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Align your Investments with your Values!

2420 Northeast Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

In the Hatch Lab Conference Room



Global finance is an opaque landscape for individual investors. All too often, our investments can end up tied to socially and environmentally harmful industries, without our knowledge. How can we empower ourselves to act in this sphere, and direct our money toward profitable, progressive businesses?

If you long to operate with integrity in all parts of your life but feel underequipped or bewildered by the idea of aligning your investments with your values, this workshop is a chance to learn essential portfolio management skills and link your financial resources with local resilience.

In this safe, supportive and constructive workshop you will:

Learn the terminology you need to speak confidently with your financial advisors

Learn basic portfolio management tools so you can analyze your own financial profile and needs

Clarify your personal values and connect them with your investments

Determine what portion of your portfolio is prudent to allocate to local or direct investing

Explore a list of potential investments based in OR and practice what you learned by assessing their risk, return and alignment with your values

Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar quest!