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Sep 27, 2013
B Media Community Workshops: Ripping, Remix & Reel Revolution
through Community Supported Everything

B Media is hosting a series of low-cost remix workshops open to the public in conjunction with the OROR Fest from September 27-29th. B Media is a community-based video art collective that uses political remix videos, documentary films, and skill-shares to catalyze collaborative work for social justice.

About the workshops:

Topics include how to search through and download archival footage, DIY filming tips and tricks, and advanced editing for remix videos.

Participation in the workshops will be sliding scale for single workshop or full weekend passes, with current or new B Media sustainers participating for free.

Cost: $10-25 sliding scale/workshop. $25-$75 for the whole weekend. Opening and Closing events are FREE. The workshops will be capped at 10 people, with room for 5 walk ups.

Register now to make sure you get a spot!

All events will occur at the Community Supported Everything House, NE16th and Alberta.

Weekend Workshop Schedule:

Friday, August 27

6 pm: Meet and Greet for local film makers and activists. Potluck.

7 pm: Opening Night, “Art + Activism:” A participatory discussion about the transversal connecting art and activism. What is the purpose of film? Can it actually change society? Does the process matter as much as the final product? This introduction to different artist collectives, critical theory, and short films explores the role of film in movements for social justice.

Saturday, August 28

11 am-1 pm: How to Be a Video Ninja

Tips and tricks for film making on the go, from a gear check list to DIY light set ups, knowing your rights, and quick ways to get the word out using social media.

3 pm- 5 pm: Surfing the Archive

Found footage is a fundamental part of a great remix. Discover the basics of remix video, the best online archives, and how to download and convert footage from the internet for your film.

Sunday, August 29th

11 am- 1 pm: Idea to Action: Writing a Story Synopsis

Learn how to visualize and articulate a great idea into a three-minute film. Come with an idea you keep having, and we’ll collaborate on molding it to reach the next phase.

3 pm -5 pm: Remix/Mixer

Designed for people familiar with Final Cut or an editing program, we’ll explore some of the key tricks for making your film look hot, from syncing with music, adding effects, and splicing.Note: Computer with editing software required (six provided for use--note if you need to use one on registration)

8-11 pm: Closing Night, “Film/Fact/Fiction.” Outdoor film screening of shorts and strange films, chosen from different genres of activist filmmaking. Edify yourself with short documentaries, on the ground reporting, participatory YouTubing, avante garde cinema, and surrealist films. FREE


Website: Twitter: @bmediacollectiv Register now:

Sep 22, 2013
Bach : Beethoven : Brahms :: Vivaldi : Mozart : Tchaikovsky
Studio 2020

The Brahms Wagner feud is taken to a new level of analysis when scrutinized under synesthesic responses to their musical shapes. Mathmusician Robby Kraft and artist and synesthete Ním Wunnan team up to explore the concepts and relationships behind this analogy. Kraft will abstract musical shapes from representative works and illustrate the way these shapes evolved and changed as they were assimilated by the next generation. Wunnan will describe (and paint) the same structures through the lense of his grapheme > color and visual > audio synesthesia. Together the two interpretations of the musical structures will support a dialogue about the nature of tranlsation and what matters in music and art.

Sep 19, 2014
Cascade Media Convergence
through University of Oregon Portland

Friday September 19th, 6-9 PM

Opening dinner, Kick off. Centrally located in the downtown area. Please check back for details

Saturday September 20th

at University of Oregon Turnbull Center

  • 9-10AM Coffee and set up
  • 10-11:30 1st workshop session
  • 11:45-1:15 2nd workshop session
  • 1:15-2 Lunch
  • 2-3:30 3rd workshop session
  • 3:45-6 Media-based Break out Session (video, radio, print, more)
  • 8PM Concert/cultural event at offsite location

Sunday September 21st

at University of Oregon Turnbull Center

  • 9-10AM Coffee and set up
  • 10-11:30 4th workshop session
  • 11:45-1:15 5th workshop session
  • 1:15-2 Lunch
  • 2-4 Issue-based Strategy Session (Environmental Justice, Housing Rights…)
  • 4:15-7ish Final “Break-in” Session, in which conference participants discuss how we can collaborate regionally going forward.

Basic structure of final event: Report backs from the various breakouts and discussions from the weekend, proposals for further action, break outs around proposals people want to work on, commitments we will make going forward.

Sep 19, 2013
Cityscope presents Detour/Dérive
Dealers Supply Parcel 1 North

Six participants will present their findings from Detour/Dérive, an urban experiment presented by Project Cityscope, the non-profit organization of Works Partnership Architecture. The participants have engaged in separate walks by choosing a bus line to ride and getting off at a stop or stops they find intriguing. The task was to walk, document/record, and reflect within a 24-hour period. The aim of this project is to explore, project, and/or (mis)interpret narratives of the city that do not occur to us as critical to the urban landscape.

Sep 5, 2014
Exhibition opening—Abraham Fagolavitz: Frenetic
Museum of Modern Life

Abraham Fagolavitz is a figment of his own imagination living in the Tualatin Mountains with a workshop full of tools, piles of recycled and raw materials, and way too much time on his hands. Like the mockingbird’s song, his work is a mish-mash of whatever he finds interesting at the moment and, more often than not, holds no meaning other than it pleased him to make it.

Sep 13, 2014
Feminist WIkipedia Edit-A-Thon
Independent Publishing Resource Center

Anyone can edit Wikipedia—but less than 10 percent of people who actually do edit the world's largest encyclopedia are women. At this event, people of all genders can learn how to edit Wikipedia for the very first time or put their existing open source skills to use in the company of nerdy friends. Also featured: delicious cookies!

We'll be focusing on adding and improving the entries for queer and feminist artists and writers. Have someone in mind whose Wikipedia entry you'd like to work on!

If you're coming, try to bring a laptop. There are also a couple computers at the IPRC we can use.

Hosted by Sarah Mirk and Recess Gallery, with much-appreciated editing help from Jason Moore, as part of the OROR art and technology festival. Hopefully some of the fine people attending XOXO Festival will come, too!

Sep 20, 2013
Gimme Shelter!
through Green Anchors

When: Competition begins 6pm Friday, September 20th, and ends at 6pm, Sunday, September 22nd, followed by an awards ceremony and after party.

NOTE: Meet at Fernhill Community Center at 7pm September 20 for a planning meeting.

Challenge: Design, source, and build the most comfortable, good looking, easy to build, and sustainable micro-home you possibly can in a single weekend, spending no more than the equivalent of a single month's rent.

Guidelines: -For fairness, we recommend teams of no less than 3 and no more than 7 team members. You may have unlimited active supporters, and are encouraged to get as many people following and supporting your as team as possible, as this will help you instantly source materials, tools, and skills, and problem-solve in realtime. -Teams may build onsite or off. They must have their completed houses at Green Anchors by the time the competion ends at 6pm, Sunday, September 22nd. -The goal is to create an open-source micro home design that can be build for the equivalent of one month's rent. Therefore, meets can spend $0 using found materials, but teams cannot spend more than $500 on materials. You should keep a record of everything you buy, and everything you get for free. -Every team must have someone filling the roles of photographer and blogger and social media expert. This can be the same person, or many people. The purpose of this rule is so the people supporting the teams can be kept up to date as the project progresses in realtime, with blog posts, Facebook posts, and tweets. This also helps to create a very well-documented record of how you built your house- so that other people can do the same. It's much easier to document a project while it's happening than to try to explain how you did it later. -You may assemble materials and brainstorm designs before the event, but please don't start building! It won't be very much fun to watch if you already have a house built!

Scoring Criteria:

Cost -Actual cost to build -Cost to replicate with new materials -Embodied energy cost/ sustainability of materials Replicabilty -Detail of documentation -Ease of building -Availability of materials Style -Flow -Comfort -Looks Functionality -How does it fair in the waterproof test (this should be fun…) -How many human needs, besides shelter, does it meet? -Does it have a kitchen? -Electricity? -Toilet? -Shower?

Prizes: Teams should compete for the fun of it. However, we will reach out to local businesses, particularly restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, for free perks like rounds of beers, coffee, and free meals. This is also an opportunity for crowdsourcing, and anyone is free to throw a non-monetary gift or perk into the prize pot.

Awards: In addition to the grand prize, which will go to the team with the highest cumulative score, there will also be awards in each sub category with their own prizes, and a bunch of silly, made up awards to keep it fun.

Award Ceremony and After-Party At 6pm on Sunday, there will be an after party. Entry to this event will be sliding scale, from $5 to $1,000,000, with 100% of the proceeds going build more tiny houses, following the winning design.

Sep 27, 2013
Grand Opening for Flux: A feminist hackerspace in PDX
Flux - Plastic Fantastics

What's a feminist hackerspace? Why does Portland need one? Where can I go to work on my projects? Can I solder and paint and build stuff at Flux? Come to the grand opening of Flux and find out the answers to all of these questions! Maybe you'll meet a neat person and solve a major world problem together via craft and science!

Don't identify as a hacker? No worries, Flux is a place to get stuff done from collaging to soldering. We've got room for you!

Flux — a new hackerspace in Portland — is the work of a small group of artists and hackers. We found ourselves frustrated with the difficulty of finding welcoming, affordable space for hardware workshops in Portland, OR. It’s easy to talk software at a bar-- but you can’t very well solder arduino boards over brewskies! Also, as members of “traditionally underrepresented populations,” we found that existing meetups and maker spaces just didn’t represent us or cater to our needs. Where are the women, the people of color, the queer folk, the blue collar workers? Where are our trusted allies?

The technology world is often a binder full of testosterone. We’re tired of the exclusivity that pervades tech culture in this town-- so we’re taking action! Flux aims to create a new culture of artists, makers, benders and breakers in Portland, OR.

Our workshop is filled with people and tools to help members navigate the technical and emotional hurdles of finishing their dream projects. As an all-volunteer group, FLUX prides itself on maintaining an explicitly feminist space. We strive to make technology inclusive for people of all backgrounds and technical abilities. To that end, we welcome makers of all genders, orientations, and ethnic and cultural heritages.

Sep 6, 2014
Grand Reopening of Mother Foucault's Bookshop

In honor of the grand reopening of the newly expanded

a passel of Portland poets will read (from 6:00 - 8:00 pm): Rodney Koeneke Chris Piuma James Yeary Allison Cobb Jen Coleman Sam Lohmann Maryrose Larkin Lisa Radon David Abel Chris Ashby

and, from 4:00 to 6:00, and from 8:00 to whenever, a host of other poets and musical acts will appear,


1776, Ghost Alien, Tom Blood, Mic Crenshaw, Walt Curtis Davis Lee Hooker, Richard Meltzer, New Bad Things Young Tom Pancake, Larry Yes, Carl Adamshick

and special guests

Saturday, September 6 4:00 pm to ??

Sep 13, 2014
Green Anchors and St. Johns Sculpture Park Open House
Green Anchors

Ever wonder what secrets lurk behind that arty fence down by the river? Green Anchors and St. Johns Sculpture Park are pleased to announce it's 1st annual open house event. The gates will open from noon to 6 p.m. You will be able to visit and explore our eco-industrial projects including solar power, mushroom and micro green farming, and landscape restoration. St. Johns Sculpture Park current residents will give artist talks; at 4pm from local artist Mike Suri and at 5pm from Karlis Rekevics of New York. There will be open studio and shops including:

  • Light Harvest Solar
  • Green Anchors Metal Works
  • Portland Mushroom Company
  • Nightlight Farms (open for tour at 3pm)
  • Vintage Boats
  • Tiny home builders
  • Hugel Kulture
  • Springbox Metal Works
  • Arterialist Design Studio

We are looking forward to meeting our friends and neighbors!

Sep 9, 2014
OROR Kickoff: Pitchfest
through Holocene

Join us for a night of performances, presentations, and pitches from a kaleidoscopic cross-section of Portland's inventive, daring underbelly. Featuring some of the favorite projects from Research Club's 2014 year, delight all your senses with the creative output of projects founded and perfected here in Portland. And if you like what you see/taste/touch/hear, you'll have a chance to get involved. Pitchfest will be a series of lightning talks from local projects that are growing or hoping or just plain killin' it.

See for more

Featuring Performances from:

Neka and Kahlo

The alchemical marriage between singer/producer Neka Perini and lyricist/songwriter Mila “Kahlo” Kokich.

New Path Commune

As the founder of New Path Commune, Dr. Abraham fights the worldwide addiction to Substance D with the healing power of home-built analog modular synthesizers. He perform a melodic treatment series entitled "Duets with Police Scanner". Addicts and Normals are encouraged to listen.

Black Opal

The debut pop-up of a proposed model for a sustainable, feminist adult entertainment venue in Portland focused on performer autonomy and genre-pushing, contemporary performances.

With Presentations from:

Green Anchors

An eco-industrial business park dedicated to the incubation and support of innovative enterprises which contribute to the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of the community

Hack Oregon

When it comes to public data, transparency doesn't always equal clarity. Hack Oregon is a community-powered nonprofit building civic data projects to promote engagement, awareness, and quality of life.

Careen Stoll

I'm a full-time studio potter making the BMW of fermenting crocks in durable gorgeous porcelain. Help me buy a kiln that works. Thanks!

Delicious scents from

Five Second Sanity

Take a five-second olfactory vacation with portable aromatherapy to help you find peace in your modem life. Shake, open, breathe, relax, repeat.

Free snacks from:

Hot Winter Hot Sauce

Shaun Winter bred a mutant pepper into the ultimate combination of sweetness and heat and now makes his own fermented hot sauce from local, heirloom ingredients.

Portland Mushroom Company

The Portland Mushroom Company is an urban farm that cultivates the highest-quality oyster mushrooms in Portland – in the city, for the city.

Sep 20, 2013
Redesigning Politics for the Post-Internet Era
New Deal Distillery and Tasting Room

We're getting technical about the "creative" side of campaign finance

The director of Hack Oregon, sitting on a tower of gin boxes with an easel and series of illustrations, will explain how Super PACs work and the show what happens when you shine transparency to the system. Basically, an evil shadow empire becomes a powerful tool in the public interest.

Presented by Hack Oregon and New Deal Distillery


RSVP at for drink tickets

Sep 19, 2013
Repair Cafe September 19th 6-9pm
Ford Food and Drink (SE 11th and Division)

Have a broken lamp or a jacket with some holes in it? Come get your items fixed for free at our Repair Cafe next Thursday.

On September 19th, Repair PDX volunteers will be fixing bikes, clothes, home appliances, electronics, speakers and sharpening knives and tools!

All repairs are free, so come down and bring friends! More info can be found at

Sep 29, 2013
Research Club Brunch 32
Research Club Secret Donwtown Hideout

Brunch 31

September 29, Noon - 2pm

This month through the end of 2013, Brunch has its own apartment, smack in the middle of downtown Portland.

Please Note: Brunch has slimmed down. Talks start at 12:30, and everything finishes by 2pm.

We are doing something a bit different this month. A member of the RC Board has been working with the Lewis and Clark College Venture competition and suggested we have some of the student businesses do a "dress rehearsal" of the final pitch they will present to a panel of judges where they could receive up to $30,000 in funding for their venture.

In keeping with the spirit of the competition, we're going to give you very little info about these businesses. The students will be looking for feedback on their presentation and how well they pitch their venture. Exciting!

Bring some or all of these things for the optimum Brunch Experience

  • A healthy sense of curiosity
  • Food to share
  • Friends! Lots of friends!
  • Your own plates and utensils

This Month's Speakers

Lee LaTour

Lewis and Clark Venture Competition An overview of the competition and Lewis and Clark's new entrepreneurship program.

Zachary Tobias, Ryan Bubriski and Will Fortini

Portland Mushroom Company The goal of the Portland Mushroom Company is to provide high-quality locally produced oyster mushrooms to the Portland metropolitan area and lead the way in urban mushroom cultivation in the Northwest.

Robert Bart, Howard Voght, Jeffrey Crosswhite, and Thomas Sunderland Forge Portland

The goal of Forge Portland is to provide a shared workspace for nonprofit organizations that helps accelerate progress toward their goals by reducing overhead costs, pooling resources, and creating a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere.

Sep 22, 2013
Synesthesia Bike Tour
Studio 2020

Follow a local synesthete to the locations of some of his favorite visual phenomena while enjoying snacks chosen to simulate his extra-visual experience. A donation of $3 would be appreciated to cover the snacks.

NOTE: The time has changed. This event is now connected to [BACH : BEETHOVEN : BRAHMS :: VIVALDI : MOZART : TCHAIKOVSKY] (, which meets at the same location earlier that night.

Nov 6, 2013
Weekly Craft & Social night at PAZ - Terrarium Skillshare
Portland Autonomous Zone

Some of you might know the ever crafty Sara Collins, we talked her into heading up a Terrarium series for Nov. craft nights at PAZ.

Sara is bringing extra supplies by donation. If you don't have a glass container we will have some extra we got from bins by donation, just let us know so we have enough.

Most of all this will be fun and crafty. So bring your happy face and tiny plants.

If you have old records bring them by, as a few people just hangout and play games listening to records.