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pdxrlang meetup: aggregate - meet, greet, learn, collaborate

US Custom House / WeWork
220 NW 8th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)

Doors open about 615 - DON'T SHOW UP BEFORE 615 - we'll start at 630.

Enter on the 8th Ave. entrance where there's gates - The gates may be locked, but a security person will let you in. If you have any trouble message me in the meetup app, or on Twitter at @pdxrlang or @sckottie



Aggregate meetup No. 13! Everyone is welcome!

We'll have pizza and drinks.


• brief intro/R project or problem: We'll go around the room, each person talk about an R project they've been working on, or a data/data-science problem, or something they want to learn, etc.

• After going around the room, anyone can share some code they've been working on and want help with / want feedback on. Make sure to have this ready before the meeting. Discuss here https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues/8

• Before arriving, use the pdxrlang/aggregate GitHub repository to discuss ideas for things to work on at aggregate -https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues

• Topics for the night so far:

•  coming soon ...

• Do bring your computer (if you have one) in case you want to work on something.