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AgilePDX event: "The Mikado Method, or how to behead the legacy beast" workshop

World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)

World Trade Center, Skybridge A Room



THANK YOU to our sponsors: ProKarma and Agile Open Northwest!!

For any code base there comes a time when you want (or need) to change it. If your changes are extensive, it’s easy to get lost in a jungle of dependencies or on a sea of broken code. Ultimately, you might just give up and shove it away under the legacy label. Instead of doing that, use "The Mikado Method," a systematic approach to reclaim your code. The method helps you visualize, prepare, and perform business-value focused changes, while delivering, and without having a broken code-base in the process. It enhances team communication, collaboration and learning, and helps individuals stay on track.


For: Lead developers, architects, programming coaches, or anyone who wants to get some serious hands-on practice on how to work their way out of messy code while keeping the delivery frequency and business value focus.

Join Ola Ellnestam, founder of Agical.se and author of The Mikado Method, as he leads the group through exploring techniques for restructuring difficult-t0-work-with code. Ola likes to combine people, technology and business which is best done with simple means and flexible processes. More than that he likes to share his knowledge and experiences because that’s how new insights are created according to him. http://ellnestam.wordpress.com/



Registration fee: $85 - The participation of our sponsors, (including Agile Open Northwest, ProKarma, and...you?) helps us to keep the fee as low as possible.

For more information, or if you'd like to sponsor this event, contact dlarsen [at] futureworksconsulting [dot] com