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PDX Global Day of Coderetreat 2016

northhighland Business Consulting LLC
249 NW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Slalom is located in the Fox Tower, at NW Park between Yamhill and Taylor.



Come join your fellow Portland coders to practice the art of software development together. Write code, learn from others, teach someone else, and expand your network of friends who are passionate about their craft. Software developers of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome!

This event is free, continental breakfast and lunch will be served. (Event starts promptly at 8:30am, breakfast served at 8am)

Please bring your laptop with your favorite development tools and a unit test framework, everything else is provided.

Coderetreat is a worldwide pattern designed to hone software skills and design practices through repeated attempts to build an implementation of a well-known software problem (Conway's Game of Life). Unit testing and Test-Driven Development will be emphasized as key practices. Developers use pair programming and discussion to exchange knowledge, and additional constraints are given throughout the day to emphasize good design concepts and practices.