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Apr 18
CNPDX & OpenInfra April: HW Accelerators & Container Compliance
Intel Hawthorn Farms 3 (HF3) Campus

For the second time in Cloud Native PDX history, we will be having a joint meetup with OpenStack (now the Open Infrastructure Meetup). This is also our first-ever Southwest Portland meetup.

Two speakers will share their experiences in Kubernetes and OpenStack. Pizza, beverages, and raffle will round out the evening.

AGENDA 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. Check-in, Pizza, & Networking

6:00 – 6:30 p.m. Accelerating the Adoption of Hardware Accelerators in Kubernetes – Swati Sehgal of Intel

With containers becoming the desired deployment model for a wide range of workloads such as Big Data, IoT, storage, AI, ML, SDN and NFV solutions, container orchestration tools like Kubernetes, need to evolve to meet stringent networking and resource management requirements for optimum utilization of compute, network and storage. Such application generate large volume of data that needs to be securely transferred in and out of storage and over the network and inherently require compression and encryption which makes them computationally expensive. Offloading such operations to the hardware accelerators results in better CPU utilization and improved application performance.

6:30 – 7:00 p.m. Container Compliance Tooling -- Nisha Kumar of VMWare

Nisha introduces Tern, a utility for software package introspection in containers. This tool allows administrators to have the same level of confidence on what's in their containers as they currently do with VM inages, including compliance audits, bill of materials, and exploit detection. Nisha is the primary author of Tern.

7:00 – 7:15 p.m. Raffle and closing remarks


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Feb 11, 2015
Meet the Google Cloud Developer Advocates Team
Hotel Lucia

What do you get when you combine a group of engineers obsessed about cutting edge technology and add a hint ton of geek? A bunch of tech enthusiasts that make up the Cloud Developer Advocates Team at Google

We love helping make all of you as successful as possible as you build apps that take full advantage of everything that Google Cloud Platform has to offer. We like talking to you, but even more than that, we like to listen to your feedback. We want to be your voice to the Google Cloud Platform product and engineering teams and use what we hear to help create the best possible developer experience.

Our team will be in Portland and we'd love to meet you all in person. So don’t be shy--come say hi!

The event will be focused on providing many opportunities to meet and greet the Google Cloud DAs and talk to them face-to-face in a social atmosphere.

We will offer "topic tables" where people can just meet and discuss topics of interest to them.

Tentative topics (feel free to email and suggest your own!): - Google App Engine - Google Compute Engine - Google Cloud for Go - Google Cloud for Node.js - Google Cloud for Python - Google Cloud for Java - Cloud Mobile - Big Data - Docker and Containers

And we will have hors d'ouvres and refreshments, of course!

Feb 17, 2015
PDX Container Computing Meetup

Docker and Linux Containers are the next generation of technology for developers and sysadmins.

Let's get together to discuss all things container related:

  • Docker
  • Rocket
  • CoreOS
  • etc.

The evening will include presentations about container projects by folks in the area. Presentations are TBD still (We'll post updates here), and if you have a presentation that you'd like to make, please feel free to contact us to let us know!

Food and drink (alcoholic and non) will be provided.

Feb 23, 2015
New Relic

Clark Boylan from the OpenStack Foundation will talk about a jenkins automation tool written in python called jenkins-job-builder or jjb.

Bio: Currently an Infrastructure Engineer at the OpenStack Foundation, Clark is a core member of OpenStack's infrastructure team where he helps build and run OpenStack's developer tools. When not tending to the robot test army, Clark can often be found brewing beer and smoking brisket in his brother's back yard.

Abstract: Continuous integration is great, it provides up to the minute news onyour silly mistakes. Thankfully it is relatively easy to start runningtests continuously. Install a Jenkins server, configure some jobs, then watch the little red balls turn green. Unfortunately the "configure some jobs" step can get complicated when it becomes "configure a useful number jobs".

To fix this problem we have developed a tool called Jenkins Job Builder (JJB) which uses a simple, easy to read language built on yaml to configure jobs. It supports templating, macros, and best of all you can edit your jobs in a text editor. Since jobs are stored in human readable text files you can also track all of your jobs in your favorite version control system. I will run us through installation, configuration, and job building with JJB and have us all free of the Jenkins web UI for job configuration.

Casey Bisson from Joyent will present on what SmartOS can do with containers:

Title: Scaling Docker deployments from laptop to cloud

Abstract: Docker on a laptop is easy, but Docker in the cloud is hard. What makes that transition so hard, and what can we do about it? How does this challenge affect the hosting infrastructure and application design? Casey will share lessons learned so far and further questions uncovered in Joyent’s work to build support for Docker in public and private cloud environments (including the open source and

Bio: Casey Bisson has done time as a systems engineer, software engineer, writer, librarian, open source founder, information architect, and director of engineering for Gigaom prior to joining Joyent as the product manager leading development of SmartDataCenter for container-optimized on-premises and hybrid clouds. He may be color blind, but he compensates with a wardrobe of clashing patterns.

pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious intersection of software development and systems operations, and shares practical advice on working effectively in an era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing. The group welcomes participants interested in any related products, technologies and methodologies. The group has been meeting regularly since August 2010 for presentations, demos and discussions applicable to all skill levels, from newbies and experts. Every month 15-35 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for devops – join us!

Mar 16, 2015
New Relic

We have a speaker and a half for this meeting with a focus on windows.

Aaron Jensen: Aaron discovered programming over 14 years ago, and has never looked back. He specializes in making developer-focused tools and automating everything he can. He's spent most of his career working with Microsoft technologies, but did run his own OS X server for several years, so knows Perl, PHP, and Ruby on Rails exist. For almost 7 years he has worked for WebMD Health Services. He is currently obsessed with PowerShell and weeps whenever he sees a batch script or someone using cmd.exe. His open-source project Carbon, a PowerShell module for automating the configuration of Windows servers and workstations, has been downloaded over 2,000 times, probably by the same person. He loves chocolate, movies, video games, table-top games, TV, books, and using movie quotes in situations only he understands. He hates yard work, taking out the garbage, owning a house, and his therapist, but probably not in that order. He lives in Beaverton with his wife, two kids and the money he is saving for his children's future therapy bills. You can watch him remain silent on Twitter @splatteredbits.

Topic: Piloting DSC at WebMD Health Services

In Q2 2014, we piloted Desired State Configuration at WebMD Health Services. Come learn about our DSC authoring platform and patterns, security, how we use DSC to configure applications on developer computers, configuration deployment, and lessons learned."

Nick Chappel (who everyone should know at this point) may also be giving a brief talk on building windows flavored vagrant machines.

New Relic is continuing to host us and Volt is continuing to provide pizza. Gluten Free options will be available. Contact Spencer if you have any specific requests.

pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious intersection of software development and systems operations, and shares practical advice on working effectively in an era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing. The group welcomes participants interested in any related products, technologies and methodologies. The group has been meeting regularly since August 2010 for presentations, demos and discussions applicable to all skill levels, from newbies and experts. Every month 15-35 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for devops – join us!

Feb 15, 2016
CoreOS + Techno-Activism 3rd Monday
Portland State Business Accelerator Mt. Hood room

Join us on Monday, February 15th for a joint CoreOS and Techno-Activism 3rd Monday meetup. We'll have two knowledgable CoreOS presenters, Alex Crawford and Matthew Garrett, as well as lots of tasty food! Come learn about security and CoreOS.

6:00 pm

Food, Drink, Networking

6:30 pm

New Ways to Deploy and Manage Applications at Scale

Alex Crawford, software developer at CoreOS

The last decade belonged to virtual machines and the next one belongs to containers. CoreOS is a new Linux distribution designed specifically for application containers and running them at scale. This talk will examine all the major components of CoreOS (etcd, fleet, docker, systemd) and how these components work together.

7:15 pm

Protecting Laptops Against High-Level Adversaries

Matthew Garrett, principal security software engineer at CoreOS

You’ve left your laptop in your hotel room. You come back, turn it on and type in your disk encryption passphrase. And, just like that, you've granted access to all your private data to the person who slipped in with a USB stick while you were out.

This isn't a hypothetical case. We've seen companies selling tools that are intended to bypass disk encryption by simply modifying the boot process and waiting for the user to type in their decryption key. It's a worrying situation, but it's one that we can protect users against.

This presentation will describe how some of the same techniques used to protect servers can be used to verify the state of laptops. It'll demonstrate the use of a novel but straightforward piece of software that allows users to use widely deployed hardware to let users check the security of their system at a glance. And it'll talk about why you still need to be afraid of a smaller set of really scary people.



Interested in speaking at a CoreOS meetup or hosting a future event? Please reach out to marketing at to discuss!

Apr 19, 2016
Docker PDX Meetup #11

Please make sure to RSVP on the meetup page! Thanks.

This month we have two great talks by Carl Caum from Puppet Labs and Mike Coleman from Docker!

Agenda: 6:30 - Welcome, networking, food and drinks thanks to Intel and Sumo Logic 7:00 - Carl Caum: Adopting Docker in today's IT As IT teams plan to deploy Docker, they are often looking for the shortest path to get from where they are today to where they want to be with Docker. One challenge is getting the Docker runtime deployed on operating systems already approved by IT and part of existing deployment processes. Once the runtime is deployed, teams need to quickly start managing their container apps across the available cluster nodes. Finally, teams need a clear path to integrate Docker management technologies like Docker Universal Control Plane into existing change management and delivery processes.

This talk will cover:

Using configuration management tools to deploy the docker runtime, sync Docker images, and ensure containers are running where desired with the desired runtime configuration. Using configuration management practices of identification, control, status accounting, and verification/audit to manage Docker infrastructure over time Build Docker infrastructure change management processes leveraging infrastructure as code to enable continuous peer review, audit, and replication.

Carl Caum is a technical marketing manager at Puppet Labs with a background in systems administration, software development, and product management. He specializes in IT cultures with a focus on how tools can be leveraged to enforce cultural change in otherwise stagnant IT organizations to increase collaboration and job satisfaction. He tweets at @ccaum.

7:45 - Mike Coleman: Docker Announcement Docker has an announcement and Mike is going to review the newest features of the Docker platform. This will be updated with more information after the public release.

Mike Coleman is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Docker. He tweets at @mikegcoleman.

8:30 - Wrap up and networking

Special thanks to Puppet Labs for space and Intel and Sumo Logic for food and drinks!

May 4, 2016
Kubernetes 1.2 with Kelsey Hightower

Cloud Native PDX will be hosting our first meetup on May 4th, featuring Kelsey Hightower demonstrating the features of the recently released Kubernetes 1.2. If you're interested in building container-based scalable infrastruture, or just want to learn more about Kubernetes, join us!

Version 1.2 will help you scale your container infrastructure to thousands of nodes and tens of thousands of Pods. Plus K8s is easier to use than ever before, thanks to:

  • Deployments
  • ConfigMap
  • Ingress
  • New GUI
  • Bigger Scalability

Refreshments sponsored by Google and Red Hat.

Jun 6, 2016
Docker PDX Meetup #12
New Relic

This month we will have talks by Jérôme Petazzoni from Docker and Tom Trahan from Shippable!


6:30 - Welcome, networking, food and drinks

7:00 - Tom Trahan: Creating application delivery pipelines with Docker

Continuous Integration (CI) helps developers and ops teams ship more code faster. And with Docker, the pains of friction between these two groups is radically reduced by having predictable reusable environments. Tom will talk about how teams can think about this new world of application pipelines, show how CI works in Docker with Shippable, and shares some of our experiences in implementing Docker to accelerate application delivery.

Tom Trahan is the VP, Business Development of Shippable, a venture-backed startup providing hosted continuous delivery platform built on containers. Previously, Tom was Co-Founder and CEO of EnterPAS, a software startup providing records management and change control for FDA-regulated companies, a director at Microsoft focused on IT enterprise application development and operations, and a consultant at SAP. Tom spends his free time with his wife and two boys, coaching youth sports, traveling and playing guitar. You can find him on Twitter as @Tom_Trahan.

7:45 - Jérôme Petazzoni: Open source recipes to build, ship and run production apps with Docker

Getting started with Docker is relatively straightforward:install the Docker Engine, write Dockerfiles for your application components, and put those components together with a Compose file. At this point, your application can be quickly and reliably deployed on any Docker installation, anywhere, in minutes. Great!

How do we take this to production? How do we scale from the single-node setup to a multi-node, highly-available cluster?

Through a whirlwind of live demos, Jérôme will show how to provision a Swarm cluster with Docker Machine, setup overlay networks, host a local registry, deploy ELK to manage logs, implement load balancing, and finally use the resulting platform to build, ship, and run a demo application built around a microservices architecture.

Jérôme works at Docker, where he helps others to containerize all the things. He was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before it became Docker. When annoyed he threatens to replace things with a very small shell script. You can find him on twitter as @jpetazzo.

8:45 - Wrap up and networking

Special thanks to New Relic for space and Shippable for food and drinks!

Jun 29, 2016
Docker PDX Meetup #13

We will have talks by Adrian Cockroft from Battery Ventures and Mike Coleman from Docker!


6:30 - Welcome, networking, food and drinks

7:00 - Mike Coleman: DockerCon Recap

Mike is responsible for creating technical content to help customers come up to speed on Docker and its related components. Prior to joining Docker this summer he spent about 15 months at Puppet Labs working in product management. And, before all that he spent time at VMware, Microsoft, Intel, and HP in both product management / marketing as well as IT engineering. Outside of work Mike enjoys riding his motorcycles around Oregon's backroads, spending time with his wife and kids, and supporting the Portland Timbers (that's a soccer team). You can find him on Twitter as @mikegcoleman.

7:45 - Adrian Cockroft: Microservices: What's Missing

Discussion of techniques to solve common problems that people run into when microservices are in production and being updated continuously in large organizations.

Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology. He’s always been fascinated by what comes next, and he writes and speaks extensively on a range of subjects. At Battery, he advises the firm and its portfolio companies about technology issues and also assists with deal sourcing and due diligence.

Before joining Battery, Adrian helped lead Netflix’s migration to a large scale, highly available public-cloud architecture and the open sourcing of the cloud-native NetflixOSS platform. Prior to that at Netflix he managed a team working on personalization algorithms and service-oriented refactoring.

Adrian was a founding member of eBay Research Labs, developing advanced mobile applications and even building his own homebrew phone, years before iPhone and Android launched. As a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems he wrote the best-selling “Sun Performance and Tuning” book and was chief architect for High Performance Technical Computing.

He graduated from The City University, London with a Bsc in Applied Physics and Electronics, and was named one of the top leaders in Cloud Computing in 2011 and 2012 by SearchCloudComputing magazine. He can usually be found on Twitter @adrianco.

8:40 - Wrap up and networking

Special thanks to Puppet for space and Century Link for food and drinks!

Jul 26, 2016
CNPDX July: Kubernetes Anniversary
Urban Airship

We'll be having a meetup to celebrate the first anniversary of the Kubernetes 1.0 release, which we'll do by talking about the 1.3 Release.


Kubernetes 1.3 Features

Kubernetes 1.3 was released a couple of weeks ago. It includes PetSet, AutoScaling, and more. Josh Berkus will talk about a bunch of Kubernetes 1.3 features, especially PetSet. He'll demonstrate the ones which are practical to do.

Since this is the first anniversary of Kubernetes 1.0, we'll have STUFF! Such as stickers, coloring books, and other swag. Also cake!


Urban Airship 1417 NW Everett St, Suite 300

This meetup is sponsored by Urban Airship, Google, Red Hat and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Aug 17, 2016
CNPDX August: Clear Containers

Topic: Clear Containers

Speakers: Manohar Castelino and Samuel Ortiz, Intel

IMPORTANT: Due to limited venue capacity, you MUST RSVP via Meetup for this event (see below if you don't use Meetup).

Containers allow us to deploy, ship and run the same application everywhere in a fast and distributed fashion. They are a foundational technology for the cloud where they define a brave new virtualized world for users, developers and administrators. With containers usage rising, the cloud ecosystem is more and more fragmented. Cloud builders need to choose between legacy, secure, long term running virtual machines and new, fast and easy to deploy containers.

Clear Containers close that gap by providing hardware virtualized containers. With containers actually running within virtual machines, Clear Containers combine container flexibility with hardware isolation. Here we will present how we managed to drastically reduce virtual machine boot times and memory footprint in order to reach container customers expectations for server density and application sub 50 ms startup time. We will also show how this technology flawlessly integrates with the main container runtimes for Linux: Docker and Rkt.

(if you don't use meetup, RSVP by emailing jberkus -at-

Oct 19, 2016
CNPDX October: Hands-On Kubernetes Workshop
New Relic

Kick off your journey to becoming a DevOps master by learning Kubernetes from the ground up. We will start with an introduction to etcd and distributed consensus, then learn about Kubernetes APIs and object primitives. By the end of this hands-on workshop you’ll be ready to deploy, manage, and scale container-based solutions using Kubernetes. Bring a laptop to follow along!

IMPORTANT: You need to RSVP using Meetup. You Must also Prepare Your Laptop before the training if you want to participate. See instructions on Ryan's Slides:

Oct 20, 2016
Container Summit City Series: Portland

The Container Summit City Series brings expert practitioners and key container ecosystem leaders together to present user stories, share best practices, and give insights into the containerized future.

City series will be stopping in Portland on Thursday, October 20th! Join expert practitioners and key leaders in the ecosystem for an evening of real user stories, best practices, and key insights into the containerized future.

This is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the community over a beer (or two), and great content!

Feb 7, 2017
Cloud Native Foundation PNW Roadshow
Portland Marriott (Downtown)

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation will be hosting a RoadShow at the Mariott Waterfront. Visiting Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver, Dan Kohn, Brian Gracely and Isaac Arias will be presenting:

• What is cloud native computing

• Projects of the CNCF

• Kubernetes deployment case study

• How container orchestration works

• Why cross-community collaboration is essential to success

... and more.

Paid registration required from the CNCF website. Members of CNPDX, Docker, Linux or other meetups can use the discount code "MEETUP50". Go! Socialize with other Cloud Natives! Bring your boss!

Apr 6, 2017
CNPDX April: What You Need to Know About Kubernetes 1.6
Jive Software Suite 200

Kelsey Hightower will be swinging by for a discussion on what's new with Kubernetes 1.6! He'll be discussing:


• Custom Pod Autoscaling

• Scheduling Improvements Including Inter-pod and Node Affinity

• New Volume Options

• Cluster Setup and Administration Improvements

• And more...


May 17, 2017
CNPDX and OpenStack May: Kubernetes + Openstack
New Relic

Red Hat's Ben Kero will be talking about deploying a Kubernetes cluster on your own OpenStack cloud or a public cloud, then using OpenStack's load balancer resources to handle your app's ingress traffic. Given time and inclination he might also talk about creating an OpenStack-Kubernetes sandwich (Tur-cloud-en).

Please RSVP through Meetup so that we can get a headcount for refreshments. If you hate meetup and want to RSVP anyway, then email

Jun 8, 2017
CNPDX June: VMs and Runtimes with Kubernetes

Our June meetup is scheduled at CloudAbilty! Please RSVP on for an accurate headcount, if you can.

Josh Berkus of Red Hat will present:

"CRI-O, a runtime for Kubernetes"

While most people use Kubernetes with Docker, it's not limited to using just Docker. Josh will demo CRI-O, a minimal container runtime designed for meeting Kubernetes' container needs ... and no more.

Then, for our feature presentation Eric Ernst of Intel will present:

"Using OVS-DPDK, VPP and SRIO-V with Clear Containers"

Using OVS-DPDK, VPP and SRIO-V with Clear Containers Clear Containers is an Open Containers Initiative (OCI) “runtime” that launches an Intel VT-x secured hypervisor rather than a standard Linux container. A brief introduction of Clear Containers will be provided, followed by an overview of CNM networking plugins which have been created to enhance network connectivity using Clear Containers. More specifically, we will give an overview of DPDK, OVS, VPP and SRIO-V, followed by demonstrations of using OVS-DPDK, VPP and SRIO-v based networks to connect Clear Containers.

Jul 12, 2017
CNPDX July: Bear Metal, Bare ARMs and Kubernetes Anniversary
World Trade Center

First, Happy Kubernetes Birthday! This will be our Kube Birthday meetup, so we'll have cake.

We'll also be having a "installing/running Kubernetes on Bare Metal" extravaganza. This will include:

  • Ryan Moe of IBM talking about running Kubernetes on his Raspberry Pi Cluster;

  • An ARM64 box from the ARM consortium, set up for testing Kube on ARM64

  • Josh Berkus's x86 Microcluster, and a demo for installing kubeadm in containers

If you have semi-portable hardware to install Kubernetes on, with any architecture, please let us know in the comments and bring it along.

Please RSVP on if you are able to.

Sep 6, 2017
nginx.conf 2017
through The Nines Hotel

nginx.conf is an annual conference for technical professionals who are passionate about modern application development and delivery.

This three-day conference will bring together users and customers alike for hands-on learning, direct access to NGINX experts, and thought-provoking presentations about best practices and techniques in application architecture and infrastructure, including microservices, DevOps, cloud, and containers.

Sep 7, 2017
Intel Builders Developer Summit
Hilton Portland and Executive Tower

Please join us for the Intel Builders Developer Summit, where you'll hear directly from Intel architects and engineers on topics spanning the data center, from cloud and fabric, to network and storage. The Summit's full-day agenda will deliver technical presentations and deep dives into Intel and industry standard technologies as well as showcase demos highlighting technology from the sessions.

Sessions include:
- Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Platform Architecture Deep Dive
- Intel Hardware Root of Trust Attestation Solution with One Touch Activation
- Network Services Benchmark: Set up, Configuration and VNF Optimization with OPNFV
- Platform Optimization, Cache Coherency and DPDK
- SPDK and Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (Intel® ISA-L) - Overview and Roadmap Update
- Deep Dive on Blob Store and Logical Volumes
- Designing Intel® Omni-Path Architecture into Your Cluster
- Optimizing Software Solutions for Intel Omni-Path Architecture

This event is free, but spaces are limited.

Oct 12, 2017
Nike Tech Talks
Nike Decathlon Club Cafe

Join Nike Digital for the next event in our Nike Tech Talks series on Thursday, October 12th from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM in the Nike Decathlon Club Cafe. 

Brandon Philips, CTO at CoreOS, will be giving a talk titled, Production Backbone: Monitoring Containerized Applications. 

Food and beverages will be served and there will be time to network before and after the talk. Learn more about the talks and RSVP today!

Questions? Contact: [email protected]  

Nov 8, 2017
CNPDX November: Kubernetes Networking and Calico

Christopher Liljenstolpe of Tigera will be giving us a primer on Kubernetes networking, followed by showing the current features and advantages of Project Calico, a container networking tool.

This meetup is hosted by RADAR, who will also be providing refreshments.

Feb 20, 2018
CNPDX Feb: Deploying ElasticSearch with Helm

Have you been wondering how to deploy multi-pod, multi-software applications on Kubernetes? This is what Helm is for! Come watch Scott Sumner of CoreOS demonstrate deploying a full data collection & search platform including Elastic Search, Kibana and Fluentd using Helm.

This event is in coordination with the Helm Summit (, and the meetup is sponsored by CoreOS (

This meetup is hosted by Puppet Labs (

PLEASE RSVP ON THE MEETUP PAGE IF YOU CAN so that we can get an accurate headcount. Thanks!

Mar 27, 2018
CNPDX March: Continuous Container Testing (and 1.10)
Park Square Office Building, 100 SW Market St, Portland, OR

Please RSVP on if you can, so that we can get a headcount for ordering food!

Kubernetes 1.10 will release (hopefully) on the 26th. So, first, Josh Berkus of the Kubernetes 1.10 Release Team will be presenting "What's in 1.10?" including Advanced Auditing, CronJobs, Dynamic Kubelet Configuration, Persistent Volume Protection, and more.

Next, Dan Anolik will present "Continuous Testing of Containers". He works at Cambia Health Solutions where his team containerizes everything, including the API tests for every service container. He'll demonstrate their solution for automated testing of containers during CI/CD workflows, and again later in runtime clusters. Dan's team makes strong use of Cucumber for API tests, and Docker Compose for managing our mock environments, but the techniques would work across multiple frameworks.

Food and drinks hosted by Cambia Health:

Apr 26, 2018
CNPDX April: Container Security & KataContainers

This event is listed on Meetup, please RSVP there if you can:

First, Chris Foster will share his tips for Security Docker on the Cheap. Better Docker security doesn't have to use expensive tools to achieve. Following a few security practices and using DE built-in features, along with some free, open source tools, can significantly raise the standard. We'll take a look at some things that can bring higher security without breaking the budget.

Next, Eric Ernst will demo KataContainers, a way to combine hardware virtualization with Kubernetes containers for more isolated, secure services without sacrificing startup times. In this talk he'll provide some background on the Kata Containers project and describe how Kata Containers works with CRI-O and Kubernetes. Then, he'll walk you through creating a K8S configuration which uses a mix of runc and Kata containers to secure workloads with varying levels of trust.

May 17, 2018
CNPDX May: Service Mesh and Service Broker
WeWork Pioneer Place

RSVP Required see RSVP instructions below!

May is all about SERVICES! Particularly, Service Meshes and the Open Service Broker.

First Talk: An introduction to Conduit, the Rust-based service mesh for Kubernetes

The creators of the CNCF-hosted Linkerd service mesh, Buoyant, recently introduced Conduit--a new, ultralight service mesh made explicitly for Kubernetes. In this talk, Buoyant engineer Carl Lerche will introduce you to Conduit, its design philosophy, how it’s used to add reliability, security, and visibility to Kubernetes applications, our motivations for writing the Conduit data plane in Rust, and how to get involved.

Second Talk: Stateful is Hard: Hooking Apps up to Managed DBs

Kubernetes lets us write crazy-powerful apps these days, and all three clouds will host it for you in some shape or form now. The result is that our apps are mostly portable, but there's more work to do in this space. Aaron Schlesinger of the Microsoft Azure Containers group explains.

Databases are hard to maintain if you run them in Kubernetes. Same with pub/sub systems, or any combination of stateful and data really. Sometimes we just want to hook our apps up to the cloud equivalents of these things, so we don't have to manage them. How do we do that in a portable way? Enter the Open Service Broker (OSB) API and Kubernetes Service Catalog.

Learn how to connect your apps to all your favorite cloud services without ever opening the portal or using the CLI. It's the same OSB API for all the clouds, and the same Kubernetes Service Catalog resources for any cluster. We're getting to a place where you can get the services you need without caring what cloud your app runs on.

RSVP Required for this venue. Either RSVP via (preferred), or send email to josh(at)berkus(dot)org with your full name that matches your ID. All RSVPs must be received by 4pm May 16th.

Jun 20, 2018
CNPDX June: Oauth All The Things

Please RSVP to this event via if you have an account there!

For June's meetup, we're talking about a technology/API that everyone designing microservices will need to deal with sooner or later: OAuth. Or speaker is Aaron Parecki of Okta.

"The OAuth 2.0 authorization framework has become the industry standard in providing secure access to web APIs. OAuth allows users to grant external applications access to their data, such as profile data, photos, and email, without compromising security. However, OAuth can be intimidating when first starting out. In this talk, Aaron Parecki will break down the various OAuth workflows and provide a simplified overview of the framework, highlighting a few typical use cases."

We will also have a brief update on what's coming in Kubernetes 1.11, by Josh Berkus of Red Hat.

This meetup is hosted and sponsored by Mozilla!

Jul 7, 2018
Want to know how Microservices is a Game-changer?
TVF&R Station 67

Join us online for desktop or mobile at

Sean Canton shares will share his vast experience with Microservices.

Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.

Aug 2, 2018
CNPDX Early August: Orchestrators -- Helm and Nomad
Cambia Health Solutions 1621 SW First Avenue Portland, OR 97201

PLEASE RSVP on Meetup if you have an account

For J̶u̶l̶y̶ early August, we will be having two different orchestration tools presented!

Mike Petersen of IBM will take you through the basics of deploying a multi-container service on Kubernetes using Helm. Helm is an application manager that helps you compose, manage, and deploy containerized applications.

Christie Koehler of HashiCorp will present Nomad, a general purpose cluster scheduler that can be used to build a multi-regional runtime environment for a diverse set of workloads including non-containerized applications.

Aug 9, 2018
Nike Tech Talks
Nike Decathlon Club Cafe

Join Alice Goldfuss, Site Reliability Engineer, at the next Nike Tech Talks on August 9. Alice will give a talk titled, The Container Operator’s Manual.

Enjoy snacks and beverages, as you network with fellow tech enthusiasts before and after the talk.

Lean more about the talk and RSVP at:

Aug 22, 2018
CNPDX Late August: Ballernia & Metaparticle

Building and Integrating Microservices using Ballerina, Istio, and Metaparticle

Speaker: Kasun Indrasiri of

When realizing cloud-native architecture, the integration of the microservices is becoming really challenging. In this talk we will discuss some of the cutting-edge technologies that are designed for integrating microservices, independently deploying the services along with CICD and make them resilient using a service mesh.

We will cover a stack of tools to address this problem, including Ballerina (a cloud-native programming language), Metaparticle, and the Istio Service Mesh, and demonstrate how all these work together. Along the way we will discuss the problems of integration in more depth, show you some of the Ballerina language, and share some integration patterns. a Docker/Kubernetes extensions.

This meetup is hosted by Cloudability, and sponsored by

Sep 25, 2018
CNPDX Sept: Cloud-Native Databases with TiDB

For an opening act, CNPDX organizer Josh Berkus will demo a walk-through of deploying high availability PostgreSQL as an application on Kubernetes.

Our main event will be:

Deploying TiDB, a distributed open-source MySQL-Compatible HTAP Database, using Kubernetes

This talk will introduce TiDB's architecture, key use cases, a user story with Mobike (one of the largest bikesharing platforms in the world), and a deep-dive into deploying TiDB as a stateful application using Kubernetes. TiDB is built by the company PingCAP and its open-source community.

Speakers: Ed Huang (co-founder/CTO of PingCAP), Kevin Xu (GM of U.S. at PingCAP)

As a special bonus for this meetup, TiDB will hold a business card raffle for a Google Home Mini at the end of the presentation.

Our meetup host this month will be software maker Eleven.

PLEASE RSVP on if you can, so that we can get a headcount for food.

Oct 11, 2018
CNPDX October: Compliance & Configuration
New Relic - 111 SW 5th Ave #2700, Portland, OR 97204

For October, we will have presentations on:

  • How New Relic manages configuration with Kubernetes
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliance on Kubernetes

Please join us! RSVP on if you have an account.

Nov 10, 2018
Learn Linux, You Must! What's Your Flavor?
Portland Community Church

Did you know Linux dominates the vast majority of web servers? It's an essential skill to learn if your an administrator, developer, or architect.

I'll share a demo of installing, setting up a filesystem, managing a firewall, run a hypervisor, and share the basic admin commands. If we have time we can include a discussion on Linux containers.

If you would like to join the discussion check us out on Zoom If you want to listen, we're also on Facebook Live

Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.

Dec 15, 2018
Kaggle and Kubernetes topics. You Don't Want To Miss It!
Portland Community Church

Join us for two demos on a Kaggle project and Kubernetes. Michael Wild will be sharing how he's delivering all the gifts to the children this holiday season. Garrett Broughton will share his past month deploying Kubernetes.

For more information on the Kaggle project visit

If you would like to join the discussion check us out on Zoom

Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.

Mar 21
CNPDX March: Container Observability & Troubleshooting

For March, we're going to the talking about how to troubleshoot your containerized applications in production!

Alex Lawrence of Sysdig will present a use-case driven demonstration on container visibility, troubleshooting and run-time security monitoring with the Sysdig open source tools (Sysdig, Sysdig Inspect, and Falco). Learn how containers work under the hood and how to fix them when they break.

Sizzle Pie pizza supplied by Mozilla, our venue host.

Please RSVP on Meetup if you have an account, so that we have a headcount for food ordering!