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Cascade Energy Inc

123 NE 3rd Ave #301
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Mar 24 2015
    PHPDX - Microservices Architecture + Continuous Delivery

    Microservice Architecture + Continuous Delivery = Developer Bliss

    Joseph will speak on microservices architecture and continuous delivery. He currently is consulting as an Engineering Manager for the Automation Engineering team at Nike.

  • Tuesday
    Jan 20 2015

    Cascade Energy Inc

    There has been a lot of talk in the PHP community about Design Patterns lately. As an introduction, we will talk about a few common patterns as well as how and when to use them. We'll cover Singletons, Decorators, Adaptors, and more!

  • Tuesday
    Nov 18 2014
    You really should be using Monolog & Tools to supercharge your PHP development

    Come hang out with fellow PHP Developers in the Portland area.  Drink beer and soda, and have some pizza as we socialize and learn from each other.

    Learn from two talks!

    "You should really be using Monolog" by Will Vaughn.

    Following Will's talk, Craig Gardner will give a talk titled "5 Tools to Supercharge your PHP Development".

    Thanks to CDK for providing the food and Cascade Energy for providing the drinks and event space!

  • Tuesday
    Sep 2 2014
    PDX-PHP - Database Design Basics & Composer: Dependency Management for PHP

    Another meetup with two great talks!

    David Stanley will be giving a talk on Database Design Basics.

    Following that, John Kelly will give a talk on Composer: Dependency Management for PHP. This talk is the same as the talk given last November (slightly updated), since we received many emails from people bummed they couldn't make it due to it being the day before thanksgiving. As always, pizza and drinks will be provided by our awesome sponsors. ADP and Cascade Energy.