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Jan 15, 2009
Shizzow Developers Meetup

Now that the beta version of the API has been released, you can finally build those Shizzow mobile apps and mashups you've been scheming about for the last couple of months. We wanted to make ourselves available to help you get off to a running start on your new Shizzow-based apps. Meet us at the Green Dragon on Thursday, January 15th at 5:00pm, and we can discuss the API as well as some of the architecture principles behind people, places and shouts on Shizzow.

Apr 2, 2009
Shizzow Developers Meetup

This is your chance to drop by to ask us questions about the API, request new API features, make suggestions, and discuss uses for the Shizzow API with the Shizzow team and other people who are developing Shizzow apps. We would also love to see demos of your work in progress applications or hear your ideas for new Shizzow apps!

Jul 30, 2011
API Hackday PDX

API Hackday PDX brings developers together the Saturday after OSCON for an all-day coding fest focused on building apps and mashups with APIs. Developers of all experience levels can share ideas, collaborate on existing projects, start new ventures, and find out about great tools and new APIs to play with.

Free admission: Lunch, Dinner and post-hack beer included. Should you choose the charity: water hero ticket option, your $10 admission will be donated to charity: water.

Hackers will also hear from some of the country's top API-focused companies on tips, tricks, and tools for building the next big app. At the end of the day, teams and/or individuals get a chance to present their work to a panel of judges and win kickass prizes.

API Hackday PDX will be held at the offices of local event sponsor PHPFog.

Brought to you by SimpleGeoTwilioSendGrid, Apigee, PHPFog, Urban AirshipMashery.

Tweet about it using #apihackday

SEE for details

Dec 8, 2012
APIs and the future of open data interchange (colloquium) CANCELLED
AppFog HQ

Unfortunately, I have had to cancel this event. December turns out to be a very difficult month to book speakers and I wasn't able to put together a sufficiently compelling slate of speakers.

I'm going to try really hard to re-schedule the event for early 2013, and will keep everyone posted.

Jan 24, 2013

In an effort to get to know and support developers in the thriving tech communities all over the country, Singly is heading out on the road to throw API happy hours.

This is not about marketing, and it's not about sales. APIs & IPAs is focused on community. We want to support your local tech community, and we want to get to know developers everywhere.

In each city, we're partnering with local companies that strive to build developer communities, as well as non-local developer-centric companies.

All you have to do is show up ready to talk shop – and we'll foot the bill for drinks.

Jul 24, 2013
PDX API Hour 2013
Dig A Pony

In town for OSCON? Take timeout to meetup with fellow hackers over drinks at Dig a Pony - a 15 minute walk straight down MLK, or a 5 minute streetcar/bus ride.

Big ups to awesome sponsors Mashery, Twilio, TokBox, SendGrid, Urban Airship, ESRI Labs, ProgrammableWeb and Silicon Florist!


Aug 6, 2013
Portland Tableau User Group | Hillsboro | 6 August, 2013 | 5:30
222 SE 8th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

The Portland Tableau User Group will be meeting next Tuesday, August 6 from 5:30 to 7:00. Russell Christopher from Tableau will be presenting on the new Python Data Extract API.


Pacific University

222 SE 8th Ave

Creighton Hall, Room 518

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

MAX: Tuality Hospital/SE 8th Ave MAX Station

Parking: Hillsboro Intermodal Transit Facility


  • 5:30 Greetings and introductions
  • 5:40 Presentation on Data Extract API – Python version - Russell Christopher - Tableau Sales Consultant
  • 6:10 Q&A
  • 6:25 Group discussion (e.g., resources, future topics)
  • 6:45 Networking

Join the Portland Tableau User Group

Oct 26, 2013
PSU-TAO Cleanweb Hack (updated)
PSU Maseeh Engineering Building

If you haven't already signed up for the Hack tomorrow at PSU, we hope some details included here will entice you. To prepare our participants for a fun and productive day, below are details and resources for the Hack.

Goals: To generate ideas are innovative to solving environmental and sustainability, social equity issues through utilization of software and mobile apps. Don’t forget to have some fun.

Idea Generation: To start, you should ask the following questions: 1) What issues you and your team would like to tackle? (ie. carbon emissions reduction by buildings or vehicles, solar potential identifier, change of personal habits, e-waste tracking, etc.) 2) What do other similar applications exist on the market? Sometimes, building on existing apps can resolve a more refined product. 3) What is the marketability? Is it scalable?

The best project ideas are one that you are passionate about, and have some components of competition and linkage to social media.

Finding Data: While you are brainstorming ideas, you should also consider data availability as well. It is not the end of the world if you don’t have data sets or APIs to mock up a prototype. Simply build your own datasets, even if just a few that are enough for you to test out your product.

See the Cleanweb Hack resource guide for APIs, data sets, sample projects and project ideas. (

Judging Criteria: At the end of day, your prototype will be scored on these criteria: 1) Impact on resource and sustainability issues 2) Design and usability of prototype 3) Feasibility and marketability 4) Good use of datasets and APIs

Prizes: 1st Place - $500, 2nd Place - $250

Bragging right is priceless.

Our judges are looking forward to your innovations!

Winston Saunders, Director of Data Center Security Initiatives at Intel Chris Harder, Division Manager at the Portland Development Commission (PDC) Skip Newberry, President at the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO)

Questions? Ask us on Twitter (@cleanwebPDX), Facebook or via email [email protected]

There will be food, drink and good companies. Come out to have some fun!

What is Cleanweb? Cleanweb is a meme, a movement, a market that individuals/organizations are leveraging information technologies to address the world's critical resource challenges. This web of technologies can optimize how we use resources across the way we live, work, and play. It creates the biggest impact and economic opportunity of our time.

Jul 21, 2014
Arcade Happy Hour w/ Orchestrate & SendGrid
Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

Portland devs, designers and OSCON attendees!

Join Orchestrate and Sendgrid for a fun, free happy hour at the classic arcade and pinball hotspot, Ground Kontrol. This is the place to pre-funk as you make your way from the convention center to the Puppet Labs' party at 8!

  • Free arcade and pinball play
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Swag from Orchestrate and Sendgrid
  • Meet the teams and get a demo One of Portland's best DJs, Centrikal, will be spinning fun, groovy beats for your listening pleasure!
Sep 8, 2014
FutureTalk Summer Series with Eryn O'Neil
New Relic

Programmers Can UX Too

Programmers have a bad reputation when it comes to UX, but it’s time to set the record straight: It isn’t because we don’t care! It’s because we fall in the trap of thinking we can design a user interface and write it at the same time when, the truth is, these processes require different kinds of thinking. But learning how to unlock that part of your brain is worth it– and you’ll be surprised at what you already know. From one developer to another, this talk will discuss why you should think critically about the interfaces you write and give you some strategies you can start applying right away.

This talk is aimed at developers, both front-end and server-side, who implement user interfaces but may not have training in UX. And the truth is, ALL programmers implement user interfaces; sometimes the user is another developer (in the case of an API) or a more advanced user (for a command-line tool), but all software has its users.

Doors will open at 5:30, and the presentation will begin right at 6p. The food and drinks are provided by Bellagios and New Relic.

Please RSVP via Eventbrite HERE

Eryn O'Neil is a PHP web developer (LAMP, naturally) and technical lead at Clockwork Active Media in Minneapolis, MN. There, she has worked on everything from e-commerce to online promotions to building a CMS. Her philosophy? Simple: Write software that’s easy to maintain and even easier to use. Based in Saint Paul, MN, Eryn spends most of her free time swing and blues dancing, rock climbing, and wishing it weren’t snowing.

› FutureTalk is brought to you by New Relic in collaboration with TAO

Oct 9, 2014
AppNexus Tech Talk: Powering 300+ Web Services on LAMP and Beyond

Powering 300+ Web Services on LAMP and Beyond

In less than seven years, AppNexus has grown from a big idea into the largest independent AdTech company in the world. Join us on October 9th as Principal Engineer, Larry Finn, discusses the architectural and engineering challenges of achieving this scale.

Doors open at 6:00pm – enjoy some food and beer with us before the program begins at 6:30pm.

Space is limited so please RSVP at the link below to reserve your space

Nov 11, 2014
[FREE] The ABCs of APIs with Node.js workshop
Portland Marriott (Downtown)

Are you a web designer/developer interested in API development, or an enterprise developer looking to expand your skill set around APIs using Node.js? Do you have data or services that you need to expose via APIs?

NOTE: You must register on the Eventbrite page:

Join your fellow developers and Apigee for a free, one-day workshop and learn to build RESTful APIs using Node.js and deploy them to the cloud!

Regardless of your background - this hands-on workshop will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of building APIs using Node.js.

During the course of the workshop, we'll cover topics such as: Best Practices in RESTful API design Crash course in Node.js Creating API specifications and docs with Swagger Using NodeJS to build an API Easily exposing data from databases (SQL and NoSQL) Creating API policies such as rate limiting, quota, OAuth, and more Deploying APIs to the cloud (Apigee Edge, Amazon Web Services and others)

The workshop is completely free – and all of the software & services we’ll be using are open-source!

Jun 8, 2015
FutureTalks / WWC Networking Night @ New Relic
New Relic

Women Who Code Portland Networking Night @ New Relic

› Please RSVP via Eventbrite HERE

This month, our FutureTalks speaker series is joining forces with WWC, as we host seven engineers from New Relic giving brief technical talks about their work, all emcee'd by our very own Liz Abinante, who presented at our February event. Next Monday, June 8th will be the 4th Networking Night of their series.


  • Alice Goldfuss - "Docker in a Flash"
  • Ashley Puls - "Why, When, and How to Measure Performance"
  • Emily Hyland - “Programming for Humans: API design as user experience design”
  • Kate Morrow - "Jelly Bean Trails and Middle-points"
  • Katherine Wu - "Moving from ActiveRecord to a Service"
  • Katie Leonard - "Upgrading Rails"
  • Zoe Kay - "Upgrading Rails"


  • 5:30-6:00 - Check-In and Networking
  • 6:00-7:30 - Lightning Talks
  • 7:30-8:00 - Wrap Up and Networking

› Doors will open at 5:30 for a 30-minute networking happy half-hour! The food, beer and drinks are provided by Bellagios and New Relic. The presentations will begin right at 6p.

› Stay tuned for the latest developments and updates on this and upcoming events by joining our Meetup group, New Relic FutureTalks PDX, and following us on Twitter @newrelic.

› FutureTalk is brought to you by New Relic in collaboration with TAO

Jan 20, 2016
Flying with Phoenix and Elixir

Have you heard of Phoenix? Phoenix is a framework for building HTML5 apps, API backends and distributed systems. Written in Elixir.

Seve Salazar of will walk us through creating a simple but real(wish)-world JSON API using Phoenix and deploying it to production as an OTP application. It will cover usage of Ecto, rendering JSON from a controller, integrating with StatsD using Exometer, and finally using edeliver to ship it to production.

Feb 18, 2016
Clover Developer Meetup

Clover is the fastest-growing POS platform, and has the largest App Market for small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

At this event, you'll have a chance to:

Check out Clover hardware: Station, Mini, and Mobile

Learn about the Clover platform

Meet the Clover App Market team

Participate in a Q&A panel with Clover Sales Reps

Jul 12, 2016
pdxrlang meetup: Two talks: A/B testing analysis and http requests

We'll have two talks this meetup:

  • Jim Walter: Adapting A/B Testing To Software Performance And Efficiency

  • Scott Chamberlain: request - an R library to make http requests a snap & http request caching

Doors open after 6 pm. DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6 PM. Talks start at 6:30 pm. Repeat: DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6 PM.

Doors are open at bottom, take elevator to 3rd floor, door should be open for suite 320

We'll visit a local watering hole afterwards.

Aug 9, 2016
pdxrlang meetup: Probabilistic Approaches to Multi-dimensional Fuzzy Joins: A GeoSpatial Example

Speaker: De'Mel Mojica

Abstract: This talk will be on a general approach to automatically join large-scale, geospatial data across distinct data sets, using a mix between Levenshtein Distance thresholds and Haversine Distance thresholds. This approach permits joining multiple data sets without the need to provide ad hoc normalization conventions for each data resource. In addition, this approach can be generalized beyond a geospatial field and applied any domain which requires joining across two or more non-identical dimensions.

We'll visit a local watering hole afterwards.

Oct 29, 2017
API Strategy & Practice Conference 2017
through Hilton Portland & Executive Tower Portland, OR

The API Strategy & Practice Conference, known as APIStrat, is a conference focused on the API economy. The eighth edition of the conference will bring together everyone – from the API curious to today's leaders – to discuss opportunities and challenges in the API space.

Dec 2, 2017
Ideas in Science
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue North Operating Center

Do you enjoy learning and sharing knowledge to help people solve problems?

Do you want to learn about API's?

We'll have two lightning talks and at the end of our session, we'll brainstorm and vote for a new interesting topic for ideas on upcoming presentation. The winning idea will get the innovator of the week.

Join the fun!

Jun 9, 2018
Check out how to Make Music with JavaScript and Node.js Join us on Zoom.
TVF&R Station 67

Join us online for desktop or mobile at

We'll have a demo of the Github project Scribbletunes that uses JavaScript and Node.js.

Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.

Jun 14, 2018
Nike Tech Talks
Nike Decathlon Club Cafe

Join Eric Baer, Director of Software Development at Formidable, Inc., at the next Nike Tech Talks on June 14! Eric will give a talk on The Evolution of API Design from RPC to GraphQL. Food and beverages will be served, and there will be time to network before and after the talk.

About Eric: Eric has been developing products for over ten years in everything from embedded systems for high-end audio products to high-traffic APIs in Java. For the past six years, Eric has developed a deep specialization in JavaScript and the associated ecosystem. In his current role, Eric is an O'Reilly author, a conference speaker and Director of Software Development at both Formidable and at Livestock Nutrition Center, where he is driving large projects and writing software around Babel, GraphQL and i18n.

About the Talk: Over the last 60 years, API designs have changed to respond to everything from new network topologies and new languages, to the pressures of managing ever larger code bases. Today’s most popular API pattern, REST, was developed in a time where the cost of making API requests was plummeting. At the time, bandwidth was getting cheaper, latency was dropping, and the computing power of devices was still tracking Moore’s Law. Mobile turned this on its head. The environments in which apps and APIs need to perform today have effectively regressed a decade.

This talk will explore some of the new client-server interaction models that address today’s pressures and use history to understand the tradeoffs that we made at the transition between the previous designs. Eric will introduce major tools that are attempting to change the API landscape including GraphQL and Falcor. Since GraphQL is the dominant technology in this space, he will examine some of its functionality, touch on some of its syntax and present a live coding demo that shows off a GraphQL server from 0 to 1. Demonstrating a complete implementation in under 10 minutes will give a strong sense of what’s possible, and what kind of complexity burden a tool like this would impose. Spoiler: There is no silver bullet.

Jul 20, 2018
JAMStack Portland #1: What is the JAMStack?

The inaugural Portland JAMStack Meetup!

We're going to have three presentations discussing what the JAMStack is, static site generators and CMSs, micro static site generators, orthogonal build steps and building your own tools.

Dec 4, 2018
Write the Docs Portland December Meetup: Minimum Viable Documentation for RESTful APIs
Jama Software

Our December meetup features a presentation by Mike Jang (Senior Staff Technical Writer at ForgeRock), as well as several very important announcements for the community. You don't want to miss this!

Here's a teaser for Mike's presentation, "Minimum Viable Documentation for RESTful APIs":

To paraphrase a James Bond movie, "Swagger is not enough..."

...You've done the work to set up OpenAPI specification REST calls for your APIs (Inaccurately known as "Swagger"). You have reference information. But you discover that few users are actually trying REST calls on your system. You're wondering: "What else do I need?"

This presentation will describe the Minimal Viable Documentation (MVD) for RESTful APIs, also known as "What do I need for my developer portal?"

Based loosely on Kristof Van Tomme's presentations on Developer Experience, Mike will describe the MVD for a developer portal, what will help your developers try out your APIs.

Feb 9, 2019
Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Python and NLP
Portland Community Church

Join us for a demo of extracting Twitter comments using the API and Python Textblob for analysis.

If you would like to join the discussion check us out on Zoom

Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.

Oct 2, 2019
GraphQLPDX - AWS AppSync
Phase 2

Tonight we have a presentation on using GraphQL with AWS AppSync by Ryan Jones. There will also be plenty of time before and after the talk to converse with other GraphQL'ers.

Talk: How to leverage AWS AppSync to reduce backend complexity

Details: In this talk, we will dive into AWS AppSync a fully managed GraphQL solution provided by AWS. Which allows you to hook into "resolvers" such as AWS DynamoDB a NoSQL database or AWS Lambda a cloud function that can handle complex business logic.

Speaker: Ryan Jones is the Founder & CEO of a cloud development shop called Serverless Guru here in Portland. He got his start as a cloud developer in the Nike Innovation Engineering department before transitioning to a cloud consulting company and then started Serverless Guru in March of 2018. Serverless Guru helps companies build scalable and cost-effective applications on the cloud.

Want to give a lightning talk on GraphQL? Connect with Daniel in the comments or @dslemay on Twitter. It's a super low key group and we all have knowledge to share.

Oct 19, 2019
Full-Stack Developer - What Should You Know?
Portland Community Church

In a world in an ever-changing software development languages, which career path do you choose and how do you stay current on the latest trends?

How about becoming a full-stack developer? As a full-stack wizard, you get your hands on many technologies and languages in the front-end, middleware, and backend.

In the Meetup, I'll share a plan on how you can get started to become a full-stack developer within a year. I'll cover the basics of HTML5, CSS, React, JavaScript, APIs, Python, and SQL.

Everyone is welcome to come share their software development journey.

Be inspired! Knowledge Mavens

Dec 4, 2019
GeoDev Meetup - Portland, OR
Esri R&D Center

Join us for our final GeoDev Meetup of 2019! This free event is a great opportunity to gather with other developers within the community and share what we're working on together! We're looking for lightning talk speakers and would love to hear what you have been developing! Contact [email protected] should you be interested in giving a five-minute lightning talk!

Feb 12, 2020
JAMstack Portland #3 (with FaunaDB and Netlify)
Alchemy Code Lab

On Wednesday, February 12th (6:30pm) at Alchemy Code Lab, join JAMstack Portland to learn more about JAMstack technologies and meet other people passionate about the web.

Talks for the night:

  • Dan O'Donnell - "FaunaDB - Instant GraphQL Backend for (Busy) Developers"
  • Benaiah Mischenko - "Open Authoring for JAMstack Sites with Netlify CMS"

Speakers and support from FaunaDB and Netlify.

Food and drinks will be provided. Space is limited so register early to reserve your spot!

Feb 18, 2021
Tech Talk at the Guild -- Build Your Own API: An Intro to Django Rest Framework
PDX Code Guild

Do you use the Django web framework to create web apps but want to do more? Do you want to start creating modern web apps with separate front and back ends? Do you want to make data accessible on the web? Django Rest Framework is a fast yet powerful way to build web APIs on top of Django. We will look at the parts of Django Rest Framework, how to get started and build a complete API quickly, and how to leverage what you might already know about Django to build APIs even faster. Presented by PDX Code Guild instructor Merritt Lawrenson

Apr 22, 2021
Remote Tech Talk at the Guild -- Building a SPA with the Vue CLI and Flask
PDX Code Guild

In this Tech Talk, we will build a modern, decoupled, full-stack application with Vue and Flask. Starting with the front-end, we'll cover the basics of the Vue CLI using Vuetify and the Vue router to build a single page application. Then, on the back-end, we'll implement an API with Flask to store and retrieve data in a database.

Presented by PDX Code Guild Instructor Matthew Cooper

Apr 8, 2022
Navigating APIs in Web Development with David Fryling

David Fryling graduated from The Tech Academy a year ago, and has since embarked on a very exciting and rewarding career as a full stack web developer. One part of his job he has really come to enjoy is integrating software with web APIs. Any modern web developer needs to understand web APIs and how to work with them, whether it is to connect parts of a single web application or to connect one application to another. Join David as he covers the basics of web APIs and demonstrates the use of one of the best tools for testing them: Postman. David's talk will entail: -a quick review of HTTP and its relation to APIs -a discussion of RESTful APIs and GraphQL -demonstrating Postman's use with consuming a few public websites -demonstrating come cool features in Postman, such as automatic variable assignment for successive calls. Join us Friday April 8th at 1pm Pacific Time (2p MT, 3p CT, 4p ET) in our Google Meet room. Can't make it live? We will be posting the recording to our Tech Talks playlist on our Youtube Channel: Don't miss this opportunity to learn about all the different ways you can integrate APIs with different tools

Aug 3, 2022
WorldFestival 2022
through Virtual Event

WorldFestival 2022 | August 3-4, 2022 Technology innovation moves the world forward. WorldFestival is the global virtual conference supporting worldwide technology innovation. Join 20,000+ participants across 130+ nations in discovering and learning about the top 1,000 emerging innovations and trends of 2022.

WorldFestival includes:

Technology Innovation Conference: Hear talks from 300+ speakers covering the newest innovations in 20 industry verticals: from Virtual Reality and Blockchain to Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Award Competition: Discover and vote on the top 1,000 innovations of 2022, from 6 continents, competing to pitch on-stage as the Top 50 WorldFestival Innovations. Virtual Expo: Visit and learn about 100+ emerging technologies at our virtual expo. Networking & Receptions: Certain pass types will be invited to 1:1 networking breaks and our VIP receptions, where you can meet and chat with top executives, supporters, and contributors.

MobileWeek 2022
through Online Event

Join 2,000+ participants at the global virtual conference on the next iteration and future of mobile innovation.

About this event MobileWeek | August 3-4, 2022 | Virtual Conference

The global event where thousands of mobile industry professionals: software creators, telecom business leaders, mobile team leads, mobile growth & strategy professionals, and executives -- come together digitally to collaborate on the next iteration and future of mobile innovation.

Join us online August 3-4 for:

6+ tracks of content: -5G, Devices & Communication -iOS Development -Android Development -Mobile Product Management -Mobile Networks, Hardware & IoT -Mobile Business Strategy -Mobile DevOps & Analytics -Mobile Dev Innovation ...with 80+ live virtual sessions converge to discover this year’s newest mobile & connected technology best practices & innovation.

Award Competition: Discover and vote on the top 1,000+ innovations of 2022, from 6 continents, competing to pitch on-stage as the Top 50 Startups @ the WorldFestival Innovation Awards. Virtual World Expo: Visit and learn about 100+ emerging technologies at our 2-day virtual expo. Networking & Receptions: PRO & PREMIUM pass types will be invited to 1:1 networking breaks and our VIP receptions, where you can meet and chat with top executives, speakers, supporters, and contributors. MobileWeek 2022 is co-located with WorldFestival 2022.

Oct 25, 2022
APIWorld 2022

API World is the world's largest API and microservices conference. Now in its 11th year — it brings together 4,500+ technical professionals, engineers, and integration partners to learn, network, and build the API economy — with 150+ speakers and over 300 hours of content.

With 3 conferences inside: the API Lifecycle Conference, the API Innovation Conference, and Microservices World, our tracks & topics include: Microservices Architecture, API Design/Architecture, API Strategy/Enterprise Modernization, IoT & APIs, Service Mesh, Containers, Kubernetes, Emerging APIs, AI APIs, API Security, and more.

If you build or use APIs or microservices, you need to be at API World 2022. We created the conference and expo with the goal of organizing the API Economy -- and our mission is to be vendor-neutral and to facilitate connections, knowledge, trust, and business within the community of API providers, integration partners & API consumers.

API World is produced and owned by DevNetwork, the organization of the world's developer community — and producers of leading conferences for the engineering, IT & technology industries.

May 11, 2023
LLM App-Building Adventure: Come Join Us!

Hello, language model enthusiasts and technology integration developers!

Ready to dive into app development with Large Language Models (LLMs) and other machine learning models? Eager to navigate cutting-edge technologies and learn from others' experiences?

You're in luck! Join us at our ultimate developer-focused, LLM app-building inaugural event!

  • 📅 DATE: May 11th
  • ⌚ TIME: 5pm - 7pm
  • 🌍 LOCATION: GRAYBOX, 107 SE Washington St #700, Portland, OR

Experience an evening of LLM exploration and app development perfect for those creating or interested in LLM-based apps. Master key development concepts and integration code through knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Don't miss out!

🍕🍺 FREE Pizza and Beer: Because coding on an empty stomach is no fun!

🎤🖥️ FANTASTIC Presentations:

  1. "AI for Beginners: Crafting a Chatbot to Transform Customer Service" with Chris Schuermyer (beginner-level)
  2. “Summarize Long Documents with LangChain: MapReduce and Refine” with Jon Page (intermediate-level)
  3. TBD: Stay tuned for our third presenter

👩‍💻👨‍💻 ONE Hour of Hands-On Experience:

Develop your LLM app or start with an API, surrounded by skilled and like-minded developers. Bring your app ideas to life!


Don't wait! Mark your calendar, grab your laptop, and experience an unforgettable night of coding, networking, and app development!

  • Your organizers, Brady & Marty