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"Tungsten Fabric: Open Source Multi-Cloud Networking at Scale" @ PAzUG

811 Naito Parkway, Suite 600
Portland, Oregon (OR) 97204, USA (map)



Tungsten Fabric (http://www.tungsten.io; formerly OpenContrail) is an open source, scalable and multi-cloud networking platform. Large enterprises and service providers are using it at massive production scale, and this meetup offers some tips, insights, and "don't go theres" from users with success stories (and some battle scars).

Come to this meetup to learn how users are deploying Tungsten Fabric for load balancing, HA, service chaining, analytics/orchestration and extending network to multi private / public clouds viz., AWS, Azure and Google.

Sanju Abraham will be our speaker. Sanju Abraham will deliver a project overview, showcase users and use cases. Then, we’ll dive into a demo of Kubernetes with Tungsten Fabric across onprem and AWS. We’ll demonstrate the ability to access Kubernetes and launch new containers, access the Tungsten Fabric UI, and observe the network state.

Tungsten Fabric is integrated with Kubernetes, VMware and OpenStack. It also supports public cloud deployments including AWS, Google and Azure. As both Enterprise and Telco IT architectures evolve, supporting multi-cloud environments is table stakes. This meetup will lay out how users can quickly get going with Tungsten Fabric, using software-driven networking and policy management to operate in a multi-cloud environment.

If you’re interested in networking for private clouds running OpenStack, Kubernetes, and VMware that also rely on services from AWS, Google and Azure, this meetup is for you!


5:00pm – Welcome time 5:30pm – Catering served 5:45pm – Group announcements and presentation 7:30pm – Wrap up.