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OHSU Technology Commercialization Seminar: Reshaping Consumer Health Behavior Through Measurement and Tailored Advocacy

OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI), Wilson Clark Center
20000 Nw Walker Rd
Beaverton, OR 97006, US (map)



This free seminar is sponsored by the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI), OHSU Division of Management, and the Oregon Bioscience Association. It is part of an ongoing series focusing on commercialization of health and bioscience research.

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Consumers hold the keys to the healthcare kingdom. Whether one turns to data from the Centers for Disease Control, advocacy organizations such as the American Cancer Society or from published research in the New England Journal of Medicine, one finding resounds--more than 70% of what drives our health status is the result of the choices we make. Even when health is genetically predisposed there remain the choices we make to express this disposition. The Patient Activation Measure (PAM), developed by Dr. Judy Hibbard and colleagues at the University of Oregon, was designed to assess the quintessential and largely untapped dimension of self-management competency. Research worldwide has validated the measurement power of the PAM, and the ability to use the PAM and its related body of behavioral insights, to render care and support with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

In this session Chris Delaney, CEO of Insignia Health, will discuss the Patient Activation Measure from its development in academia to its commercialization through the work of Insignia Health. Learn about the formation of a company through the support of technology transfer at the University of Oregon, the development of a product portfolio designed to activate consumers in their health, and the growth of a company whose clients now include more than 30 leading organizations, including Johns Hopkins Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, OHSU/Health Future, Providence, AstraZeneca and CareOregon.

Speaker Bio

Chris Delaney is the Chief Executive of Insignia Health, a Portland based company founded in 2006 through the technology transfer from the University of Oregon of the Patient Activation Measure and related intellectual property. Prior to Insignia, Chris was part of the founding group and Chief Marketing Officer for Definity Health. Definity, which was acquired by United HealthGroup at the close of 2004, pioneered account based HSA and HRA health benefit designs, as well as a number of Web innovations, including data-driven personalized messaging and cost and quality transparency.

After leaving Definity in February, 2005, Chris became a founding partner of the Sequoi Group, a consultancy specializing in consumer-driven healthcare and the emerging role of the consumer across the healthcare system. Sequoi worked with a host of Fortune 500 companies to develop capabilities supportive of greater consumer engagement in their health. Chris has served as an advisor to various healthcare companies, including Healthline, a pioneer in medically-guided Internet search and information therapy.

Prior to Definity, Chris spent 12 years in executive level brand management positions with The Pillsbury Company, Health Valley Foods, and Dreyer's & Edy's Grand Ice Cream. Chris and his teams developed dozens of leading brands under the Pillsbury, Green Giant, Health Valley, Starbucks, M&M and Godiva equities. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Occidental College.

Course Schedule and Information

Instructor: As Noted Above
Course Number: 09-HCM-1111 Dates/Times: Tuesday, November 11, 6:00 PM Pizza, soft drinks, networking; 7:00 PM Presentation Location: Clark Center (building #3 on campus map) Course Fee: $0