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US Custom House / WeWork

220 NW 8th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Aug 16 2017
    pdxrlang meetup: aggregate - meet, greet, learn, collaborate

    Aggregate meetup No. 13! Everyone is welcome!

    We'll have pizza and drinks.


    • brief intro/R project or problem: We'll go around the room, each person talk about an R project they've been working on, or a data/data-science problem, or something they want to learn, etc.

    • After going around the room, anyone can share some code they've been working on and want help with / want feedback on. Make sure to have this ready before the meeting. Discuss here https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues/8

    • Before arriving, use the pdxrlang/aggregate GitHub repository to discuss ideas for things to work on at aggregate -https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues

    • Topics for the night so far:

    •  coming soon ...

    • Do bring your computer (if you have one) in case you want to work on something.

  • Wednesday
    May 3 2017
    Portland SaaS Founders - Customer Acquisition Strategies for SaaS

    US Custom House / WeWork

    Acquiring customers for our SaaS companies is arguably one of the most difficult challenges we face. We need to figure it out what works and what doesn't work, and we need to do it before the money runs out.

    In this Meetup we'll discuss:

    • The marketing strategies that are working for us, and the ones that didn't.

    • Lessons we learned taking our products to market.

    • Paid vs organic marketing channels: which ones are best for every stage of growth.

    • How we've identified our most profitable market segments and how we're providing value to them.

    • Social media, search engine marketing, PR and advertising. Pros and cons of each channel, and which ones are right for us.

    Coffee, tea and draft beer will be provided. Come hang out with other SaaS founders and share your story!