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I want to work for NAVEX Global w/David Nash (powered by FREE PIZZA)!

1455 Northwest Irving Street
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Please call Balki (503-419-7097) or Balaji (971-645-0534) if you are running late or have issues getting into the building



For November, we have David Nash as our very special guest.
This is the last meetup for the year as we will be taking a winter/holiday break in December.
So make sure you join us and learn from a Product Management legend in Portland!

Here's David's self-introduction:
"Since arriving here in ’92 from New York, Portland has been very, very good to me. Like the TV commercial says, ‘I know a few things because I’ve seen a few things’. I would add that I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people along the way. I came here courtesy of Intel, where I worked for some 17 years, and where I had the good fortune to reinvent myself several times: from motherboards to software-video & telecom, from Intel Labs, to venture investing and internal startups, I did everything I could to try new things, soak it all in, and become versatile. After leaving Intel in 2006, I spent 10 years at ADP Dealer Services (now known as CDK Global) where we built software for Automotive Retailers & OEMs. Last October – just about 1 year ago – I had the amazing good fortune to join NAVEX Global, who provides the world’s most comprehensive Ethics & Compliance SaaS platform – and has the inspiring mission of helping organizations protect their people, reputation, and bottom line. Our mission really speaks to me because, as a Boy Scout Leader for 25 years, I care a lot about integrity and being a servant leader. In addition to networking relentlessly along the way, I’ve also followed my passion in Product Management and created ProductCamp Portland in 2012. We’re running our 7th camp in March 2018. This one will be exciting for sure. And free pizza as usual!