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Grand Opening for Flux: A feminist hackerspace in PDX

Flux - Plastic Fantastics
412 NW Couch St. Suite 222
Portland, Or 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi



What's a feminist hackerspace? Why does Portland need one? Where can I go to work on my projects? Can I solder and paint and build stuff at Flux? Come to the grand opening of Flux and find out the answers to all of these questions! Maybe you'll meet a neat person and solve a major world problem together via craft and science!

Don't identify as a hacker? No worries, Flux is a place to get stuff done from collaging to soldering. We've got room for you!

Flux — a new hackerspace in Portland — is the work of a small group of artists and hackers. We found ourselves frustrated with the difficulty of finding welcoming, affordable space for hardware workshops in Portland, OR. It’s easy to talk software at a bar-- but you can’t very well solder arduino boards over brewskies! Also, as members of “traditionally underrepresented populations,” we found that existing meetups and maker spaces just didn’t represent us or cater to our needs. Where are the women, the people of color, the queer folk, the blue collar workers? Where are our trusted allies?

The technology world is often a binder full of testosterone. We’re tired of the exclusivity that pervades tech culture in this town-- so we’re taking action! Flux aims to create a new culture of artists, makers, benders and breakers in Portland, OR.

Our workshop is filled with people and tools to help members navigate the technical and emotional hurdles of finishing their dream projects. As an all-volunteer group, FLUX prides itself on maintaining an explicitly feminist space. We strive to make technology inclusive for people of all backgrounds and technical abilities. To that end, we welcome makers of all genders, orientations, and ethnic and cultural heritages.