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Portland Accessibility and User Experience Meetup (PDXAUX) - Plain Language & Accessibility with Whitney & Katney

308 Southwest 2nd Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)

Access Notes

Use entrance on SW 2nd Ave and take the elevators on the right side to the second floor.

Note: CrowdCompass is our event host. Many of our past events have been at Puppet; this one will be in the same building, but at CrowdCompass. Review the accessibility information of the venue and let us know if you have questions! The event is located on the 2nd floor; use the elevators on the right when entering from 2nd Ave.



Plain Language is important for content creators, but it applies to UXers and developers, as well. At first glance, Plain Language is about making content more accessible to people with traumatic brain injury, cognitive impairments, dyslexia, etc. But Plain Language is about more than reaching people with medical disabilities. 

Plain Language is about getting your message through to people who aren’t good readers, people who need glasses but don’t have them for a variety of reasons, rushed readers who are skimming content on their mobile phones, etc. Committing to Plain Language means you are writing so that everybody has a fighting chance! 

Tonight we are joined remotely by national speaker, Whitney Quesenbery, and in person with Portland expert, Katney Bair, as they share their expertise. Join us and learn techniques for how to clarify your writing! 


• 6:00 gather/networking

• 6:30 presentation begins

• Katney will start us off by looking at what is Plain Language, exploring the business side and the numbers.

• Whitney will share her experience including usability testing with Plain Language. 

• 8:00 presentations wrap-up, time for Q&A and conversation

• 8-8:30 closing/networking

Katney Bair

Katney is the principal consultant at Pretty Plain, a communications company specializing in public information. Pretty Plain's communication services combine copywriting, graphic design and project management. Clients include government agencies, medical centers, health insurance companies, small businesses, public schools, universities and non-profit organizations. Katney’s deep experience in all areas of marketing and communications, along with her Plain Writing expertise, help her craft clear messaging that effectively reaches different groups across different platforms. 

Whitney Quesenbery

Whitney has written three books - A Web for Everyone, Storytelling for User Experience, and Global UX - to help practitioners keep users in mind throughout the creative process.  Whitney’s work in Plain Language started with the guide to the first LaserJet 4 and has continued through projects at organizations like the National Cancer Institute and The Open University in the UK. Now, most of her work aims to help voters understand how to participate in democracy from options for voting to making decisions about ballot choices. Maybe the right to understand is a civil right!

CrowdCompass is our event host, review their accessibility information and let us know if you have questions!