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1455 Northwest Irving Street
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Thursday
    Feb 22 2018
    Let's explore eBay Mobile with Peekay Chan (powered by FREE PIZZA!)


    This month we want to introduce Peekay Chan from ebay!

    Peekay is currently a Senior Product Manager at eBay. He spanned his career across both technical and product management disciplines. Some of his achievements include launching a platform that enabled millions of IoT devices with Intel/Samsung, machine learning based authentication solution for Starbucks and Amazon. Peekay has experience working for Fortune 500 and startups including one of he co-founded! He is passionate about customer/lean development with a focus on technological innovation.

    Please join us and help learn from a successful PDX Product leader!

  • Tuesday
    Nov 14 2017
    I want to work for NAVEX Global w/David Nash (powered by FREE PIZZA)!


    For November, we have David Nash as our very special guest.
    This is the last meetup for the year as we will be taking a winter/holiday break in December.
    So make sure you join us and learn from a Product Management legend in Portland!

    Here's David's self-introduction:
    "Since arriving here in ’92 from New York, Portland has been very, very good to me. Like the TV commercial says, ‘I know a few things because I’ve seen a few things’. I would add that I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people along the way. I came here courtesy of Intel, where I worked for some 17 years, and where I had the good fortune to reinvent myself several times: from motherboards to software-video & telecom, from Intel Labs, to venture investing and internal startups, I did everything I could to try new things, soak it all in, and become versatile. After leaving Intel in 2006, I spent 10 years at ADP Dealer Services (now known as CDK Global) where we built software for Automotive Retailers & OEMs. Last October – just about 1 year ago – I had the amazing good fortune to join NAVEX Global, who provides the world’s most comprehensive Ethics & Compliance SaaS platform – and has the inspiring mission of helping organizations protect their people, reputation, and bottom line. Our mission really speaks to me because, as a Boy Scout Leader for 25 years, I care a lot about integrity and being a servant leader. In addition to networking relentlessly along the way, I’ve also followed my passion in Product Management and created ProductCamp Portland in 2012. We’re running our 7th camp in March 2018. This one will be exciting for sure. And free pizza as usual!

  • Wednesday
    Oct 25 2017
    I want to work for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (POWERED BY FREE PIZZA)


    This month at our meetup, we are featuring Russell Smith from Tenable Security.

    I think this one will be exciting for all of our loyal members and newcomers equally for the following reasons:

    • Tenable Security is growing quite rapidly

    • Russ and his team(s) have nailed down the remote-friendly culture and they are open to hiring remote!

    • The engineering team at Tenable is doing some pretty cutting-edge stuff including full automation via CI/CD, fully trusted engineering team autonomy etc. Russ is planning to share all of these details at the meetup

    • Also, Russ will be our very first remote guest!!! Even though Russ lives in Sandy, about 45 minutes from downtown, we wanted to prove how successful remote collaboration can be!

    • We are settling into our brand new, beautiful location at Regus - Pearl.

    It will be a one of a kind, fast-paced experience from many actionable takeaways. You have our promise. And all powered by FREE PIZZA :)

    Don't forget to RSVP directly on the meetup page at http://www.balki.io/meetup

  • Thursday
    Sep 14 2017
    I want to work for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (POWERED BY FREE PIZZA)


    At this unique meetup, "I want to work for _ _ _ _ _ _", each month we introduce a new company through one of their star employees.

    For September, we have a special and unique guest, Vik Ramnath. Vik and I worked at a tech company exactly for a year and became great friends.We shared many ups and downs while at that company and in our subsequent career quest.

    Vik is a very empathetic and discerning leader. You will get to experience that right away when you meet him next Thursday!

    Vik currently works as a Consultant at Slalom in their Delivery Leadership practice. Slalom is a .... Slalom has been named a best company to work for by numerous sources such as Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Consulting Magazine, Glassdoor, and various business journals and news publications

    Slalom was recognized by Consulting Magazine as they earned the #3 ranking on the "Best Firms to Work For" list.

  • Wednesday
    Aug 3 2016


    This week Phylos Bioscience!

    Phylos Bioscience is applying the genomic data tools we have today to the cannabis we're going to have tomorrow.

    Every week we have a new local entrepreneur building an amazing company here in Portland. They give a short presentation followed up with a great Q&A session where you get to ask questions and ask about the real challenges and triumphs behind the business.

    As always we welcome everyone interested in startups and founders building great companies here in Portland.

    Come and check it out and bring a friend.

    Join us online on the 1MC PDX Startup Slack channel.