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Survining Las Vegas/DefCon

2119 N. Kerby Ave. Suite C-2
Portland, OR 97227, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

The entrance for the space is on the backside of the building in the alley -- NOT at the mailing address. See this satellite view for clarification: http://bit.ly/8Arvpt

You must go down the alley behind the building. There is a large white garage door - that is BrainSilo. The BrainSilo sign will usually be hanging up as well.


Next week some of you will be going to Las Vegas, that means bsides, blackhat, and defcon. It's a war zone there, and you need to be prepared. Wednesdays workshop will have a special focus on locking your gear down and getting prepared to survive on what is likely the most hostile set of wireless networks on the planet.

Topics will include :

full disk crypto encrypting all removable storage cell phone security browser security network client security appropriate radio gear ensuring VPS availability