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Palm Pre Development Workshop



Join us on Saturday the 5th for the Portland Pre Development Workshop. Everyone is welcome to attend, no prior programming experience is needed.

  What is a Pre?
  The Pre refers to the Palm Pre, a new competitor in the Smartphone market.

  Why develop for the Pre?
  The pre offers a simple but comprehensive SDK that is easy to build on but is also powerful. The Pre has a flourishing open source community.

  Why is the Pre so good?
  There are many reasons why the Pre is a good development platform. The big reason is potential. While the SDK only allows web coding with additional API's, the core of the system is Linux, which already has a large community.

  What do I need for a Pre Development Workshop?
  Please bring a laptop with the SDK already installed.

  The SDK can be downloaded from http://developer.palm.com

  I also recommend installing the eclipse platform with the Mojo plug-in. Instructions can be found here: http://developer.palm.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1639

  Why only six tickets?
  The space we are using at Souk has space for six people. If tickets sell out, then we will add more tickets.

  Contact Jordan Gensler (@kesne) for more information.