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Studio 2020

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020
Portland, OR 97214 (map)
Public WiFi

Studio and office of Ním Wunnan.

Access Notes

Second floor of the Portland Storage Building. Enter on Morrison Street, call for access.

Future events happening here

  • - No events -

Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Sep 22 2013
    Synesthesia Bike Tour

    Studio 2020

    Follow a local synesthete to the locations of some of his favorite visual phenomena while enjoying snacks chosen to simulate his extra-visual experience. A donation of $3 would be appreciated to cover the snacks.

    NOTE: The time has changed. This event is now connected to [BACH : BEETHOVEN : BRAHMS :: VIVALDI : MOZART : TCHAIKOVSKY] (http://ororfest.com/#bachbeethovenbrahmsvivaldimozart__tchaikovsky), which meets at the same location earlier that night.

  • Bach : Beethoven : Brahms :: Vivaldi : Mozart : Tchaikovsky

    Studio 2020

    The Brahms Wagner feud is taken to a new level of analysis when scrutinized under synesthesic responses to their musical shapes. Mathmusician Robby Kraft and artist and synesthete Ním Wunnan team up to explore the concepts and relationships behind this analogy. Kraft will abstract musical shapes from representative works and illustrate the way these shapes evolved and changed as they were assimilated by the next generation. Wunnan will describe (and paint) the same structures through the lense of his grapheme > color and visual > audio synesthesia. Together the two interpretations of the musical structures will support a dialogue about the nature of tranlsation and what matters in music and art.