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2420 Northeast Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

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  • Friday
    Jun 21 2019
    Simple X Mixer



    Portland's Black Community and allies


    Kary Youman is an Inspirational Speaker. Kary's conversation will focus on how to bounce back after life knocks you down. Open to community. About this Event Want to network with black professionals in Portland metro area? Do you want to get inspired and learn how to bounce back after life knocks you down? Are you looking for a fun community event with free beverages? This event is catered just for you.

    About our guest speaker:

    Kary Youman was just 12 years old when he learned that the man he called his father was not his biological father. Fast forward to age 37, Kary found out that his biological father is Robert Palmer, a Grammy nominated song writer.

    On June 7th, Robert flew in from Arizona to meet with Kary for the first time. "The only thing that came to mind was gratitude," says Youman.

    On June 21, Kary will share his inspiring story about humanity, healing, and bouncing back when life knocks you down.

    This Event is for Black Professionals and Allies

    Note: Limited Seating. Get your ticket before it's too late!

    Tickets are based on free will donation which makes it possible for us to host these mixers. Thank you so much for your support!

    KGW8 -TV covered the story of Kary meeting his father for the first time. Watch the interview here: After cliffhanger Tedx Portland talk, Kary Youman finally meets his biological father

    Watch Kary Youman at TedX Portland.

    Event hosted by: Hatch Innovation.

    Beer sponsored by: Lagunitas Brewing.

  • Wednesday
    Mar 14 2018
    Workshop: Starting a Podcast


    Podcasting is one of the most accessible ways to build a brand and get your voice out to public.

    In this introductory course, Hatch Innovation's Channelsmith, Collin Gabriel, will help you understand the gear, software, and service options you will need to get your podcast off the ground. From low cost/no cost options to premium services, this will be a fast paced review of what it takes to establish your RSS stream on the channels available, obtain high quality sound, and the best options to conduct interviews remotely.

    Soon you will be entertaining earballs everywhere and adding to the diversity of voices that make podcasts such an awesome tool for learning.

    Bring: You should bring a laptop and a willingness to learn! You do not need to know anything about programming.

    Instructor: Collin Gabriel, Hatch Innovation's Channelsmith

  • Wednesday
    Aug 16 2017
    Skill Share: Advanced SEO Workshop. FREE.


    Skill Share: Advanced SEO Workshop A hands on workshop showing exactly what SEO professionals do to rank their client's websites every time!

    What People Will Learn: This skill share will be a combination of workshop and a Ask Me Anything session. Brie and Viola will cover the foundations of a good SEO strategy, keyword research and SEO optimized content creation.

    They will show you exactly what they do to help clients rank time after time. This is incredibly valuable information, distilled from 10 years SEO experience. They will work on a few of your sites during the presentation, so come and let them check your site The second part will be a Ask Me Anything, to answer your questions about SEO.

    Workflow: Use AdWords for finding keywords and monthly search volume Use MOZ keyword explorer to get domain authority Use Agency Analytics for getting ranking data and URLs Use Excel like an SEO professional Analyze data to create informed keyword research How to implement this keyword research into SEO optimized content strategy

  • Wednesday
    Jun 14 2017
    How Does the Internet Work?


    Frontend, Backend, DevOps! Server-side rendering! SSL and HTTPS and SQL injection?! What the heck does all this jargon actually mean? If you're in a leadership position and you need to fill a tech role, it can be hard to know up from down. If your software engineer tells you to pay for an expensive service "for security reasons", how do you know whether its worth your money?

    In this workshop, we'll answer the question "how does the internet work" from a Helicopter's perspective. You don't need any programming skills to attend, but be sure to come with questions! By the end, you'll understand the following concepts and how they fit together:

    • The difference between websites, apps, and servers
    • Cybersecurity hygeine (and how to avoid being hacked)
    • Common software developer job descriptions
    • Basics of computer programming (bring a laptop if you want!)

    Tickets: Free for Hatch Members, $20 for non members

    Workshop Leader: Finn Terdal, Technology Manager at Hatch

  • Saturday
    Feb 13 2016
    Align your Investments with your Values!


    Global finance is an opaque landscape for individual investors. All too often, our investments can end up tied to socially and environmentally harmful industries, without our knowledge. How can we empower ourselves to act in this sphere, and direct our money toward profitable, progressive businesses?

    If you long to operate with integrity in all parts of your life but feel underequipped or bewildered by the idea of aligning your investments with your values, this workshop is a chance to learn essential portfolio management skills and link your financial resources with local resilience.

    In this safe, supportive and constructive workshop you will:

    Learn the terminology you need to speak confidently with your financial advisors
    Learn basic portfolio management tools so you can analyze your own financial profile and needs
    Clarify your personal values and connect them with your investments
    Determine what portion of your portfolio is prudent to allocate to local or direct investing
    Explore a list of potential investments based in OR and practice what you learned by assessing their risk, return and alignment with your values
    Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar quest!
  • Thursday
    Nov 19 2015
    Social Entrepreneurs Meetup - PDX


    A monthly networking event for social entrepreneurs. We always have a good mix of entrepreneurs, creative, and technical people interested in joining forces to solve a wide-range of social and environmental issues.

    We do a fun speed networking event in groups of three so everyone gets to meet at least ten others in relaxed and fun environment.

  • Thursday
    Sep 10 2015
    Release Party for Oregon's Entrepreneur Rockstars!


    The history making continues: celebrate Oregonians investing in Oregon business! Invest in Oregon!

    Our own Hatch Lab hosts the official tour kick-off for the 2015 Hatch Oregon Rockstar Entrepreneur Tour, which continues across Oregon!. Meet the first & the very latest Hatch Oregon CPO (community public offering) businesses and see what they have in store for the future.

    Enjoy music, special guest speakers, and a taste of Oregon’s finest with local food and drink refreshments. Most importantly, meet the CPO companies you can be among the first to invest in directly!

  • Thursday
    Aug 20 2015
    Social Entrepreneurs Meetup - PDX


    Networking with a Speed Dating Twist. We get into groups of three, share our stories, ask for help, offer our help, and generally have a great time. Each person get five minutes and then in fifteen minutes we change seats and meet new people. The process repeats for or five times and people hang out at the end if they want to learn more about anyone they met.

    We serve cold drinks and snacks.

    Cost is only $5.00.

  • Wednesday
    Mar 18 2015
    Learn to Evaluate (and Improve) Your Workshop


    Successfully learning from our experiences (both good and bad) is tricky businesses. Evaluating and learning from our own talks, demo’s, and workshops can be a piece of cake, and this workshop will show you how! Learn tools of the trade for assessing any learning experience for depth of learning, audience engagement, and more. You’ll leave with another tool in your toolkit for learning design!

    You will... ...Learn how to evaluate on the fly during a presentation or workshop ...Learn how to create surveys and questions that accurately assess your workshop ...Learn how to incorporate feedback into your work for next time

  • Thursday
    Mar 12 2015
    WORKSHOP – Experience Lab Usability Clinic


    The Experience Lab team evaluates the usability of your website, product or prototype and recommend both quick fixes and the next best steps for development.

    We address 3-4 projects per clinic, so advance evaluation reservations are recommended.

    You can contact us about an upcoming session if you would like us to address your project. http://www.experiencelabpdx.com/

    Our Hatch workshops are not confidential: community members are invited to attend the discussions!

    This workshop is open to the public. Please RSVP here: http://www.hatchthefuture.org/calendar/workshop-experience-lab-usability-clinic-free/2015-03-12/

  • Wednesday
    Feb 18 2015
    Toolbox for Learning Design


    This interactive workshop will help you create your own toolbox for making learning experiences of any kind. Learn how to create takeaways (handouts, worksheets), amazing slide decks, emphasis with voice and tone, games, interactive group experiences, and more. Learning experiences aren’t just workshops – they’re panels, talks, demo’s, pitches, your business card and website… you name it. You’ll learn how to pull out the right tool at the right time to create a successful, engaging learning experience for any audience.

  • Wednesday
    Jan 21 2015
    Not Public Speaking: Facilitation 101


    Pitches. Workshops. Conferences. The dreaded "professional development" credits. Pretty much every time someone tries to teach us something, it's boring. That's because they're just talking.

    Learn how to stop talking and start actually teaching. The next workshop in this series on education design is all about learning the tools of the trade for facilitation, workshops, demo's, pitches, and every other learning experience you can think of. Learn how to own what you say and bring people into your product or service experience as customers!

    Jan. 21, 3-5pm @ Hatch on NE 24th and Sandy

    Free for Hatch members, $5-10 sliding scale for nonmembers

    RSVP here: (http://www.hatchthefuture.org/calendar/workshop-not-public-speaking-facilitating-101-5/)

    Some basics: Even if you’ve never taught before, don’t like public speaking, or hate to get up and talk, this workshop can help you reach your facilitation goals. Learn how a few simple tools can help you use educational workshops, demo’s, or other learning experiences to build your brand, business, and audience.

    You'll leave with a lot more than you came with, trust me. See you soon!

  • Thursday
    Jan 15 2015
    Social Entrepreneurs Meetup - PDX


    Every third Thursday we hold our main Meetup at Hatch. The primary theme of our group is: Social Entrepreneurs - PDX: How we help each other solve business and social problems.

    We consist of over 300 members of which 1/3 are business owners, or trying to start a business, 1/3 are freelancers that support small business, and 1/3 are folks with shared interests or who are networking.

    We plan to hear five or six five minute pitches from social entrepreneurs.

    Some nights we will hold Mastermind events where a specialist fields questions, other times we do Crowdsolving events where the attendees ask their questions or ask for help with a problem and the group provides feedback, ideas, connections, suggestions.

    Overall, we are a fascinating group of highly motivated changemakers. Hatch is a great co-working space, so if you have not been there, this is a good time to check it out.

    Cold beer and treats are always provided. Suggested Donation is $5 to $10

    I look forward to seeing you there. If you would like to speak (not really a pitch, just casual information) about a local social enterprise or know someone who would, please contact me. (contact info is above)

  • Wednesday
    Dec 17 2014
    Finding Your Niche - Workshop


    Do you really know your niche? It can be hard to figure out exactly who your real clients and customers are. It can be even harder to market to them. Knowing your niche doesn't have to be so hard! Learn how to really find out who your clients are, and how to teach to the right audience. This workshop is geared for business owners, nonprofit educators, marketers, and freelancers who want to use workshops, demo's, and other educational programming to help build growth and capacity.

    What you'll get:

    a clear understanding of who your audience is.

    a clear roadmap for teaching experiences that engage your audience

    a toolkit for designing experiences specifically for your audience

  • Thursday
    Aug 28 2014
    RolodexPDX Networking Event: Your Inner Game: Break Through Any Obstacle with Unshakable Confidence


    Join mission-driven, community-minded professionals for an evening of TED-style talks and purpose-driven networking at Hatch, a community social incubator in Portland.


    Your Inner Superhero: Uncover Superhuman Strength in Seconds: Learn the secrets to feeling strong, confident, and happy- quickly, naturally, and for free- using the power of your mind. with "Brain Coach Brad," Brad Pendergraft, LCSW

    Turn Lemons into Kickass Lemonade: Stories to Bounce Back from Anything: What if all of your challenges became your greatest triumphs? Discover how to make "kickass lemonade," from whatever lemons life hands you, so you can thrive no matter what, and inspire others to do the same. with Danielle Louise Ross, CPC

  • Sunday
    May 18 2014
    Hatch: Soup


    Hatch, a co-working and incubator space for social entrepreneurs, is hosting Soup, a quarterly dinner to fund projects that benefit your community.

    Have a good idea or know someone who does? Apply online by April 30th.

    Want to eat some soup with your friends and support good ideas? Attend the event on May 18th. $20 pre-sales, $25 at the door.

    More info at www.hatchthefuture.org/programs/hatch-soup. Send questions to [email protected].

  • Thursday
    Apr 17 2014
    Planning for Growth: Building a Successful Freelance Future


    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when building a freelance business, but it can also be an exciting and rewarding process. In this group workshop hosted by national non-profit the Freelancers Union (www.freelancersunion.org), you’ll outline what’s next for your business and start forging the path to achieving your personal and professional goals.

    Learn more and RSVP at the link!

  • Thursday
    Jan 30 2014
    Hatch Grand Opening


    Celebrate with us as Hatch officially opens for business! Community members, social entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, volunteers, and nonprofits are co-creating a community of change, and you’re invited. Program and tenant showcases set the stage for 2014 impact.