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PDX Code Guild Open Learning Night - Topic: Interview questions

NedSpace on 5th
1400 SW 5th, 3rd floor
Portland, OR 97201, us (map)

The door will be attended until 7:00, after that you may need to call to be admited: 541-207-4125



Topic: Learn what interviewers are looking for, what sorts of questions they ask, and what they are looking for in your responses.

This is a topic learning night. Come and learn, ask questions, and become a better software developer.

Set aside one night a week to become a better developer, pick up new skills, and get help with your projects and learning. We'll have mentors on hand and a community of other learners to meet and work with.

Learn to build things: Build websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript Dive in to the back end with Python and Django, Ruby on Rails or others Develop desktop programs in C#, Python, C and many other languages.

Whatever language or technology you want to learn we can help!

Our event is beginner friendly, we can help get you started with programing, support your online learning, or just talk about where you are at and what comes next.

Bring your laptop, and something you want to learn, try, or build.