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Portland State Business Accelerator Mt. Hood room

2828 SW Corbett Street
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    May 4 2016
    Portland State Business Accelerator 12th Annual Company Showcase

    Come see over 25 startups and entrepreneurs that are driving innovation in Oregon. Hear a keynote from Eric Winquist of Jama Software.

  • Monday
    Feb 15 2016
    CoreOS + Techno-Activism 3rd Monday

    Join us on Monday, February 15th for a joint CoreOS and Techno-Activism 3rd Monday meetup. We'll have two knowledgable CoreOS presenters, Alex Crawford and Matthew Garrett, as well as lots of tasty food! Come learn about security and CoreOS.

    6:00 pm

    Food, Drink, Networking

    6:30 pm

    New Ways to Deploy and Manage Applications at Scale

    Alex Crawford, software developer at CoreOS

    The last decade belonged to virtual machines and the next one belongs to containers. CoreOS is a new Linux distribution designed specifically for application containers and running them at scale. This talk will examine all the major components of CoreOS (etcd, fleet, docker, systemd) and how these components work together.

    7:15 pm

    Protecting Laptops Against High-Level Adversaries

    Matthew Garrett, principal security software engineer at CoreOS

    You’ve left your laptop in your hotel room. You come back, turn it on and type in your disk encryption passphrase. And, just like that, you've granted access to all your private data to the person who slipped in with a USB stick while you were out.

    This isn't a hypothetical case. We've seen companies selling tools that are intended to bypass disk encryption by simply modifying the boot process and waiting for the user to type in their decryption key. It's a worrying situation, but it's one that we can protect users against.

    This presentation will describe how some of the same techniques used to protect servers can be used to verify the state of laptops. It'll demonstrate the use of a novel but straightforward piece of software that allows users to use widely deployed hardware to let users check the security of their system at a glance. And it'll talk about why you still need to be afraid of a smaller set of really scary people.



    Interested in speaking at a CoreOS meetup or hosting a future event? Please reach out to marketing at coreos.com to discuss!

  • Saturday
    Mar 7 2015
    Hackster Hardware Weekend
    Portland State Business Accelerator Mt. Hood room

    Ready to hack the future of hardware?

    The Hackster Hardware Weekend is a celebration of makers, open source hardware and the Hackster community across America. From Seattle to NYC and everything in between, we are hitting the road driving an original DeLorean DMC 12 to run the coolest Hackathon & Meetup series of the year, with loads of free hardware kits, amazing speakers, software freebies and great people.

    Best yet, you also get to hack our Time Machine. Update our DeLorean with the latest sensors, electronics, radios and data service. Make Doc Emmet Brown proud and #HackToTheFuture!

    What will you build with the DeLorean? Share your ideas on the DeLorean hacks page.

  • Monday
    Oct 28 2013
  • Tuesday
    Jun 25 2013
    TiE Mentor Meetup

    PSU semi-finalists from the Cleantech Challenge, an event run by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at PSU, will pitch their projects to a group of TiE mentors. Teams will network with mentors to find a match. The students will then work with the mentors throughout the summer. Sign up if you would like to be a mentor, meet TiE mentors or meet Cleantech students. Fees: Free Registration required: www.oregon.tie.org

    The teams represent a wide variety of disciplines - engineering students working with business students, and collaborations between faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates.

    The 2013 PSU Cleantech Challenge semi-finalists are:

    Simon Fowler, Graduate Student, Physics Emilio Molina, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Esteban Rodriquez-Ariza, Undergraduate Student, Chemistry Dr. Jun Jiao, Professor, Physics (A photocatalytic water purification system that uses a unique method of magnetic photocatalyst recycling to purify water of organiz contaminants- using only solar energy.)

    Anne Phillip, Recent PSU Alumna, Biology John Talik, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Matthew Stewart, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Taylor Rice, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering (A home aquaponics system that raises fish and vegetables together, utilizing a biofilter to recycle fish waste into plant fertilizer.)

    Haiyan Li, Ph.D Researcher, Physics Lester Lampert, Graduate Student, Applied Physics Dr. Jun Jiao, Professor, Physics and Mechanical & Materials Engineering (Antireflective and efficient spray-coating films using diatoms, a photosynthetic organism, to enhance the light-electrcity conversion efficiency of solar cells.)

    Emily Ediger, Undergraduate Student, Biology Megan Foley, Undergraduate Student, Biology Nick Simms, Undergraduate Student, Business (Natural pigments derived from microorganisms to synthesize dyes on a large scale in completely controlled environments.)

    Peter Dusicka, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Lightweight and corrosion-resistant buckling restrained braces, utilizing non-conventional construction materials, to protect buildings from earthquake damage.)

    Heber Miguel, Undergraduate Student, Business and Economics Michael Boros, Undergraduate Student, General Science (A fuel processor system that recycles waste oil into Clean Diesel Fuel.)

  • Wednesday
    Dec 12 2012
    Comic Rocket Game Night

    Hey, it's 12/12/12, and time for another evening of games with Comic Rocket! We've been doing this monthly since September and it's been awesome, so it's time to do it again!

    We're bringing our game libraries, including Risk, Blokus, Magic: The Gathering, Ricochet Robots, Order of the Stick, and many more games. Please bring anything you want to play too!

    We'll provide snacks and drinks. Last month people self-organized a group pizza order as well, and if you'd like to participate this month, you have the power. :-)

  • Wednesday
    Jul 18 2012
    Oregon Bioscience Association: Special Presentation on Non-Dilutive Funding

    Oregon Bioscience Association has a very special guest speaking on Non-Dilutive Funding, Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner, FreeMind Group from Boston. We would like to invite you to join us for a 1 hour presentation, and an opportunity to meet one on one with Mr. May-Ron afterward about NIH/DOD Funding Opportunities.

    When: July 18th, Presentation 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  Direct meetings to follow. To register for one on one meetings please email: [email protected]

    FreeMind is the largest consulting group of its kind whose goal is to assist its clients in maximizing their potential to secure funding from non-dilutive sources. Established in 1999, FreeMind's proven long-term strategic approach has garnered its clients, academics and Industry alike, over $1.5 Billion to date. Our expertise in applying for grants and contracts extends throughout every government mechanism open to funding the life sciences including all NIH Institutes, DOD, BARDA, etc., as well as private foundations. FreeMind's knowledgeable and experienced team of Analysts and Project Managers are dedicated to guiding its clients' non-dilutive funding efforts from identification of the most suitable opportunity through to submission and subsequent award. Our team of experts will assist in making non-dilutive funding a key tool in a long-term financial strategy.

  • Thursday
    May 24 2012
    R&D Tax Credits for Software and Biotech Companies

    The Research and Development Tax Credit – Benefits, Caveats, and Strategies

    Recently, The Fiscal Times identified the research and development tax credit as #8 of the 10 largest big corporate tax breaks*. Although over 17,000 companies claim this credit nationwide, 100 large multinationals receive over half of the 7+ billion dollars in savings each year. Find out what your company can do to receive the same level of benefit the Fortune 100 have been receiving for years.

    Many medical device, software, and biotech companies eligible to benefit handsomely from this credit have never applied for it, or are only receiving a small fraction of what they are eligible for. R&D credits reimburse the costs associated with a company’s breakthroughs, as well as the day-to-day activities that bring improvements in products, software, processes, profits, and productivity. The research and development credit was enacted to encourage innovation, and applies to activities throughout an organization – from conceptualization, prototyping and production, through testing and the planning of quality control.

    Specific coverage will include:

    Identifying qualifying activities throughout your company.

    Early stage companies - why it is never too early to claim the credit.

    How to effectively lower the cost of process improvement, product testing, patent applications, and other activities not commonly considered as R&D.

    Credits for contract manufacturing – the companies who design devices and create software aren’t the only ones eligible.

    Potential risks and strategies for getting the most out of the credit.

    Who should attend:

    CFO’s, controllers, in-house counsel, and others involved in financial management.

    Accountants and tax attorneys.

    Company owners, angel investors, venture capitalists, seed fund managers, and other investors looking to maximize their investment returns.

    Patent attorneys, operational consultants, Lean gurus, and test, and design firms interested in educating their clients on a credit that can effectively lower their service costs.