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Aug 14, 2008
DIY (DO It Yourself) Stories Open Storytelling Night

DIY (Do It Yourself) Stories! Storytelling for the people, by the people.

Join us to hear stories and tell your own...

Thursday, August 14, 2008 Doors open at 7:30, Stories 8-10 $3 cover

THEME: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Your 3:30 battle with the school bully was cancelled due to their leg-breaking accident in gym class. You gave up your seat on the bus and when you got home your missing wallet was there, cash and all. You're sure that you are still paying for stealing cookies twenty years ago.


Sydney's 1800 NW 16th Ave. (At the corner of NW 16th & Thurman)

Hope to see and hear you there.

Sep 24, 2008
DIY (Do It Yourself) Stories
Blackbird Wine Shop

HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE Stories about secrets, wine, and good times.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Stories is an open storytelling event for mature audiences. You don’t HAVE TO get up & tell, but it’s way more fun when you do! Nobody knows what will be heard or said at DIY Stories; it’s different every time.

$10 at the door includes a glass or flight of wine.

Blackbird Wine Shop 3519 NE 44th Ave. (44th & Freemont)

May 20, 2009
PDX 501 Tech Club/Net Tuesday: Online Storytelling

Action is at the heart of what our organizations do. But how do you convince that anonymous person behind a computer screen to make a commitment? You make them think, feel and care. And the best way to do that is to connect them your organization by telling them a story. Roger Burks, Senior Writer, Mercy Corps. will explore how to write compelling, memorable stories that get people to take action and keep them engaged.

Roger, originally, presented this material at the 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference ( in April. We extend a special invite to other folks who attended the NTC to share their stories from the conference. We invite all to join us for this important discussion on a crucial part of nonprofits' online strategies.

Roger Burks is senior writer for Mercy Corps, a global relief and development agency. Over the course of a 15-year career - which includes stints with CARE USA and the U.S. Peace Corps - Burks has traveled to more than 25 countries to research vulnerable populations, conduct field interviews and write stories for a variety of audiences. He is committed to helping foster a new movement in journalism that focuses on human dignity and solutions to global challenges.

We will be following up this strategy meeting, with a hands-on meeting on online tools to use to get your story out. Date TBD.

Connect Online:

Portland 501 Tech Club Online at (Start at if you're new to the NTEN online community).

Portland Net Tuesday at

Please email Anna at [email protected] or Donna Arriaga at [email protected] with any questions.

May 19, 2011
#140Conf NorthWest
Hilton Vancouver Washington

The key focus of this conference is on how real time technology (like Twitter and Facebook) is changing business, government, healthcare, social services, media, education, celebrity – and everything.

There will be many speakers on a variety of different topics. Speakers present in brief 10 to 20 minute segments. The day moves quickly and lots of voices are heard. The event runs all day. For those who cannot attend in person, this conference will be live streamed on the internet.

Speaker Applications are due 3/31/11. Overall event questions may be directed to [email protected]

Interested sponsors may contact [email protected]

Interested volunteers may contact [email protected]

Mar 21, 2014
Bridging the Digital and Physical Divide
PCC Cascade Campus

Hear Portland’s own Second Story Studio, SapientNitro Matt Arnold and David Waingarten present their approach to creating narrative spaces and interactive digital art.

Aug 22, 2014
Research Club Summer Camp at Silver Falls State Park
Silver Falls State Park

It’s happening again!

Join us for three days of activities, hiking, workshops, storytelling, brunch, and misbehavior. We’ll have a gourmet dinner on Sunday night, and activities throughout the week.

At night we’ll gather round the big fire pit and tell stories RC style — nerdy and enthusiastic. Field trips and movie nights TBA!

Got a talent to share or a group activity you’d like to run? Get in touch! [email protected]

Mar 28, 2015
Storytelling with Data Demo Night
George S. Turnbull Center, University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication

Hack Oregon and UO-SOJC's Agora Center Journalism Center Storytelling with Data Event 

Celebrate the end of our workshop with a live preview of our data-driven stories!

What is it?

We've assembled the best and brightest teams of designers, journalists, and technologists to tell data-driven stories on inspired by some of the biggest issues facing Portland and Oregon.  

We'll be working 3 days straight to create articles that we hope and plan to publish with different local media partners, and we want to share our work with you! 

Come support our teams and enjoy a compelling evening of data-discovery. 

Project themes and media partners:

Cascadia Earthquake Preparedness- OPB

Campaign Finance- Willamette Week

Innovation Economy-Portland Business Journal

Education- The Oregonian

Sustainable Development- Surprise! 

Story of the Story- Wieden Kennedy



RSVP early, limited space available. 

Jun 5, 2015
OEN’s 2015 Entrepreneurial Summit: What’s Your Wilson?

Join us at Castaway on June 5 to hear from 10-15 successful Oregon entrepreneurs about how they persist through hard times. Fuel your own entrepreneurial journey with personal stories of challenge and triumph from Oregon’s Doers and Big Thinkers.

Learn more and register:

Oct 22, 2015
Oregon Story Board Demo Day 2015
Hollywood Theater (Portland)

Join us to hear the stories of the second class of the Oregon Story Board accelerator program companies. The 2015 class will share their digital storytelling businesses with you at the historic Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd) on October 22, 2015.

Jul 12, 2017
CHIFOO Event: Storytelling Versus Specifications: The Politics Of Introducing New Design In A Large Organization
New Relic

CHIFOO presents "Storytelling Versus Specifications: The Politics Of Introducing New Design In A Large Organization" with Colin Bay, Thug Design | Dwayne King, Pinpoint. | Chris Tobias, Technology Association of Oregon!

Innovation is all the rage today. But how do you actually get your crazy, life changing ideas turned into real products when you work for a large, complex organization? Check out our panel of seasoned troublemakers to learn how you too can become a force for change within a large team and still keep your job.

About the Speakers

Colin Bay, Thug DesignColin Bay, Thug Design

Colin Bay is Chief Research Officer for Thug Design, a user research and design agency in NW Portland. He has been working in user experience since before it was ever called that, from WordPerfect to Intel to Thug, and some companies in between. HThug works chiefly with companies in the Fortune 100, along with a variety of smaller, up-and-coming clients.

Dwayne King, Pinpoint.Dwayne King, Pinpoint.

Dwayne (@dwayne_king) has led strategic teams for over 15 years, always asking them for less; Less complexity, less ego, less whiz-bang, and less copycat thinking. Leaving more room for elegant, useful design and emergent strategies that bring something new into the world.

Chris Tobias, TAO & GE HealthcareChris Tobias, Technology Association of Oregon

Chris currently serves as Lead Systems Integrator for GE Healthcare leading software projects for the Sochi and Rio Olympics, electronic prescribing, patient records and next generation cloud healthcare software. He is also Chairman of the Technology Association of Oregon’s Digital Health Community which hosts Oregon’s largest health technology innovation events and forums.

Come join CHIFOO for our seventh speaker event for 2017's theme "Thriving in Chaos: Strategies for Good Design".

Aug 2, 2017
CHIFOO Event: CHIFOO Annual Bowling Party
AMF Pro 300 Lanes aka Powell Bowl

CHIFOO presents our Annual Bowling Party!

Come join us for the annual CHI-Bowl and enjoy some indoor sports. Dig out your bowling shirt and come bowl a few games, or just hang out and socialize with your friends and colleagues. Families are welcome, too! And very special prizes will be awarded. You need not bowl to win!

Don't be a turkey get some turkeys. Don’t forget your socks and lucky bowling ball!

Cost CHIFOO members get in free. Non-members or guests get the full bowling package for just $10, and bring the kids—your entire family can bowl for $20! It’s a heck of a deal.

Come join CHIFOO on September 6th for our eighth speaker event next month for 2017's theme "Thriving in Chaos: Strategies for Good Design".

Jun 7, 2018
Hack the Dot

Hack the Dot is a two-hour hackathon where code school students, working developers, marketing and design professionals, and anyone else interested in the Web come together to build ideas. Use your skills in web development, storytelling, and creative ideation to build a humorous (maybe even functional!) product quickly, while meeting people in your tech/startup community.

How does it work?

At a domain-driven hackathon, all of the teams are given a single premium domain name at the beginning of the event. All teams then have two hours to come up with a product inspired by that domain, fueled by food and beverage. Whichever team builds the most creative and funny idea for the domain wins!

Prizes include the premium domain name itself, plus swag from our sponsors!

Do I need to bring a team?

Nope! Teams are formed randomly at the beginning.

Oct 23, 2018
The Future of Storytelling: Emerging Communications Careers Driven By Tech by Mac's List
University of Oregon SOJC

Technology is changing the way people connect, and there are countless new ways for storytellers to build exciting, future-proof careers. What does New Media really mean, and how can it be leveraged as an effective tool for connection? This discussion will dive into the world of experiential technologies and the ways organizations are using tech to connect with audiences through immersive, impactful storytelling. We’ll explore everything from 360 video to virtual reality with professionals sharing different perspectives and experiences, from cutting edge creative agencies to traditional media outlets. Discover how these technologies are opening up new career paths for creatives, artists, coders, marketers, and more. Storytellers of all kinds will walk away with inspiration and tools to make their next career move future-ready.

Join us for an evening of expert discussion, Q&A, and professional networking, hosted by University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and moderated by Mac’s List's Mac Prichard.

Panelists Panelists to be announced!

Moderator Mac Prichard, founder and publisher of Mac’s List

Schedule 5:30pm – 6:15pm: Networking

6:15pm – 7:45pm: Panel presentation and audience Q&A

7:45pm – 8:00pm: Networking and wrap-up

Included with your registration Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres to be served throughout the event

Pick up your complimentary paperback copy of "Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond)" at the event. It's the step-by-step insider's guide to finding meaningful and rewarding work here in Portland!

Sep 21, 2019
Improve Your Storytelling with B-Roll on YouTube
Portland Community Church

Do you want to improve your storytelling with engaging content?

Prior to Youtube, smartphones, and video editing software, we've been limited to creating dull and boring slideshows. Now that everyone has access to these tools, we can create engaging storytelling content that inspires our audience to action.

In this session, I'll share how to create amazing b-roll footage to add you our story. I'll share ideas on how to create openers, capture a journey, inspire action, and leave with a memorable outro.

Here's an example B-Roll challenge from one of my favorite YouTubers Peter McKinnon

Be inspired! Knowledge Mavens

Nov 2, 2019
Easily Share Beautiful Stories with this AI Camera
Portland Community Church

Do you enjoy sharing beautiful stories with family and friends on social media?

With the insta360 go, you can take it anywhere and easily record your favorite moments. With the FlashCut feature, the AI will automatically curate your content and create an action-packed story you can share without spending the time to edit hours of footage. For example, it will create clips when it detects a smile or every time you grab your favorite latte.

In this Meetup, I'll provide some examples of travel vlogs, Broll footage, and share ideas on what you can do with AI capabilities. This is a great camera to supplement your full-frame or phone camera.

Be inspired! Knowledge Mavens

Feb 23, 2023
Science of Storytelling: How the Brain Fires on Story

Portland Design Thinkers is happy to announce an evening with Dan Self and the Science of Storytelling: How the Brain Fires on Story.

100,000 years of human reliance on story has rewired the human brain to think in story terms and story structure to make sense and create meaning out of events and others’ actions.

Meaning…Cells that fire together wire together. And, this evolutionary predisposition is reinforced by the dominant use of story throughout childhood.

So what does this mean for all of us? How can we use this knowledge to create memorable stories? And how can we use our predisposition to turn everything that enters through sensory input into story for engagement?

About Dan Self: Story first. Story always. I've spent most of my working life or what is known as "a career" thinking about, studying, and uncovering the importance of story.

And in the pursuit of discovering the importance of story, I've explored many different job paths that have revealed some important aspects of the brain on story.

Bottom line? I'm not a neurologist, but I've played one on TV, and that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Apr 26
Founders, Professionals, & Remote Workers: Game Night!

This is super casual - We're hosting a game night for founders, professionals, remote workers, and everyone else to get together for a night of gaming!

Bring your card games, board games & table sets, consoles, or whatever else floats your boat. and snacks & drinks (for yourself or to share!)

Let's build friendships & network outside of the usual networking events & socials.

Perfect for introverted types who are looking to make friends while given something to do.

All are welcome.

RSVP on meetup to be sent after-hours building access info, 24 hours before the event:

See y'all soooooon.