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Nov 12, 2015
Portland Campus: How to go from [Your Seemingly-Unrelated career] to Developer
Code Fellows

Wondering how to move from your current job into a tech career? Want to hear how your current skills translate into the tech world? Already a developer and need to learn a new stack or level up your skills?

Join us for a beer (or ginger ale!) to explore career paths in tech and how to get there. You'll hear from professional developers about how they found their way into their current roles. Bring all your questions about the tech industry and how you can change your career.

May 18, 2021
Data Week | How to Know if Data is The Right Career For You
through Internet/Online (registration required)

This session is part of GA's Data Week, a weeklong festival of free workshops, speaker sessions and panel discussions around leveraging data to drive business decisions, productivity and career growth. Check out the full schedule here!

Considering a career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist? Curious about the data roles at different companies? Wondering where and how most data analysts and scientists start their careers & why they hold the highest demand jobs? Interested in hearing the diversity of paths & experiences data analysts and scientists take? Join us to find out if this might be the right career for you and learn from experts! We've assembled a panel of data professionals to share their experiences and insights.

Join us for a practical tips, insightful conversation, and good community.

May 19, 2021
Parents That Slay: Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Children
Internet/Online (registration required)

Join GA and SoGal this webinar for parents.

The pandemic is challenging for parents but also presents an opportunity to focus on and participate more in children’s development. Spending quality time with your children strengthens the relationship, and while adding another task to your new normal stay-at-home routine may seem daunting, there is both immediate and long-term payoff. You will likely notice changes in your child including being more affectionate with you, cooperating with your requests, and having fewer tantrums.

During this webinar, our experts will share tips and resources on how to find activity for strengthening relationship with your children.

Career Wednesday: From Burnout to Career Boom
Internet/Online (registration required)

Modern-day living is demanding. We don't only have high expectations at work, but also life outside of work. According to Forbes, burnout is contributing to 50% or more of a company’s turnover rate! As a busy professional, how can you expect to prevent burnout and perform at your best if you don’t know the fundamentals of health and wellness? Identifying the biological, environmental, and psychological factors that define your habits is one of the first steps towards living a high-performance life. You will walk away from this workshop with a greater sense of clarity and commitment to elevate your health, potential, and life!

Jun 24, 2021
Marketing Week | How to Utilize LinkedIn for B2B Marketing
Internet/Online (registration required)

This session is part of GA's Marketing Week, a weeklong festival of free workshops, fireside chats and panel discussions focused on reimagining the world of marketing, media, technology and creative industries. Learn new skills, gain insight into other industries, and inspire others to drive change.

The marketing opportunity on LinkedIn is huge. Whether you looking to generate leads, build brand awareness, or establish strategic partnerships, LinkedIn is the B2B marketer’s social network of choice! It’s their business’ secret weapon.

This webinar is designed for B2B marketers, corporates and consultants to help you engage your audience, optimize your efforts and grow your business using LinkedIn.

Takeaways - Creating the best first impression - Optimizing your content strategy - being generous and adding value - Strategically building your network - WHO you connect with and WHY - Winning algorithm love - how to optimize your reach and engagement - Sharing your expert voice - in groups and beyond - Bringing it all together