for an evening of real user stories, best practices, and key insights into the containerized future.

This is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the community over a beer (or two), and great content!

Feb 9, 2017
Nike Tech Talks
Nike Decathlon Club Cafe

Join Nike Digital for the next event in our Nike Tech Talks series on Thursday, February 9th from 4:30-6:30pm!

The Shape of Revolutions: How Things Change Ellen Friedman | MapR Consultant, Author, and Apache Software Foundation Committer @ellen_friedman

There’s a revolution underway in how people work with data. For one thing, streaming data is no longer seen as a special use case – and that’s a good thing because streaming is a better fit to the way life happens. Stream-first architectures are useful even beyond real-time processing. Another big idea has to do with where data lives: the big data revolution showed us that data structures spanning more than one machine are a good thing. But a new revolution involves data structures that span more than one continent (geo-distribution) and that go from on-premise to cloud.

In this talk, Ellen will tell a few stories that show how innovation with real impact can happen, including the shift in thinking and in engineering culture that underlie successful change. We’ll look at emerging technologies and how best to use them, new designs in architecture, and flexible practices such as a microservices style that have huge implications in IoT and other large-scale analytical workflows.


We hope to see you at the event and encourage you to invite your colleagues. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Sep 6, 2017
nginx.conf 2017
through The Nines Hotel

nginx.conf is an annual conference for technical professionals who are passionate about modern application development and delivery.

This three-day conference will bring together users and customers alike for hands-on learning, direct access to NGINX experts, and thought-provoking presentations about best practices and techniques in application architecture and infrastructure, including microservices, DevOps, cloud, and containers.

Nov 2, 2017
Bringing Machine Learning To Your Application
Alchemy Code Lab

What is Machine Learning? How can you integrate it into your website / script / app? Learn some of the typical use cases (such as Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition), examine code snippets for some of the common frameworks and tools (such as Scikit-Learn, Weka and Tensorflow), and find out about the different ways you can host machine learning models online.

Please RSVP at