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Turn Your Idea Into Something Real With App Lab

707 SW Washington St #1100, Portland, OR 97205
Portland, OR 97205, us (map)

Join us at NedSpace, a co-working space on the 11th floor of the Union Bank building in downtown Portland.



At Alchemy Code Lab, we strive to cultivate more creativity, opportunity, and impact for everyone in our community through code. That’s why we’re excited to announce App Lab, a brand new consultancy program that combines the fresh talent of Alchemy grads with the seasoned skill of Alchemy mentors to bring the web & mobile application ideas of local entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits to life!

Do you have a vision for an app or a technology component of your business you’ve been unable to realize? The reality is that paying full price for an MVP or internal app has traditionally be cost-prohibitive -- and as a result, many ideas simply never get built.

Come learn about App Lab’s cost-effective approach to small-scale app development (think beauty school haircut or culinary institute dining, but for apps) and see if our consultancy is a good fit!

QUESTIONS? Email us: [email protected]