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  • Tuesday
    Apr 28 2020
    COVID SURVIVAL: Leadership Out Loud - Communicating in Times of Large-Scale Change


    As we continue to move through this crisis, company leaders are forced to make quick, large-scale changes not only to the work envirnomnent but changes to products, services and sometimes target markets. Given that the majority of the workforce is now remote, these sweaping changes can leave employees confused and therefore decrease productivity.

    Join us on Tuesday, April 28th at 12:00 noon when TiE Charter Member, Dave Underhill shares what great leaders are doing to keep their employees engaged, motivated and moving in unity. Plaese come prepared with questions and items to share as this will be a interactive meeting of mind-share.

    FOCUS OF THE SESSION — Understand how to change impacts our thinking and actions — Identify strategies to boost the impact of your communication — Plan for a real-time work situation

    About Dave Underhill - Dave Underhill believes in the power of people expressing their ideas. Whether he’s working with a novice presenter or Nobel Prize winner, a CPA or a CEO, he has a passion for helping people take their skills and their careers to the next level.

    As President of Underhill Training and Development, Dave works globally with clients such as Microsoft, Intel, U.S. Bank, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank, The Nature Conservancy, United Way, M Financial Group, Mazama Capital Management, Harland Financial Solutions, the CFA Institute and the Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum. He also coaches startup company CEOs on their investor presentations.

    The keys to Dave’s success during the past 15 years are his ability to connect personally with his audiences and his skill in tailoring his work to the specific needs of his clients. As a result, people communicate more effectively and organizations grow their business.

  • Thursday
    May 31 2018
    Mentorship Webinar


    Join us during lunch on May 31st as we bring local expert, Karen Howells to share what works and what doesn't when developing a mentorship or coaching program within an organization. Robert Mansell of Catalyte will also spend time sharing his company experience in driving a program internally and ways to make it scalable, regardless of organization size and structure.

    This session will start off with a review of best practices for mentoring within organizations. Attendees will walk away with a framework they can use back at their companies - for technical teams and across all business units. The main challenge in implementing amentorship program is often around the program management and putting together successful mentor\mentee duos. Our experts willshare their lessons learned, selected to help you succeed in supporting employee development and engagement through an efficient and effective mentor program. As tech companies grow, it is too often the case that the rising stars that are promoted and elevatedwithout the development and coaching that they need in order to be successful with their new responsibilities. As employees transition to managers, it’s vital to give them the tools to succeed in their new role of supervisor.

    Questions to be answered during this session:

    -How do I elevate and create opportunities for my employees without losing them to another company?

    -What is a low resource program that can be introduced in my dept / at my company (in a short amount of time)?

    -How do I encourage a mentor mindset (across companies) in such a competitive talent environment?

  • Friday
    Dec 15 2017
    New Horizons Webinar - Effective Job Search Strategy


    Your goal is to land that job and you need an effective and assertive plan to do so! All hiring happens at the front of the line when you get to talk with the hiring manager, not at the end of the line when you apply for a job. This workshop teaches you how to get to the front of the line and helps you map out your action plan to be successful in your job search.

    You will:

    • Transform any job search frustration into action items • Discover what components make up a successful strategy • Understand the difference between a "Hidden Job" and an "Open Job" • Learn how to use LinkedIn to connect with the right people

    Past attendees report gaining insights allowing them to be more proactive and confident during the hiring and interview process. Take your activity to the next level, become a more effective and desired candidate by attending this workshop!

  • Friday
    Nov 17 2017
    New Horizons Webinar - Acing the Interview


    So you have been called for an interview, what now?! Learn what you can do to set yourself apart from the other candidates. It’s all about being properly prepared and knowing how to come across as a problem solver rather than just another job seeker. This approach will set you up for success and prepare you for your all important interview.

    In this workshop, you will learn:

    • How to stand out and be seen as a problem solver and the candidate of choice • How to maximize the valuable time you have in front of the employer • How to utilize your research before, during, and after the interview • How to answer and ask questions with confidence

    You've worked hard to get the interview and you want to make a good impression, prove your value and get the job. You want to be prepared, focused and successful. Join us for this beneficial workshop and Ace the Interview!

  • Wednesday
    Sep 30 2015
  • Sunday
    Oct 13 2013
    When, Where, & How to Successfully Use Test Automation for Mobile Apps


    Reliable, well-engineered test automation is often a mythical goal that developers agree is a good idea, but in reality don't have the time and resources to execute properly. Considering the number of apps on the market and the fickleness of customers (after 2 crashes 84% will go elsewhere) testing is imperative just to stay relevant today. We will dispel the myth that automation solves all QA issues and eliminates the need for manual testing and QA teams. Machines are great at testing mind-numbing repetitive tasks and humans are great at testing user experience, and when manual and automated tests are used in conjunction the outcome is a better app. We’ll cover how to identify what should be automated and what shouldn’t. Fortunately best practices, strategies, and tools are emerging to cope with this difficult topic, and our talk will break them down across the following topics:

    Developing an Automation Strategy: When what and where to automate Automation tools: An overview of different tools and type of automated tests available This talk is for mobile app developers and QA teams who are interested in learning more about automated testing on iOS and Android.

  • Wednesday
    Sep 25 2013
    TAO QA Webinar: Crowd Source Testing


    Crowdsourcing has become widely acknowledged as a productivity solution across numerous industries. However, for companies incorporating crowdsourcing into existing business practices, specific issues must be addressed: What problem are we trying to solve? How do we control the process? How do we incentivize people to achieve our goals? Ultimately, the key to successfully employing a crowdsourcing model is to move beyond the realm of the "mob" to create an engaged, interactive community of diverse and skilled professionals. In the world of quality assurance, crowdsourcing has the potential to effectively solve emerging challenges and take your testing to new heights. Using real-world examples, uTest's John Montgomery explains how you can leverage the crowd to complement your internal systems, ensure systems work as intended under real-world conditions and effectively manage the scalability of efforts.

  • Thursday
    Sep 12 2013
    SBIR Phase 1 Proposal: Determining Which Agency to Submit to


    The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is a highly competitive federal funded Research and Development (R&D) program that is a vehicle for small business to commercialize innovative cutting edge technology, processes, and/or methodologies within a myriad of categories and concentrations. However, the questions become where does my research fit; what are the factors that determine the category for the research submission; can I submit the proposal in more than one category or more than one agency?

    More often small business and research professionals struggle with where their idea, concept, and/or product are best suited when deciding to submit an SBIR Phase I proposal. If a proposal is not placed in the correct agency, including the correct category the proposal will be rejected.

    This must-attend Webinar focuses on assisting Principal Investigators (PI’s), Research Professors and other Research Professionals on determining where to submit their SBIR Phase I Proposal. Your expert presenter will examine the SBIR Phase I Programs at the National Institute of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Defense (DoD) in order to obtain an understanding of the types of research is being funded and the intricacies of the various agencies and categories in order to assist the participants in aligning their research properly.

  • Thursday
    Aug 29 2013
    OEN Webinar: Preparing, Launching & Successfully Funding Your Product via Crowd Supply


    Crowd Supply's Director of Projects (and ADX member) Josh Lifton will share tips and tricks from the trenches of preparing, launching, and successfully funding your product.

    This webinar will give you an overview of how you can use Crowd Supply to launch a successful product campaign, from planning and production, to marketing and fulfillment.

    Presenter: Josh Lifton, Crowd Supply

    Josh received his doctorate from the MIT Media Lab and holds a BA in physics and mathematics from Swarthmore College, which is to say he's devoted a significant amount of his time learning how to make things that blink. As head of Crowd Supply's project efforts, he is helping others launch successful crowdfunding projects. Prior to Crowd Supply, Josh worked in a variety of technology settings, from instrumenting thousands of audience members with custom wearable computers for a Cirque du Soleil performance to, most recently, serving as head of engineering at Puppet Labs.

  • Wednesday
    Mar 27 2013
    Taking the Right Path to Business Intelligence (BI) via Cloud-Based Analytics


    Businesses of all sizes are being challenged by escalating customer demands and intensifying competition. These forces are driving businesses to find new tools to help them capture and analyze data from multiple sources so they can make the right business decisions.

    Traditional business intelligence (BI) systems have failed to meet these requirements. As a result, an increasing number of corporate executives and end-users are seeking easier to use and more economical Cloud-based analytics tools which can satisfy their needs.

    On Thursday, March 27 at noon EST/9am PST, we will conduct an online roundtable discussion to identify the key steps organizations should take to successfully select, deploy and utilize today's exciting new Cloud Analytics solutions. During this webinar, I will be joined by Eileen Boerger, CEO, and Andrew Hermann, CMO of CorSource Technology Group.

    You can register to attend at: :https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/8553/67385

  • Thursday
    Sep 23 2010
    TechAmerica Webinar - Legal Holds: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You


    Do you know what makes an effective legal hold? Do you even know what a legal hold is? Attend this webinar by leading national expert Brad Harris to learn what your company needs to do now to be ready for its next legal hold.

    When the possibility of litigation or regulatory investigation arises, a legal hold is the first step a company must take as part of a duty to preserve potentially-relevant data. A legal hold is a notification directing employees to save pertinent information and data. Do it right and it’s a smooth process with little impact on your business. Do it wrong and it can severely compromise your case. No matter the size of your company, legal holds are a necessary reality.

    2010 has been a watershed year for cases involving legal holds with the Courts have been issuing monetary sanctions and declarations of “gross negligence” in numerous cases. This webcast will review recent legal hold cases starting with January’s Pension Committee v. Banc of America Securities, Rimkus v. Cammarata, Crown Castle v. Nudd Corp., Jones v. Bremen HS and other recent cases that are driving the need for making legal holds a priority in any litigation.

    This timely program will address:

    • Recent directions and trends in case law
    • Why legal holds are so important
    • Best practices for recognizing and responding to a duty to preserve

    Who Should Attend? This webinar will have be important for the following: C-level executives, general counsels and in-house legal staffs, law firms, compliance executives and managers, regulatory executives and managers, and IT executives and managers.

    Presented by: - Elleanor Chin, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Elleanor Chin has extensive experience counseling clients on e-discovery and managing electronic discovery in complex litigation, including antitrust matters and class actions (more).

    • Erica Couch, Senior Paralegal, Microsoft Corp. The primary focus of her work is managing discovery in civil litigation matters, including drafting and implementing document retention notices, as well as overseeing governmental inquiries to Microsoft Corporation (more).

    • Brad Harris, Vice President of Legal Products, Zapproved, Inc., has more than 25 years of experience in the high technology and enterprise software sectors, including assisting Fortune 1000 companies enhance their e-discovery preparedness (more).

    Event Details: When: Thursday, September 23, 2010 Where: Webinar Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PDT Cost: Free for TechAmerica Members, $35 Nonmembers

    Register: (503) 624-5715 or at http://www.techamerica.org/legalholds