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Fast Tracking Data Mastery with Power BI

Microsoft Portland Office (Pearl District)
1414 NW Northrup St, Suite 900
Portland, OR 97209-2798, US (map)

This event is FREE and breakfast is included.



Data is changing everything, including what it takes to win in business. Are you ready? Are you savvy about your data? If not, you're not alone. The roadblocks are formidable: too much data from too many sources; not enough data understanding on the business side; low quality data or incomprehensible data; limited analysis tool sets.

What does it take to master your data? What does that look like and how do you get there as painlessly as possible? Why is Power BI such a smart way to go?

Join CSG Pro to look at a new paradigm for building your organizational data expertise. We'll talk technology and tools, but we'll be focused on strategy.

• Learn what skill base you need

• Learn what management commitment looks like

• Learn why (and how) Power BI is a fast track way to get there

• Understand how to start small for a big payout

This seminar is geared toward director, VP and C level executives who think strategically about their businesses data.

If you're a data steward or analyst, this would be a great event to bring your boss to. We show the value of these new powerful business analytics tools.

Please register via the website link. (FREE, and Breakfast is included)

About the presenter, CSG Pro:

CSG Pro specializes in building custom business software and interactive tools that allow you to collaborate and connect with colleagues, customers and vendors. Based in Portland, Oregon and maintaining a presence in Boise, Idaho, CSG Pro has served leading companies and public agencies since 1993.