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WeWork Pioneer Place

700 Southwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Nov 27 2018
    Portland Python Pirates - Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming Week 3 Review

    This week the rubber hits the road! We will be reviewing the our first big problem set. Bring your laptops for this one folks. We will be doing white boarding as well as live coding to make sure everyone is feeling good about moving onto week 4. Time permitting I will also demonstrate how to create your own modules that you can import and use locally and/or share online for all to enjoy!

    We will be meeting downtown at WeWork in Pioneer Place Mall. Let me know how you like this location and we can consider making this our permanent residence. Bring a photo ID and check in as my guest via the guest registration tablet at the front desk when you arrive.

    I suggest looking for parking on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd or up near 4th and Main. Parking isn't free until after 7pm so don't forget to pay! If you wanna skip all that I would say park at the Smart Park on 4th.

    As always feel free to message me on Slack or Meetup.com with any questions you may have. Until then happy coding!

  • Tuesday
    Oct 23 2018
    Portland Java User Group (PJUG) - CUBA.platform

    Andrey Glaschenko will be presenting the CUBA.platform on Tuesday, 7pm, Oct. 23. Join us to see some great demos and learn how to use this exciting new application development platform. #Spring #Vaadin #Java

  • Tuesday
    Sep 25 2018
    Portland Java User Group (PJUG) - Microservices

    Sean Sullivan will be presenting on Tuesday about the evolution of microservices at the Hudson's Bay Company.

    7pm-8pm at WeWork Pioneer Place.

    RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/PDXJUG/events/254947342/

    Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/sullis/microservices-portland-oregon-2018-09-25

  • Tuesday
    Aug 28 2018
    Portland Java User Group (PJUG) - AWS SDK for Java version 2.0

    The AWS SDK for Java version 2.0 is a complete re-implementation of the SDK for the Java language. It provides a modern API that leverages the latest capabilities from the Java platform. This presentation will highlight key differences between the V1 API and the V2 API. Also, we will examine the V2 HTTP layer and the updated API for AWS CloudMetrics.

    Sean Sullivan is a Principal Software Engineer at the Hudson Bay Company. HBC owns and operates multiple retail businesses, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and TheBay.com. Sean has contributed code to the AWS SDK for Java project on Github. He lives in Portland Oregon.

  • Tuesday
    Apr 3 2018
    Portland Lunch 2.0 - Portland "Creator" Lunch 2.0: WeWork Pioneer Place

    It's Portland Startup Week 2018 (https://portland.startupweek.co/)!

    Come have lunch on WeWork with other creators and maybe fill out your submission for the Creator Awards (https://creatorawards.wework.com/) to be held in San Francisco May 10th! More than $350,000 will be up for grabs. We are looking for community orgs, startups, artists & others with innovative projects in Portland to get on the stage.

  • Thursday
    Mar 1 2018
    Learn to Code | Thinkful Portland - Predict the Oscars Using Data Science

    • What we'll do
    The outcome of the 2017 Academy Award for Best Picture surprised us all. But, could that have been predicted?

    In this practical workshop, you'll use a dataset that contains previous Oscar winners to build a prediction model to guess the winner for Best Picture Award. You'll get an introduction to a data scientist's tools and methods, including an overview of basic machine learning concepts. Unlike last year's Oscars, our model will predict only one winner!

    No previous knowledge of data science is required. Some programming background is helpful but not required. This is a designed to be an introductory (and fun) workshop for beginners.

    If you have a laptop, make sure to bring it. Otherwise, we can pair you up with someone who has one.

    • What to bring

    • Important to know
    Space is limited! Please RSVP on Eventbrite here: