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OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI), Wilson Clark Center

20000 Nw Walker Rd
Beaverton, OR 97006, US (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 10 2009
    Sketch to Launch: Navigating a Successful Path to Commercialization

    Examining the critical relationship between advanced technology and a viable market opportunity, Michael Baker, Managing Partner, and Brenda Edin, Business Development Director, of Baker Group, LLP, will share valuable insight regarding the process of taking an innovative idea to the marketplace. With a special emphasis on the funding process and investor relations, they will cover topics including the utilization of expertise, advancing and protecting technology, developing a strong business case and finding the right financial partner.

    Drawing from their entrepreneurial experience with Home Dialysis Plus and Axis Medical, they will highlight critical points in each phase of the Sketch to Launch cycle. Audience members will learn about:

    * Technical development: Critical examination of a concept or technology
    * Market viability: Finding the right application for your innovation
    * Financial issues: Building a strong business case and understanding how to make a profit
    * Legal considerations: Positioning and protecting the company and its assets
    * Funding process: How to prepare and present to potential investors
  • Wednesday
    Feb 25 2009
    IEEE PACE: Recession Proof Yourself


    The information in this presentation is based on personal experience from conducting one on one career coaching and delivering seminars to both employers and employees. During three years Elizabeth Lions met with over 3,000 hiring managers and interviewed hundreds of high tech candidates, many of them with engineering or science skill sets. Her background is in psychology with a strong focus in Organizational Development.

    A major finding uncovered was that the unemployed all shared a common fear of being out of work for a period of time. Some struggled with finding a new job, or they didn�t know how to write their resume because they had been employed in their last job for many years. Some suffered with the difficulty of going through the interview process and were uncomfortable selling themselves in front of a manager. All expressed having low confidence from being out of work, which compounded the ability to find the new job.

    During this presentation, you will learn how to tell if your position is in jeopardy and will learn practical steps on how to find your next opportunity, how to write a resume and how to get through the interview process with confidence.

    Speaker Bio:

    Elizabeth Lions studied psychology at the University of Maine. With a strong background in recruiting, negotiating and counseling, Elizabeth started her own consulting business as a career coach nearly 8 years ago. During the first three years she met with over 3,000 hiring managers. Her belief is that all people should be able to attain 'right work' or the ability to get paid for your gifts. Her clients are typically engineers or scientists who need assistance marketing themselves and finding jobs that maximize their talents. Elizabeth has had the privilege of staffing and working with the leaders of Intel, Welch Allyn Protocol, Mentor Graphics, InFocus and FLIR. She has been a contributing member of IEEE and of the IEEE-USA Career and Workforce Policy Committee and has published 9 articles in the IEEE-USA Today's Engineer. In 2008 she finished her first book, which is a compilation of her teachings and in 2009 she will begin conducting career workshops for Gen Y. When she's not writing or speaking, Elizabeth can be found with her husband on the back of their custom motorcycle.

  • Tuesday
    Feb 24 2009
    IEEE RAS: Industrial Vision Applications
    * Introduction to Olympus Controls and the Cognex Insight Smart Camera.
    * Constructing vision solutions with the EasyBuilder application.
    * Example selections of optimal optics, lighting, and vision tools.
    * Interfacing to industrial robots and PLCs.

    Speaker Bios:

    Jason McDaniel has been an automation engineer with Olympus Controls since 1998. He has a BSME from Washington State University and an MBA from Portland State University.

    Bruce Hagerty has been an automation engineer with Olympus Controls since 2004 and has a BSME from Lehigh University.

    Paul Woodhouse has been an automation specialist (motion control, vision, and robotics integration) with Olympus Controls since 2002.

    Free and open to the public.

  • Thursday
    Feb 19 2009
    Professional Technology Career Fair

    Professional Technology Career Fair Sponsored by: Software Association of Oregon - IEEE - OHSU - Pacific NW Tech

    When: Thursday, February 19, 2009, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

    Where: OHSU School of Science and Engineering Wilson Clark Center 20000 NW Walker Road Beaverton, OR 97006

    This career fair is an open forum in which NW technology companies, entrepreneurs, and small to medium business owners are seeking experienced professionals to fill hundreds of their jobs.

    IEEE Oregon Section, OHSU-OGI, and the Software Association of Oregon are co-sponsoring this high-tech career fair.

    The Fair is FREE to professionals who are seeking jobs.

    Employers and career seekers for information visit us online at: www.pacificnwtech.org

  • Tuesday
    Jan 27 2009
    IEEE PACE: Why Now may be the Time to Develop Overseas Markets

    This PACE meeting of the Oregon Section will discuss:

    1. Why exporting is important.
    2. The basics of international business.
    3. Where to go for help -- with a focus on the Oregon's trade services group.


    As large as the global economic meltdown is, it won't significantly change the dynamics of an even larger economic trend -- the development of emerging economies and the waning share of the U.S. market relative to the rest of the world. It is clearer than ever that businesses must go global to follow market trends.

    Despite tough economic times, one small Oregon company is about to open its first European office. Another has increased its sales 75% with the help of a contract in Saudi Arabia. Still another company has just returned from a trade show in Germany with several new distributors signed.

    The benefits from increasing international presence include growth opportunities, market diversification, and increased competitiveness. Despite the benefits, we still encounter resistance to overseas marketing. A sale abroad will cost more, take more time and involve more risk than a domestic transaction. Fortunately, a host of resources are available to help businesses overcome these challenges.

    This presentation will go over some of the reasons for going global, review some trends in global trade, and go over some of the resources available from state and federal governments to help businesses increase their revenue through exporting.

    Speaker Bio:

    Tom DiCorcia is an International Trade Officer at the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department. Tom helps Oregon businesses in high technology and biosciences sell more products overseas through consultation, market research, and industry-focused trade missions.

    Prior to moving to Oregon, Tom was Asia Pacific marketing director at Arbortext - a Norwest VC funded software firm that was acquired by PTC in 2005. Working from Tokyo, Tom managed a network of resellers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Before Arbortext, Tom held product marketing positions with Fuji Xerox, Xerox and Hewlett-Packard.

    Tom has an engineering degree from Stanford, an MBA in marketing/international business from NYU, and is completing a master's of engineering degree from Michigan. Tom has studied at Bocconi University in Milan and has lived in Asia for extended periods. He speaks Japanese and Italian.

  • Thursday
    Nov 13 2008
    SPIN Seminar: Culture, Structure, and Politics

    This is a FREE event sponsored by Rose City Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) and the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC). To register for this seminar, please check the box in the upper left hand corner of this Web page. Since there is no cost, you will NOT have to provide credit card information. Software process improvement efforts often focus on the common methods of process assessment, redesign, development, and deployment. Often overlooked - or, perhaps more accurately, not openly discussed - are the cultural, structural, and political forces that can have a significant impact on the success of the process improvement effort. These elements - culture, structure, and politics - can be modeled as the fundamental components of an integrated, interdependent system that, in effect, represents or surrounds the working environment.

    This presentation offers a conceptual overview of the cultural, structural, political (CuSP) model, with a deeper examination of the cultural aspects. A selection of thinking tools are provided that can be used to gain a deeper level of understanding of the cultural forces inherent in the working environment. Greater understanding leads to an improved ability to detect, manage, and influence the direction of these forces to better enable and drive software process improvement. The audience is encouraged to participate, so feel free to come prepared with questions that you have on culture within your team, your organization, or the software development community.

    Speaker Bio:

    Alfredo Zangara works with the Learning Solutions Team within the Corporate Platform Office at Intel Corporation. His current area of focus is in the development and delivery of structured learning solutions for project information management systems, with an emphasis on risk management methodology and risk information management. Prior to joining Intel four years ago, Alfredo held a variety of management and engineering support positions at Hewlett-Packard Company over a span of fourteen years. Alfredo is a certified Project Management Professional and active member of the Project Management Institute.

    How to Register

    This is a FREE lecture sponsored by the Rose City SPIN. To register, please click on the box in the left hand corner at the top of this page. Since there is no cost, you will NOT have to provide credit card information.

    The seminar will be held in the dining room of the Wilson Clark Center on the OGI campus. The Wilson Clark Center is Building #3 on the OGI Campus Map.

    Rose City SPIN

    The Rose City Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) is a monthly forum for networking, mutual support, and promotion of effective software practices. We exchange practical experiences, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and war stories about the technical, business, and human facets of software process improvement. The Rose City SPIN serves the software development community of the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Whether you work for a large company or a small one, corporate or self-employed, industrial or academic setting, you are welcome at the Rose City SPIN.

    Course Schedule and Information

    Instructor: As Noted Above
    Course Number: 09-SPIN-1113 Dates/Times: Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008; Networking 6:00-6:45 PM; Seminar 7:00 PM-8:00 PM Location: OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI), Wilson Clark Center (bldg. 3 on campus map), Dining Room Course Fee: $0 Course Includes: Free seminar and pizza This event is sponsored by the Rose City SPIN and the Center for Professional Development.

  • Tuesday
    Nov 11 2008
    OHSU Technology Commercialization Seminar: Reshaping Consumer Health Behavior Through Measurement and Tailored Advocacy

    This free seminar is sponsored by the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI), OHSU Division of Management, and the Oregon Bioscience Association. It is part of an ongoing series focusing on commercialization of health and bioscience research.

    To register for this seminar, please check the box in the upper left hand corner of this Web page. Since there is no cost, you will NOT have to provide credit card information.

    Consumers hold the keys to the healthcare kingdom. Whether one turns to data from the Centers for Disease Control, advocacy organizations such as the American Cancer Society or from published research in the New England Journal of Medicine, one finding resounds--more than 70% of what drives our health status is the result of the choices we make. Even when health is genetically predisposed there remain the choices we make to express this disposition. The Patient Activation Measure (PAM), developed by Dr. Judy Hibbard and colleagues at the University of Oregon, was designed to assess the quintessential and largely untapped dimension of self-management competency. Research worldwide has validated the measurement power of the PAM, and the ability to use the PAM and its related body of behavioral insights, to render care and support with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

    In this session Chris Delaney, CEO of Insignia Health, will discuss the Patient Activation Measure from its development in academia to its commercialization through the work of Insignia Health. Learn about the formation of a company through the support of technology transfer at the University of Oregon, the development of a product portfolio designed to activate consumers in their health, and the growth of a company whose clients now include more than 30 leading organizations, including Johns Hopkins Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, OHSU/Health Future, Providence, AstraZeneca and CareOregon.

    Speaker Bio

    Chris Delaney is the Chief Executive of Insignia Health, a Portland based company founded in 2006 through the technology transfer from the University of Oregon of the Patient Activation Measure and related intellectual property. Prior to Insignia, Chris was part of the founding group and Chief Marketing Officer for Definity Health. Definity, which was acquired by United HealthGroup at the close of 2004, pioneered account based HSA and HRA health benefit designs, as well as a number of Web innovations, including data-driven personalized messaging and cost and quality transparency.

    After leaving Definity in February, 2005, Chris became a founding partner of the Sequoi Group, a consultancy specializing in consumer-driven healthcare and the emerging role of the consumer across the healthcare system. Sequoi worked with a host of Fortune 500 companies to develop capabilities supportive of greater consumer engagement in their health. Chris has served as an advisor to various healthcare companies, including Healthline, a pioneer in medically-guided Internet search and information therapy.

    Prior to Definity, Chris spent 12 years in executive level brand management positions with The Pillsbury Company, Health Valley Foods, and Dreyer's & Edy's Grand Ice Cream. Chris and his teams developed dozens of leading brands under the Pillsbury, Green Giant, Health Valley, Starbucks, M&M and Godiva equities. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Occidental College.

    Course Schedule and Information

    Instructor: As Noted Above
    Course Number: 09-HCM-1111 Dates/Times: Tuesday, November 11, 6:00 PM Pizza, soft drinks, networking; 7:00 PM Presentation Location: Clark Center (building #3 on campus map) Course Fee: $0

  • Thursday
    Nov 6 2008
    Skills for the Agile Designer

    Agile designers need to quickly see the essence of a problem, shape reasonable solutions, and communicate effectively. When things don't exactly go according to plan, they must react, readjust their thinking, and try again. Seasoned agile designers strike a balance. They know the difference between core and revealing design tasks and plan accordingly. When unanticipated difficulties crop, they adapt their work rhythms. They know how to give and take criticism and ask clarifying questions of teammates and project stakeholders.


    At the end of this short course attendees should be able to:

    Identify problem frames (types) and use them to ask probing questions of their customers

    Write and share designer stories to kick off an iteration

    Use a common vocabulary for characterizing various aspects of a design

    Sort through designs tasks and identify their project impact

    Conduct a CRC card modeling session

    Recognize when a "wicked" problem crops up and how it affects project flow

    Effectively discuss issues and come to meaningful agreements

    Measure design progress and track technical debt

    Course Outline

    What makes a designer agile?

    Problem Frames: a tool for seeing typical patterns of software tasks

    A designer's story: a tool for seeing/communicating what's important

    Object Role Stereotypes: a tool for seeing object behaviors

    CRC card modeling basics and when a responsibility model can help

    Control centers and collaboration styles: a tool for shaping collaborations where "defensive" behavior is needed and specific tests are required

    Design problem types: A tool for balancing priorities

    Handling design criticism: What to do with valid, invalid, aesthetic, personal, judgmental criticism and praise

    Adding design topics to project retrospectives

    Course Schedule and Information

    Instructor: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
    Course Number: 09-SD-19 Dates/Times: Nov. 6, 2008; 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Location: OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI), Wilson Clark Bldg. (#3 on campus map), Room 407 Course Fee: $475 Course Includes:
    This course combines short presentations introducing new concepts and techniques with short, to-the-point exercises. In addition to course slides, attendees receive notes describing each technique, concept, or practice. Lunch and break refreshments.

  • Wednesday
    Oct 15 2008
    IEEE CCS: Next-Generation Broadband Networks

    This is a FREE lecture offered by the IEEE's Oregon & SW Washington Communications & Computer Society chapters and hosted by the OGI Center for Professional Development.

  • Thursday
    Sep 25 2008
    ABPMP: Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge

    ABPMP: Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge [09-ABPMP-0925]

    Date(s): 9/25/2008- 9/25/2008

    This seminar is sponsored by ABPMP. Although there is no charge for this seminar, we ask that you register by checking the box and clicking on the link of the upper right hand corner of this page. ABPMP's Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK)TM was released to the membership in February 2008. Our September meeting will provide a glimpse into the 9 Knowledge Areas that make up Business Process Management as defined in the CBOKTM, a look at a model BPM curriculum emerging in Universities and Colleges across North America and provide information about the Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP)TM certification.

    Speaker Bio:

    As Chair of the CBOKTM Maintenance Committee, Sandra Lusk is responsible for collecting feedback from the BPM community, leading the editorial committee and coordinating the approved changes for future releases. She is also a key contributor to the CBOKTM

    Association of Business Process Management Professionals

    The Association of Business Process Management Professionals is a non-profit, vendor independent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of business process management concepts and its practices. ABPMP is practitioner-oriented and practitioner-led. The mission of the ABPMP is to engage in activities that promote the practice of business process management, to develop a Common Body of Knowledge in this field, and to contribute to the advancement and skill development of professionals who work in this discipline.

    How to Register

    To register, please click on the box in the left hand corner at the top of this page. Since there is no cost, you will NOT have to provide credit card information.

    The seminar will be held in Room 407 in the Wilson Clark Center, on the OGI campus.

    The Wilson Clark Center is Building #3 on the OGI Campus Map.

    Course Schedule and Information

    Instructor: As Noted Above
    Course Number: 09-ABPMP-0925 Dates/Times: Thursday, Sep. 25, 6:00pm - 8:00pm (6:15-6:30pm networking; 6:30-7:30pm Presentation) Location: OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI), Wilson Clark Center (building #3 on campus map), Room 407 Course Fee: $0 Course Includes:
    6:15-6:30pm Networking 6:30-7:30pm Presentation 7:30-7:45pm QA

    It doesn't mention anything about pizza, though. Bogus.

  • Saturday
    Apr 12 2008
    PDX Webfoot

    Items and people already on the agenda and absolutely subject to change at this point:

    Topics: Safe Internet Browsing; Silverlight 2; Internet Explorer 8; XNA ; Adobe Flex/Air
    People: Scott Hanselman; Adam Kinney; Tim Heuer; Jason Mauer; Ryan Miller
    There will be good food (not pizza) and there will be games and activites for spouses and kids (think Rockband and Mindstorms, though I can't promise either of those yet).