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Gimme Shelter!

Green Anchors
8972 North Bradford Street
Portland, OR 97203, US (map)

8972 N. Bradford Street, St. Johns, Portland. Just north of the St. Johns Bridge and Cathedral Park.


When: Competition begins 6pm Friday, September 20th, and ends at 6pm, Sunday, September 22nd, followed by an awards ceremony and after party.

NOTE: Meet at Fernhill Community Center at 7pm September 20 for a planning meeting.

Challenge: Design, source, and build the most comfortable, good looking, easy to build, and sustainable micro-home you possibly can in a single weekend, spending no more than the equivalent of a single month's rent.

Guidelines: -For fairness, we recommend teams of no less than 3 and no more than 7 team members. You may have unlimited active supporters, and are encouraged to get as many people following and supporting your as team as possible, as this will help you instantly source materials, tools, and skills, and problem-solve in realtime. -Teams may build onsite or off. They must have their completed houses at Green Anchors by the time the competion ends at 6pm, Sunday, September 22nd. -The goal is to create an open-source micro home design that can be build for the equivalent of one month's rent. Therefore, meets can spend $0 using found materials, but teams cannot spend more than $500 on materials. You should keep a record of everything you buy, and everything you get for free. -Every team must have someone filling the roles of photographer and blogger and social media expert. This can be the same person, or many people. The purpose of this rule is so the people supporting the teams can be kept up to date as the project progresses in realtime, with blog posts, Facebook posts, and tweets. This also helps to create a very well-documented record of how you built your house- so that other people can do the same. It's much easier to document a project while it's happening than to try to explain how you did it later. -You may assemble materials and brainstorm designs before the event, but please don't start building! It won't be very much fun to watch if you already have a house built!

Scoring Criteria:

Cost -Actual cost to build -Cost to replicate with new materials -Embodied energy cost/ sustainability of materials Replicabilty -Detail of documentation -Ease of building -Availability of materials Style -Flow -Comfort -Looks Functionality -How does it fair in the waterproof test (this should be fun…) -How many human needs, besides shelter, does it meet? -Does it have a kitchen? -Electricity? -Toilet? -Shower?

Prizes: Teams should compete for the fun of it. However, we will reach out to local businesses, particularly restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, for free perks like rounds of beers, coffee, and free meals. This is also an opportunity for crowdsourcing, and anyone is free to throw a non-monetary gift or perk into the prize pot.

Awards: In addition to the grand prize, which will go to the team with the highest cumulative score, there will also be awards in each sub category with their own prizes, and a bunch of silly, made up awards to keep it fun.

Award Ceremony and After-Party At 6pm on Sunday, there will be an after party. Entry to this event will be sliding scale, from $5 to $1,000,000, with 100% of the proceeds going build more tiny houses, following the winning design.