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PCC Cascade Campus

705 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Jun 19 2020
    Crowd Supply's Teardown 2020
    PCC Cascade Campus

    Our third annual party for hacking, discovering, and sharing hardware.

    Teardown is about the practice of hardware: prototyping, manufacturing, testing, disassembling, and circumventing, all while having fun. Leave the marketing glitz and talk of venture capital at the door and come prepared to learn and teach.

  • Friday
    Mar 21 2014
    Bridging the Digital and Physical Divide

    Hear Portland’s own Second Story Studio, SapientNitro Matt Arnold and David Waingarten present their approach to creating narrative spaces and interactive digital art.

  • Wednesday
    Mar 30 2011
    Luz Studio - Latest Developments - Ruby + OpenGL Live Motion Graphics

    Have fun with Luz Studio and learn how to use cutting-edge interactive technology in light and sound applications.

    Attendees will engage with interactive light toys including:

    • Microsoft Kinect-based body tracking to create expressive art

    • Real-time DMX interior lighting control

    • 3D digital drawing using Wacom Drawing Tablets

    • LightTroupe’s Light and Sound Piano

    • An introduction to Luz Studio’s real-time shader-snipet mixing and just-in-time compiling

    This will be a laid-back, open forum for people to explore the Luz Studio software, the new art-form and the cutting-edge of technology.

    Come and get involved in our latest developments from the past year.

    We will play with computer vision, skeleton tracking, digital painting, and explore Luz Studio’s new DMX light control.

    Artists, musicians, performers, and multimedia lightbearers, discover new ways to use expressive technology in your work.

    PCC Cascade Campus Moriarty Arts & Humanities Bldg Room 104 705 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97212

  • Wednesday
    Mar 31 2010
    Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH & Wacom Technology Corporation Present: Light Troupe Drawing in the Fourth Dimension

    PCC Cascade Campus

    Come on out and join Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH & Wacom Technology Corporation as they present:

    Light Troupe, a local Portland movement, exploring the boundaries of entertainment and audio visual simultaneous interactivity while drawing in the 4th dimension.


    For the programmers in the audience, Luz Studio, OpenGL and Ruby will be discussed.

    For the visual and audio artists in the audience, there will be an opportunity to play while interacting with the code the developers write on the spot! Wacom Tablets, Wiimotes and MIDI devices will be used as a means of interface.

    That means you can expect to see 2D drawing in 3D space animated over time A demonstration with at least a 4-person, simultaneous drawing to be followed by live audience participation!

    This is super fun stuff; computer graphics, music, animation, spontaneous creativity, happy excited people - come see for yourself and participate!

    SIGGRAPH events are non-profit. It is free for SIGGRAPH members and $5 for non-members, and includes lots of tasty food!

    Please register at EventBrite so we know how much food to buy!


  • Friday
    Nov 20 2009
    Archives of the Fantastic Screening at PCC

    PCC Cascade Campus

    PCC/Cascade Campus 705 N. Killingsworth St., MAHB Room 104 Portland, Oregon 97217

    A charity event to benefit p:ear! All ages are welcome and costumes are encouraged. Tickets are available at the door for $3.00/ea. 2010 calendars are also available as well as DVDs of the showing movie.

    Ticket Info: 3.00

  • Wednesday
    Jul 15 2009
    DevGroup NW: Zoom in on Mapping and Location with Adam DuVander

    LOCATION: Terrell Hall, Room 122. Inside the building at the corner of N. Killingsworth and Albina, just seven blocks east of the Killingsworth MAX station

    Adam DuVander demonstrates how to bring the power of location to your website. Use mapping APIs to plot data geographically. Convert addresses to latitude/longitude coordinates. Grab the user's current location. Add some "where" to your application. Adam will overview the services that fuel location-based websites and some examples to help you find your way.

  • Tuesday
    May 5 2009
    Cascade Job Fair

    PCC Cascade Campus

    12th Annual Cascade Job Fair in Portland

    Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Time: 11am - 3pm Place: Cascade PEB Gymnasium

    Portland Community College Cascade Job Fair is an outstanding opportunity for employers, students and community members to connect. This particular job fair draws a very diverse pool of applicants and a broad range of employers representing many different industries. Nearly all of PCC's 60 professional technical programs can find at least one employer related to their degree or certificate.

    This event has a proven track record of recruiting both employers and job seekers, and attracted over 90 employers and over 1400 job seekers last year. Come join us for this exciting opportunity to connect with both employers and job seekers.

  • Wednesday
    Apr 15 2009
    DevGroup NW: The Future of Interactivity

    PCC Cascade Campus

    Interactivity is becoming more and more a dialogue, a bidirectional communication between the information publisher and information consumer with the added layer of aggregators acting as information and subject matter warehousing. The dialogue will be carried through many devices and it will take place everywhere. Ultimately this puts us as content creators in the driver's seat and with the great power of reaching audiences everywhere, and the pressure to create good, compelling content has never been greater. This presentation will explore some of the many areas of interest and concern surrounding the future of interactivity, it's promises and pitfalls.

    Location: PCC Cascade Campus Moriarty Arts and Humanities Auditorium Building, 104 705 N. Killingsworth

    RSVP to: [email protected]

  • Wednesday
    Feb 18 2009
    DevGroup NW: Small Groups, Tightly Joined

    PCC Cascade Campus

    Homophily describes the tendency of individuals to bond with people similar to themselves. It’s an obvious insight. But it also means everything to the analysis of any given online community. A web community’s success can be predicted almost entirely by asking: “Do the people drawn to this website share cultural traits with one another?”

    This is why Microsoft can’t launch a successful social network. While your average college radio station, or sports fan club, or local music scene are natural gathering places.

    With web communities, technology isn’t important - it’s a culture thing.

  • Wednesday
    Nov 5 2008
    PDXFCPUG: An Evening of Color

    PCC Cascade Campus

    If you’ve been struggling with or wondering about the amazingly cool software, Color (that comes with the Final Cut Studio 2), this is the meeting for you! Jack Chavez has been working with it for years (*see below), and will be traveling here to share some of his expertise and enthusiasm. That is the main reason why we are starting a bit earlier and getting under way at 6:30 for his presentation. Please note, this month’s presentation will be 90 minutes. Lots of good information to be covered. If you know anyone else in the community who might benefit from this next meeting, please pass this newsletter along.

    Please note we are starting the meeting a little earlier to get things moving a little quicker.

    6:00 - 6:15
    Arrival and seating

    6:15 - 6:30
    Tips & Tricks:
    AJ VonWolfe will give a quick tip on creating graphical lower thirds

    6:30 - 8:00

    Jack Chavez will share his in-depth knowledge using Apple's Color. He will demonstrate his methods and workflow when using Color.

    Jack Chavez is a Creative Director and Producer at Intel Corporation where he has worked in-house for eight years. Jack was an early adopter of the software program that came to be known as Apple Color and has mostly recovered from the trauma of trying to finish high visibility videos with flaky beta software. Jack believes the future looks bright for Color and he is an enthusiastic user.

    He got started in production shooting 8mm film shorts as a child, and after a great many twists and turns was surprised one day to find himself starting a fledgling video production company: Image Works. Yes, those jerks at Sony stole the name, but he holds no grudges. Five years later he was hired by his biggest customer, Intel, and he has been trying to get out of meetings ever since. (this is AJ’s description I cannot take credit for the humor)

    8:00 - 8:10

    8:10 - 8:25
    Show & Tell:
    An incredible showing and discussion regarding someone's talented creation TBD.

    Announcements & the ever popular RAFFLE:
    “Color: Correcting & Grading in FCS” –Apple Pro Training Series
    1 pair of Skullcandy ink'd headphones

  • Tuesday
    Sep 2 2008
    Portland Final Cut Pro User Group (PDXFCPUG)

    PCC Cascade Campus

    6:15 – 6:30p
    Arrival and seating
    6:30 – 7:00p
    Rebecca Gerendasy will share some online websites that might help you in a pinch.
    7:00 – 7:45p
    Presentation: Animation to the Rescue, Bev Standish
    Bev Standish will present on using animation to rescue you from dire straights. She will show how she uses animation to solve major issues in documented footage, like when the whole audience stands up to sing the Star Spangled Banner in front of the camera so all you have is the picture of someone's back, for an entire song. She will demonstrate how to create an animation, make titles, a character, and some special effects (if time allows) She will use both Lightwave 3D and After Effects. Check out her work at http://www.digitalelfstudios.com/
    7:45 – 8:00p
    Grab a snack and meet your fellow editors and creators.
    8:00 – 8:20p
    Aaron Cronan - animated commercial
    Group member Aaron Cronan will show an animated commercial he produced and scored the music for a regional bank. The discussion will focus on the animation process, working with the artist, and music creation.

    8:20 – 8:30p
    Announcements and Raffle (tickets: $5)
    - set of portable powered speakers for iPod or laptop
    Members & Students w/ID: Free
    Non-members: $5 at door.

    Website: http://www.pdxfcpug.com
    Location: PCC/Cascade Campus Terrell Hall, room 122

                 ( <a href="http://www.pcc.edu/about/locations/cascade/" rel="nofollow">http://www.pcc.edu/about/locations/cascade/</a> )<br />
  • Wednesday
    Apr 30 2008
    DevGroup NW: The Secrets of Designing Great Sites with Photoshop and Dreamweaver

    PCC Cascade Campus Auditorium
    705 N. Killingsworth

    Dreamweaver is the defacto standard when it comes to professional HTML authoring. Photoshop is the defacto standard for image creation and manipulation. Together the two make up a complete toolkit for the modern web designer. During this session, Adobe Web Evangelist Greg Rewis will take you through the ins-and-outs of building sites using Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3.

    You'll learn about new features in Dreamweaver to optimize the creation of standards-based, CSS layouts, easily manage CSS stylesheets, and locate and correct CSS-related browser bugs. You'll also learn to use many of the new features in Photoshop CS3 to create compelling graphics for your site. And most exciting, you'll learn a completely new workflow between Dreamweaver and Photoshop!

    >> RSVP Today

    About the Speaker:
    Greg Rewis is the Group Manager, Creative Solutions Evangelism at Adobe Systems. With over 20 years of computer industry experience, Greg spends in excess of 200 days of the year on the road, talking with customers, giving product demonstrations at trade shows and seminars, speaking at industry conferences, and leading specialized, advanced training sessions featuring Adobe's Web Tools product line.

    Greg has been passionate about the web since putting his first "home page" online in 1994. His career has taken him around the world, from the early days of desktop publishing, to a start-up in Hamburg, Germany, the glory days of the web at Macromedia and finally his current role at Adobe. The original GoLive Cyberstudio Product Manager and former Dreamweaver Technical Product Manager, Greg is the co-author of "Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3″ published by New Riders.

  • Thursday
    Apr 3 2008
    Getting a Job in Computer Graphics

    Cascade SIGGRAPH Getting a Job in Computer Graphics - Industry Experts Share Useful Career Tips, Thursday, April 3, 2008

    Discover how to get a job in the exciting world of Computer Graphics!

    Polish your skills to create eye-catching demo reels, write relevant résumés and other practical advice to “wow” potential employers. Prestigious industry representatives from Hot Pepper Studios, Intel, LAIKA, Oregon Film & Video, and Wieden+Kennedy, will provide first-hand recruitment knowledge within the multimedia industry.

    Learn from our panelists: Brad Smith, Founder and Creative Director, Hot Pepper Studios Susan Haley, Marketing/Administrative Manager, Oregon Film & Video Kristin Dagg, Sr. Technical Recruiter, LAIKA, Inc. (formerly at Intel) Betse Green, Sr. Contract Recruiter, LAIKA, (formerly at Vestas American Wind Technology & Nike) Michele LeFore, Studio Director, Wieden+Kennedy

  • Tuesday
    Apr 1 2008

    PCC Cascade Campus

    Portland Final Cut User Group now meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8:30 PM. The NEW location is:
    PCC/Cascade Campus, 705 N. Killingsworth St. (x Albina), Terrell Hall, Room 122

    Tuesday April 01, 2008 AGENDA:
    6:15 - 6:30 Arrival and seating

    Opening announcements

    6:30 - 7:00

    Tips and Tricks: Rebecca Gerendasy will conduct an outstanding tutorial yet to be determined. Don't miss it!
    7:00 - 7:45 Presentation: Paul Sosso presents: Digital Workflow - The Dos and Don'ts of Project Management.

    Whether you're a novice editor or an industry veteran, there is a right way and a wrong way to tackle your project. Learn the ins and outs of proper asset management and how to protect your data.
    Discover how to edit hours of footage right from the internal drive of your laptop! Find out how veteran editors build projects from the ground up and see why their archive holds up for years to come. Regardless of what program you use to edit, you'll walk away with a better understanding of best practices for all of your project
    7:45 - 8:15 Show & Tell

    One of the two PDXFCPUG sponsored teams which participated in the International Documentary Challenge will show their short documentary and discuss the planning and procedure of the production

    8:15-8:30 Announcements and raffle

    TBD Raffle items include: TBD

  • Tuesday
    Mar 25 2008
    Cascade SIGGRAPH - An Evening with Dr. Stuart Sumida

    PCC Cascade Campus - Moriarty Arts & Humanities Building, Auditorium Room 104

    Come and join us for an exciting and intellectually stimulating lecture given by Dr. Stuart Sumida, professor of Biology at California State University San Bernardino.
    A frequent consultant for animated films and special effects projects for studios such as Walt Disney Animation, DreamWorks, SONY Pictures ImageWorks, Pixar, and others, he is a comparative anatomist and paleontologist who specializes in the biomechanics and evolution of locomotion.
    Using a wide variety of examples from the many films he has worked with, Dr. Sumida will describe the potent tools available to artists if they consider some basic rules of animal and human biology. In a qualitative fashion, he will guide listeners/viewers through how what an animal eats and/or its size can account for the vast majority of the structural diversity important to animators and digital effects artists in the animal world. He will then move from real animals, and show how with relatively little new information, the same rules can be applied to mythical and fantastic beasts.