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Mentorship Webinar



Join us during lunch on May 31st as we bring local expert, Karen Howells to share what works and what doesn't when developing a mentorship or coaching program within an organization. Robert Mansell of Catalyte will also spend time sharing his company experience in driving a program internally and ways to make it scalable, regardless of organization size and structure.

This session will start off with a review of best practices for mentoring within organizations. Attendees will walk away with a framework they can use back at their companies - for technical teams and across all business units. The main challenge in implementing amentorship program is often around the program management and putting together successful mentor\mentee duos. Our experts willshare their lessons learned, selected to help you succeed in supporting employee development and engagement through an efficient and effective mentor program. As tech companies grow, it is too often the case that the rising stars that are promoted and elevatedwithout the development and coaching that they need in order to be successful with their new responsibilities. As employees transition to managers, it’s vital to give them the tools to succeed in their new role of supervisor.

Questions to be answered during this session:

-How do I elevate and create opportunities for my employees without losing them to another company?

-What is a low resource program that can be introduced in my dept / at my company (in a short amount of time)?

-How do I encourage a mentor mindset (across companies) in such a competitive talent environment?