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Startup Week - PDX Code Guild Open House Party

PDX Code Guild
2828 SW Corbett Ave
Portland, OR 97201, us (map)

Access Notes

We are upstairs and to the right. Signs will be posted. Call (541) 602-6215 if you need directions.

Save this number in case you need help finding us. (541) 602-6215 Free Parking!



Join PDX Code Guild for Startup Week Open House Party!

We’ll have refreshments, live acoustic blues, student demos, and hacking.

2626 SW Corbett Ave Portland OR 97201 (next door to the Portland State University Business Accelerator)

PDX Code Guild harnesses the power of code to empower career-seekers, entrepreneurs and startups through a trio of services that include bootcamps for career-seekers and startup founders and a consulting team that turns ideas into exceptional software.

PDX Code Guild Bootcamps are immersive hands-on developer training programs. Students build their portfolio and receive individualized attention. Small class sizes and intensive instruction ensure students get the maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

PDX Code Guild serves the Portland Tech community by:

Providing technical skills training to help fill the need for talent in Portland's growing tech industry. Empowering entrepreneurs with technical leadership skills so they can be more successful at launching a startup, and making founding a tech startup available to a more diverse group. Providing high-quality, low-cost software development for startups, non-profits & small businesses. Keep this number in case you need directions: (541) 602-6215