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Portland Open Data Day 2023 Disco Tech

Portland Building
1120 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon (map)



To the civic tech community, data analysts, open software developers, designers, advocates, community, and local organizations working on data, local residents and all those interested in civic data.

This event is an opportunity to engage with local residents to explore the City’s neighborhood data and other City of Portland open datasets and maps. This Disco Tech will include workshops and tables to help people to learn about data from zero to subject matter experts.

"DiscoTech" is short for "Discovering Technology." It is a term coined by the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition which defines a replicable model for a multimedia, mobile neighborhood workshop fair. DiscoTechs are designed so that participants learn more about the impact and possibilities of technology within our communities.

The purpose of this event is to create a space for local residents and organizations to explore Portland neighborhoods data and other city open datasets. You can explore developing apps or spreadsheets to facilitate data visualization. Or, do your own data exploration and analysis, enhance the city data with other datasets; Or, dig deeper and explore metadata and link information underneath.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn, propose ideas and projects to others, join a team or individually, and develop their own analysis and apps that may contribute to our larger Portland Community. Multicultural, socially responsible, and projects in languages other than English are encouraged.

The Smart City PDX program team members are committed to dismantling barriers derived from systemic discrimination that have reduced the voice of marginal communities in Portland. We base our approach on digital rights and equity principles like Targeted Universalism and the Smart City PDX Priorities Framework to build local policy that promotes equity and fairness.

We want this event to become a collaborative space, rather than something competitive. So, we won’t be offering prizes or awards; however, we will be able to incentivize community participation.

Projects will have the opportunity to be featured in the Smart City PDX site.

Be creative! Learn! Explore!