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Jul 8, 2009
Springboard Social Innovation Forum on the New Family-Forward Agenda
Urban Grind East

Our July Forum will offer an exciting shift in format. We get to participate in the launch of Family Forward, a new nonprofit focused on inspiring workplaces, communities, and policies that value families.

Did you know that motherhood is the single biggest predictor of poverty in old age? What does this say about our community’s priorities and values? Join us for an evening of thought-provoking discussion about the economics of family-raising, the crisis of care, and what we can do to set a new course in Oregon. We will hear from experienced leaders who are working for family forward change on a number of fronts: employment, parent activism, women’s leadership, state policy, and more. We will work together to develop a new vision for a Family Forward Oregon. Please join us! Date: Wednesday, July 8th Doors open at 5:30pm Forum 6-9pm Cost: $5 Location: Urban Grind East 2214 NE Oregon St.

Apr 13, 2013
Coders With Kids
Cafe au Play, SE Portland

We are an informal group of coders with kids! If you love to code and are also a parent we'd love to meet you and hack together. We use Ruby and JavaScript, but are open to all languages. My 3-year old boy will be attending, and we love Cafe au Play! If you are a parent and want to hack with other parents please attend this new family friendly event.

May 11, 2013
Coders with Kids
Cafe au Play, SE Portland

Parents in the tech industry get together with their kids and share conversation, ideas, and tech stories while their children run amok at a family-friendly venue.

Sep 14, 2013
Summer Coders' Social
Laurelhurst Park

This event is for local software developer user groups to get together for a potluck and to have a good time in the summer weather.

This will be a very casual geek event with outdoor activities, games and potluck so be sure to bring the whole family and any outdoor friendly games you'd like to share!

Please bring a dish or drinks if you are able to. See what others are bringing and add your own dish / drinks to the list:

Dec 12, 2013
Collective Agency Holiday Party
Collective Agency Downtown

There will be a holiday party at Collective Agency Thursday December 12th, from 5-8pm, for members, friends, co-workers, partners, families, and visitors.

Bring a food or drink item of your delight. Many members have kids -- kids are welcome too. Partners, spouses, family, and friends, co-workers...

This will be a social/non-work event in the big loft room.

Bring anybody you'd like, and especially bring yourself. (As with all after-hours events here, members who want to work during the event have unlimited access in conference rooms.)

Logistics: Visitors who've been here before or heard about us but haven't yet visited are welcome; bring a decorative or functional gift for the Collective Agency community (books, objects, technology, art), or a food or drink item.

To do: a party music playlist, visually warm/light/fun decorations, visuals to project onto our spinning disco ball, what else? Comment below to volunteer. Questions? Suggestions? Email Alex Linsker and Resh at [email protected] call (503) 517-6900 or write a comment below.

Website: RSVP: or email [email protected]

Aug 23, 2014
Summer Coder's Social: Asian Night Market Edition
Jade District Night Market

This event is for local software developer user groups to get together for a potluck and to have a good time in the summer weather.

This will be a very casual geek event with outdoor activities, games, socialization, and potluck(ish) so be sure to bring the whole family and any outdoor friendly games you'd like to share!

This year, let's go to the Jade district's new night market. There will be entertainment, shops, food, and people to meet and socialize with! We can have a potlucky type thing, though there will be food vendors there too.

Spreadsheet for organization:

Dec 11, 2014
Collective Agency Holiday Party!
Collective Agency Downtown

The holiday party will be December 11th, 5pm, at Collective Agency. This is traditionally the biggest member event of the year! It's for members, family and friends.

This will be a potluck style party. Please bring something (food and/or drink) you'd like to share with the community.

There will also be a White Elephant Gift Exchange lead by Dan. Bring an “embarrassing” gift to participate. Ideally something you already own, that you don't want to see yourself going home with, but that you want to see someone else going home with.

Website: RSVP: or email [email protected]

Mar 14, 2015
Portland PI Party
Portland Code School


  1. YOUR FAMILY! yes this event is for your entire family including children

  2. A pie for the pie baking contest. There will be 3 categories of judging: Visual Appeal, Sweet, Savory. So feel free to make any pie you'd like including Shepherds Pie or Pot Pie

  3. A Laptop to participate in some of our tech challenges

  4. A Story of your best use of math/pi/pie in your own technical journey


  1. Pizza! Thanks to Portland Code School

  2. Challenges: these include math or technical challenges and games for both children and adults. Who can recite the most digits of PI?

  3. Awards/Prizes: We currently have some of these available and are still interested in more sponsors. So if you or your company would like to sponsor a "Challenge" please contact alena(at)

This is designed to be a fun time to get out with people in the tech community in a completely different environment! If you have anything you would like to see or share, please contact alena(at)

OFFICIAL KICK OFF 9/14/15 9:26:53 of course ;)

Please let us know you're coming at

Jan 19, 2018
ArchaeologyFest Film Series: Best of 2017
through 5th Avenue Cinema

The best archaeology-related films in the world are coming to Portland for two weekends this January and you won’t want to miss it! Grab a friend, bring the family and head down to the Fifth Avenue Cinema for four evenings of fun and entertainment. For the final weekend, Jan 19th and 20th, films included in this mini-festival are the best and brightest from The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival 2017, annually held in Eugene, Oregon. This exciting event is a rare glimpse into international culture, language and heritage and its enriching for people from all walks of life. Films featured in this festival range from places such as India, Malaysia, France and more, so take a break from the rain and the mundane and come on down for some educational and family friendly fun. Tickets are $7 at the door

Jul 14, 2018
Robot Film Festival
McMenamins Mission Theater & Pub

The Robot Film Festival (RFF) is an annual celebration of robots on screen and in performance. The event features screenings of invited films and juried selections from open- call submissions, live performances by robot entertainers, and a red-carpet awards ceremony.

The eighth annual Robot Film Festival is themed VINTAGE ARCADE REVIVAL. What would the robots of today look like through the lens of 1980's technoptimists? Enter a technological storytelling time machine, and see the modern world through their eyes.

Event Schedule: 4pm Short Film Screenings 6pm Cocktail Party 8pm Botskers Award Cememony

Over the course of the festivities, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Pearl District; savor delicious locally-made food and beverages, appreciate robotic demonstrations and art exhibits, and discuss the richly varied and thematically curated screening sessions.

History: RFF was founded in New York City in 2011 with the mission of spreading positive storytelling about robotics. Since then, the Festival has expanded its influence with events in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. The event is produced by an interdisciplinary team of roboticists, filmmakers, and storytellers. Through these traveling screenings and its online video archives, RFF nurtures a community of creatives and engineers who explore, document, and invent the imaginative world of robotics.

May 19, 2021
Parents That Slay: Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Children
Internet/Online (registration required)

Join GA and SoGal this webinar for parents.

The pandemic is challenging for parents but also presents an opportunity to focus on and participate more in children’s development. Spending quality time with your children strengthens the relationship, and while adding another task to your new normal stay-at-home routine may seem daunting, there is both immediate and long-term payoff. You will likely notice changes in your child including being more affectionate with you, cooperating with your requests, and having fewer tantrums.

During this webinar, our experts will share tips and resources on how to find activity for strengthening relationship with your children.