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Portland, OR 97205, us (map)

Future events happening here

  • Tuesday
    Jan 19 2038


    Wherever remains that still serves beer in 2038, we will party like it's 1970.


Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Mar 22 2022
    Hardware Happy Hour (3H) Portland


    Hardware Happy Hour is an informal way to socialize, show off your projects, and talk about the world of hardware.

    We welcome anyone interested in any kind of hardware from beginner to expert: Arduino DIYers, engineers, hardware start up founders, e-textile experimenters, LED-curious folks, 3D printing enthusiasts or robotics geeks.

    If you're working on something even vaguely related please do bring it along. No presentations, no pitch decks, just projects and conversation. Join us and nerd out about electronics!

    Venue to be announced, but it will be somewhere Northeast with covered outdoor seating and a vaccine requirement.

    COVID-19 safety measures COVID 19 vaccination required Event will be outdoors

  • Thursday
    Sep 27 2018
    Female Founders Alliance: Ready Set Raise Program

    All - The FFA Ready Set Raise program is coming to on one of it's stops across America this summer. The event is tentatively on 8/10, location and all good things TBD. Watch this for updates and email me if you have questions. Kristine Campbell, FFA member in Oregon [email protected]

    Every founder knows raising capital is hard. And given that only 2% of venture capital is invested in female founded companies, what is already a moonshot for men is exponentially harder for women. You’re routinely and consistently underestimated, dismissed, ignored, ghosted, and judged by impossible standards - and that’s if you get in the door to begin with. Welcome to fundraising while female.

    Last year, FFA member Laura Malcolm (Founder/CEO of Give InKind) posted an idea to our online forum: she suggested that we join forces and help each other pitch to investors. That's why a few of us got together and organized our own version of a Demo Day. The result was last year’s Founders Showcase.

    Fast forward a year. Today, FFA has 4x more members, a growing team, a much bigger and more influential network of investors, and the help of world class sponsors like Davis Wright Tremaine’s Project W.

    So as we thought about reprising the event that put us on the map, we asked ourselves: what would a fundraising program look like if it was designed for female founders, by female founders?

    Our answer is called Ready. Set. Raise.™ We can't wait to tell you all about it. For now, please save the date for Demo Day on September 27th.

    Leslie Feinzaig Founder/CEO Female Founders Alliance

  • Wednesday
    Jul 11 2018
    CHIFOO Event: Ethical Dilemmas & Democratized Proliferation Artificial Intelligence


    CHIFOO presents "Ethical Dilemmas & The Democratized Proliferation Of The State Of The Art AI" with Tapabrata Ghosh!

    This talk will discuss the ethical dilemmas that arise from the economic consequences of extended deployment of artificial intelligence systems. In particular, the prospect of technological unemployment, the issues caused by it and potential solutions will be discussed. The talk will also briefly cover how open source software and decentralized education can be utilized to increase proliferation of state of the art artificial intelligence technology in a democratized manner to developers and others.

    About the Speaker Tapabrata Ghosh's(@semiDL) biography will be published shortly.

    CHIFOO is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Come join CHIFOO for our seventh speaker event for 2018's theme "Do the Right Thing- HCI Ethics: Where Do We Start?".


  • Wednesday
    May 9 2018
    CHIFOO Event: Breaking The Veil Of Research


    CHIFOO presents "What Happens When You Break The Veil Of Research?" with Nancy Frishberg, Senior UX Researcher & Coach!

    In design education, there is no ethical code that all agree on. What about computer science or any of the other disciplines we may have been trained in? The discussions of ethics and the real-life experiences that followed have informed my understanding of universal access and ethical responsibilities of design. I'll challenge myself to make the connections between these two endeavors (interpreting and design research or human-computer interaction) clear for all.

    About the Speaker Nancy Frishberg (@nancyf) has had several careers. The one most familiar to CHIFOO audiences is her work in qualitative research with humans, usually about improving products and services that people use and pay for and the processes that get them to those interactions and purchases. She has worked in tech companies, financial services institutions, and as a consultant to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

    CHIFOO is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Come join CHIFOO for our fifth speaker event for 2018's theme "Do the Right Thing- HCI Ethics: Where Do We Start?".


  • Wednesday
    Apr 18 2018
    CHIFOO Event: How to Fight Fascism


    CHIFOO presents "How to Fight Fascism" with Mike Monteiro, Mule Design!

    All design is political, because all politics are designed. The world is a mess because a certain set of people designed it to be a mess. Now we need a different set of people to design our way out of it. This is not a choice. Regardless of whether this is what we wanted or not fascism is knocking on our front door. This is how we knock back.

    About the Speaker Mike Monteiro (@monteiro) is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design. He prefers elegant, simple sites with clear language that serve a real need. He prefers that designers have strong spines. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft and business of design.

    CHIFOO is celebrating its 25th anniversary all year long! Come join CHIFOO for our fourth speaker event for 2018's theme "Do the Right Thing- HCI Ethics: Where Do We Start?".


  • Wednesday
    Feb 7 2018
    CHIFOO Event: Wasted Time Isn’t Time Wasted


    CHIFOO presents "Wasted Time Isn’t Time Wasted: Ensuring An Ethical Process" with Corey Pressman, Fiction!

    We are at an important juncture in our technologic and social evolution requires focus and acumen and something else: poetry, imagination, and daydreaming.

    This talk presents a way for us - the makers and thinkers of the science fiction present - to organize our activities so as to include healthy portions of the arts & humanities, experimentation, and daydreaming. Creating and maintaining a healthy dream/work balance will ensure that our emerging machine environments are centered on us, and not us on them.

    About the Speaker Corey Pressman (@cspressman) is a strategist, anthropologist and futurist with over 20 years’ experience providing clarity and direction to clients and partners of all kinds. As VP of Adaptive Strategies at Fiction, he generates, manages and works on projects with large corporations, universities and startups to help them envision and enact human-centered communication and innovation.

    CHIFOO is celebrating its 25th anniversary all year long! Come join CHIFOO for our second speaker event for 2018's theme "Do the Right Thing- HCI Ethics: Where Do We Start?".


  • Tuesday
    Jan 24 2017
    Portland Tech Solidarity Meeting


    The goal of this meetup is to get interested people from the tech world together with Portland community organizations to discuss practical steps we can take in the face of a Trump administration, while there is still ample time to prepare and plan.

    We'll operate on the assumption that Trump means what he says, and that he will work to implement the policies he campaigned on, including mass deportations, "extreme vetting" of immigrants and visitors, and a registry of Muslim Americans.

    Together I hope we can find ways to minimize the impact of these policies in and around Portland, help people defend their rights (and fight back), and lobby the companies we work to stop collecting and storing sensitive data wherever possible.

    To attend: email [email protected] or Signal: +1 415 610 0231

  • Thursday
    Oct 20 2016
    Container Summit City Series: Portland


    The Container Summit City Series brings expert practitioners and key container ecosystem leaders together to present user stories, share best practices, and give insights into the containerized future.

    City series will be stopping in Portland on Thursday, October 20th! Join expert practitioners and key leaders in the ecosystem for an evening of real user stories, best practices, and key insights into the containerized future.

    This is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the community over a beer (or two), and great content!

  • Saturday
    Jul 9 2016
  • Friday
    Feb 5 2016
    Portland Startup Week: Help me, help you: Getting media coverage


    Join Malia Spencer of the Portland Business Journal, Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian, and Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist to gain insights on how to garner their attention, get them the information they need, and get media coverage for your startup.

  • Thursday
    Jan 28 2016
    TiE Oregon Confessions of an Entrepreneur with J.R. Storment & Jessica Brandes – “Health & Life Balance while Starting Your Startup”


    Please join us for this month’s installment of Confessions of an Entrepreneur featuring Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Cloudability, J.R. Storment and Dr. Jessica Brandes, Founding Physician of Infuse Health for their talk titled, “Health and Life Balance While Starting your Startup.”

    Dr. Jessice Brandes -- A board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, she earned her doctorate from the CNME-accredited National College of National Medicine. A former New Yorker, Jessica did her undergraduate work at NYU. She is a member of the AANP and the OANP and holds a certification in the use of advanced IV treatments from the IIVNTP.

    Jessica lives in Portland with her software startup executive husband and twin boys. She maintains a hot yoga practice, experiments with paleo and ketogenic cooking and was once a NASM certified personal trainer.

    JR Storment - J. R. Storment Co-founded Cloudability Inc. in 2011 and serves as its Chief Customer Officer. Mr. Storment is focused on ensuring that Cloudability’s customers succeed by promoting customer engagement, product education and advocacy. He held several startups and experienced firsthand the challenges of managing cloud costs. The first decade of his career was as web consultant helping businesses like Sothebys, Charles Schwab, and the Hawaii Tourism Authority define a customer-centric technology strategy for their web platforms.