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Skill Share: Advanced SEO Workshop. FREE.

2420 Northeast Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

The workshop will take place in HatchLab PDX's conference room.



Skill Share: Advanced SEO Workshop A hands on workshop showing exactly what SEO professionals do to rank their client's websites every time!

What People Will Learn: This skill share will be a combination of workshop and a Ask Me Anything session. Brie and Viola will cover the foundations of a good SEO strategy, keyword research and SEO optimized content creation.

They will show you exactly what they do to help clients rank time after time. This is incredibly valuable information, distilled from 10 years SEO experience. They will work on a few of your sites during the presentation, so come and let them check your site The second part will be a Ask Me Anything, to answer your questions about SEO.

Workflow: Use AdWords for finding keywords and monthly search volume Use MOZ keyword explorer to get domain authority Use Agency Analytics for getting ranking data and URLs Use Excel like an SEO professional Analyze data to create informed keyword research How to implement this keyword research into SEO optimized content strategy