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Portland SaaS Founders - Developing high functioning software teams for SaaS

US Custom House / WeWork
220 NW 8th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)



We're all faced with the challenge of creating an awesome software product for our customers. A big part of this is having a highly functional software development team.  

In this Meetup we'll discuss:

• When to develop software in-house versus outsourcing or partnering with another software platform. Some SaaS companies utilize a mix of in-house and outsourced developers. We'll brainstorm various possible approaches.

• How do you train new developers?  What approaches have been successful and what has been a dismal failure? - Does it make sense to hire senior developers only or a mix of junior and senior developers?

• Team / project organization - Do you do daily standups? How do your organize sprints? How are deadlines established and by whom? Is your team in the same office or are some remote? What tools do you use (Slack, Trello, etc.)? With all of the bugs, feature requests, UI overhauls, when do you ship updates to the product?

• Communication and transparency - How do you speak to the rest of the team in a language everyone understands? Do you hold weekly/bi-weekly meetings to announce progress? How do you showcase new features to clients?

Coffee, tea and draft beer will be provided. Come hang out with other SaaS founders and share your story!

If there's more on this topic you would like to discuss, send us a message and we'll try and get it added to the agenda.