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When, Where, & How to Successfully Use Test Automation for Mobile Apps


1 hour Free Webinar



Reliable, well-engineered test automation is often a mythical goal that developers agree is a good idea, but in reality don't have the time and resources to execute properly. Considering the number of apps on the market and the fickleness of customers (after 2 crashes 84% will go elsewhere) testing is imperative just to stay relevant today. We will dispel the myth that automation solves all QA issues and eliminates the need for manual testing and QA teams. Machines are great at testing mind-numbing repetitive tasks and humans are great at testing user experience, and when manual and automated tests are used in conjunction the outcome is a better app. We’ll cover how to identify what should be automated and what shouldn’t. Fortunately best practices, strategies, and tools are emerging to cope with this difficult topic, and our talk will break them down across the following topics:

Developing an Automation Strategy: When what and where to automate Automation tools: An overview of different tools and type of automated tests available This talk is for mobile app developers and QA teams who are interested in learning more about automated testing on iOS and Android.