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Wacom Experience Center

1455 Northwest Irving Street
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    May 16 2018
    Adapt, Iterate, and Grow with Jira

    Want to implement a Jira Service Desk instance? Trying to get a botched project back on the rails? Or, want to share your war stories and prep for the next upgrade? Portland Atlassian User Group teams up with local technologists to answer your questions and share their knowledge about Jira Service Desk.


    When? Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 5pm to 7pm PDT

    Where? Wacom Experience Center - 1455 NW Irving St., Portland, OR 97209

    What? Learning and collaboration. Bring an appetite and good questions! Food provided for those who RSVP online (help us plan!)

    Dylan Pederson is a technical consultant who's successfully implemented JSD instances, migrated servers, and completed upgrades for a number of clients. He'll share his process and lessons learned, including the requirements gathering process, testing, backup, upgrade, and more.

    He's joined by Atlassian partner and this month's sponsor Coyote Creek Consulting. Coyote will be offering raffle items and other swag, and guess what, our basket of goodies is now full, too!

    Wacom has kindly offered to host us again, thank you. Members of their tech team will also join to share their insights from their own JSD experiences. Learn to be a good client, if you're outsourcing your JSD tech services, and find out what to look for and ask so your org doesn't get taken advantage of.

  • Wednesday
    Feb 21 2018
    Sketch and Diagram: Using Lucidchart in Jira and Confluence

    Wacom Experience Center

    Joseph will be present on how to enhance your Confluence and JIRA experiences through visual communication with Lucidchart. Sharing best practices and use cases, he'll show how powerful visualizing systems and processes can be for your organizations.

    Lunch provided and drinks provided. Register online to reserve regular or vegetarian lunch.

    Bring a notebook and pen to take notes, business cards to help you connect, and good questions for Joe.

  • Tuesday
    Oct 24 2017
    Wacom Pro Series: Behind the Magic with 9iFX

    Join us, October 24th at the Wacom Experience Center for an exclusie look into one of Portlands most innovative visual effects studios, 9ifx.

    9iFX is a team of visual engineers. As solution providers for FILMS, TV SERIES, BRANDS, and CREATIVE AGENCIES, we bring our years of creative experience, expertise, and craft to ensure our clients’ stories are told without limitations.

    Every project has its challenges, and our job is to clear the roadblocks to success through experienced problem solving. In doing so, we expand the capabilities of our clients. In this “behind the scenes” look at our process, we will dissect the art and technology that went into some of our recent projects. From our work on getting the Emmys to shine, through to our partnerships with Portland agencies and clients, we will demonstrate the tools and techniques that go into our work. We will also discuss some of the challenges we face, and how we overcome them.

    Doors at 5pm.

    Event will kick off at 5:30pm.

    Snacks and drinks on hand to keep you fed and hydrated.

  • Wednesday
    Sep 20 2017
    Refresh Portland — Tools in the UX Toolbox: Net Promoter Score

    Doors open at 5:30pm, talk starts at 6:00pm.

    How can you influence and shift your organization to embrace a more customer-centered focus? This has been a question and a quest for UX professionals for years. It is a challenging road to be sure. Imagine this challenge at a huge technology company with a deep engineering culture focused on performance data. Qualitative “squishy” metrics may not be persuasive on their own. What can you do to break through and effect change?

    This presentation explores how one group at Intel is using the Net Promoter Score metric to spearhead UX changes. NPS is valued by executives as a simple, easy to understand measure of customer loyalty. It can be a useful tool for your UX toolbox. Barbara will show you how Intel uses this metric as part of a UX practice.

    Our Presenter, Barbara Holmes

    Barbara Holmes has enjoyed a 25+ year career solving problems for clients. Barbara has worked for agencies, for herself as a sole proprietor, for startups, and client side, she is currently a Customer Insights Analyst, Information Architect, with the Intel Corporation.

    From filmmaker, to instructional designer, to information architect and writer, to UX, and now a research focus, Barbara brings the needs and wishes of the customer to all her projects. At Intel she focuses on making sure her primary customers, software developers around the world, have an active voice in how we design and deliver our software products.

  • Tuesday
    Jul 18 2017
    Portland Atlassian User Group

    The Portland, OR Atlassian User Group is back with new group leads. We'll host our first event to re-invigorate the community, introduce new people, and brainstorm topics and speakers for future events. This is a meet and greet event so come prepared to laugh while enjoying drinks and light snacks. Get to know each other through activities, and bring business cards to enter to win prizes in giveaways.

    Bring your great ideas; influence the next event. We want to know: what you're interested in, what you feel comfortable presenting about, and what you're dying to learn. We'll gather topics, speaker, and date suggestions for our next get-together.

    Location: The event will be hosted by Wacom at their Experience Center (1455 NW Irving St., Suite 110, Portland, or 97209) on July 18, 5 PM PDT.

    Register Online

  • Wednesday
    Mar 22 2017
    Mike Monteiro: How To Fight Fascism

    IxDA Portland is proud to host Mike Monteiro, in town to fundraise & rouse the weary with his latest call to arms: How To Fight Fascism. Doors open at 6pm for drinks, snacks, catching-up with friends, and checking-out Wacom's swanky new "Experience Center" in the Pearl District. Mike's talk will begin at 7pm and span ~45min, with time after for inspired rabble-rousing.

    ——— All design is political, because all politics are designed. The world is a mess because a certain set of people designed it to be a mess. Now we need a different set of people to design our way out of it. This is not a choice. Regardless of whether this is what we wanted or not fascism is knocking on our front door. This is how we knock back. This event is doubling as a fundraiser for The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and ACLU of Oregon, with IxDA getting the refreshments, so... LET'S DO THIS PORTLAND!!!

    Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design in San Francisco. He prefers elegant, simple sites with clear language that serve a real need. He prefers that designers have strong spines. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft and business of design. He loves client services so much he wrote two books on the topic, Design is a Job and You’re My Favorite Client, both from A Book Apart. Mike received the 2014 Net Award for Conference Talk of the Year for his inspirational polemic on responsibility, How Designers Destroyed the World.

  • Tuesday
    Mar 7 2017
    Beyond The UX Tipping Point w/ Jared Spool

    IxDA Portland is delighted to welcome Jared Spool to the Pacific Northwest, to present his UX Tipping Point talk. Doors open at 6pm for drinks, snacks, catching-up with friends, and checking-out Wacom's swanky new "Experience Center" in the Pearl District. Jared's talk will then span ~45min, with time after for Q&A. We'll also be raffling-off books, and offering a discount code for UIE's upcoming Portland workshop series!


    The UX Tipping Point

    For the longest time, making a great experience for the user was a business-strategy luxury item. A great product only had to work and ship. A great experience was a nice-to-have, not a requirement. Times have changed. The cost of delivering a product is no longer a barrier to entry. Quality is no longer a differentiator. What’s left? The user’s experience.

    Every part of the organization must be infused with an understanding of great design. Your organization has to cross the UX Tipping Point. You must increase everyone’s exposure to users, communicate a solid experience vision, and install a culture of continual learning. With that, design will become your organization’s competitive advantage.

    Jared will show you and your team:

    • Which path organizations take to become design-infused • How a centralized UX team is a stepping stone to a more UX capable organization • Why the market needs to demand a better experience before it will matter • What your organization will need to do to cross the UX Tipping Point


    Jared M. Spool is a co-founder of Center Centre and the founder of UIE. In 2016, with Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, he opened Center Centre, a new design school in Chattanooga, TN to create the next generation of industry-ready UX Designers. They created a revolutionary approach to vocational training, infusing Jared’s decades of UX experience with Leslie’s mastery of experience-based learning methodologies.

    You’ll also find him as the conference chair and keynote speaker at the annual UI Conference and UX Immersion Conference, and he manages to squeeze in a fair amount of writing time. He is author of the book, Web Usability: A Designer’s Guide and co-author of Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks that Work.

    You’ll find his writing at uie.com. You can also follow his adventures on the Twitters at @jmspool, where he tweets daily about UX design, design strategy, design education, and the wondrous customer service habits of the airline industry.

  • Tuesday
    Oct 18 2016
    RuNT. Humanizing Technology with Mark Wyner

    Don’t look now, but your life depends on user experience design. Smartphones lead us around by the hand, we strap computers to body parts like it’s going out of style, and autonomous cars are already on the road. Thankfully, Mark Wyner is determined to humanize those experiences. As a user experience designer, Mark has architected software for the US Army, Nike, Intel, Chrysler, and more. He has eloquently addressed the need for interfaces we understand and trust, both in writing and as a speaker at events like Webvisions. Come hear about his efforts to work with the machines, before they take over for good.