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Cascade SIGGRAPH - An Evening with Dr. Stuart Sumida

PCC Cascade Campus
705 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)



PCC Cascade Campus - Moriarty Arts & Humanities Building, Auditorium Room 104

Come and join us for an exciting and intellectually stimulating lecture given by Dr. Stuart Sumida, professor of Biology at California State University San Bernardino.
A frequent consultant for animated films and special effects projects for studios such as Walt Disney Animation, DreamWorks, SONY Pictures ImageWorks, Pixar, and others, he is a comparative anatomist and paleontologist who specializes in the biomechanics and evolution of locomotion.
Using a wide variety of examples from the many films he has worked with, Dr. Sumida will describe the potent tools available to artists if they consider some basic rules of animal and human biology. In a qualitative fashion, he will guide listeners/viewers through how what an animal eats and/or its size can account for the vast majority of the structural diversity important to animators and digital effects artists in the animal world. He will then move from real animals, and show how with relatively little new information, the same rules can be applied to mythical and fantastic beasts.