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Feb 3, 2011
FlashPDX Usergroup meetup
Second Story Interactive Studios

Second Story is hosting the February meeting of the Flash Usergroup

Learning How to Use OSMF, Strobe Media Playback, and Flash Media Playback for Your Video Projects

Address: Second Story 714 N Fremont St # 200 Portland, OR 97227

Oct 25, 2016
pdxrlang meetup: Tim Kaye: Fun With Data Streams in R

Speaker: Tim Kaye

Title: Fun with data streams in R

Abstract: Often in practice, not all of your data will have been generated or collected yet, so you need to be able to process that data and update your models on-the-fly. This talk will provide a brief exploration of streaming algorithms and how they can be used in R. The primary applications will be data mining for data streams and online inference using non-parametric Bayesian models.

We may visit a local watering hole afterwards, or I may bring beverages.

Dec 17, 2016
PIGSquad Horror Game Marathon
5th Avenue Cinema

Join us in a live horror game marathon as we play through scary games like Until Dawn, Witch's House, and Damned on the big screen! This will also conclude the Portland Indie Game Squad's funding drive for the year, so we'll be streaming and counting new pledges to the nonprofit as we edge through the night. Be ready to show your fear ;D

Pizza and PBR (for those of us over 21) will be provided. Attendees are expected to follow the PIGSquad Code of Conduct: Some games are rated M for Mature!

Mar 21, 2017
Java User Group - "Spark and MapR Streams: A Motivating Example"
Jama Software, 135 SW Taylor, Suite 200, Portland, OR

Businesses are discovering the untapped potential of large datasets and data streams through the use of technologies for big data processing and storage. By leveraging these assets they’re creating a new generation of applications that derive value from data they used to throw away. In this presentation Ian Downard will discuss how to build operational environments for these types of applications with the MapR Converged Data Platform and he’ll walk through an example of a next-generation application that uses Java APIs for MapR Streams, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and MapR-DB. We’ll see how these technologies can be used to join and transform unbounded datasets to find signals and derive new data streams for a financial scenario involving real-time algorithmic trading and historical analysis using SQL. We’ll also discuss how MapR enables you to run real-time data applications with the speed, reliability, and security you need for a production environment.

Ian Downard is a technical evangelist for MapR where he is focused on creating developer-friendly ways to use the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Personal Blog:



Aug 24, 2019
Live Streaming with NinjaBunny9000
Ctrl-H / PDX Hackerspace

Interested in learning the ins and outs of live streaming on Twitch and YouTube? This workshop will go over the basics of software and hardware you'll need to get going with your first streams and discuss the different aspects of stream production like audio processing, overlays, alerts, scheduling, best practices, and more so you can start your journey of sharing your amazing projects and experiences with the world.. LIVE!

Mar 10, 2022
Data PDX: Quine, A Streaming Graph for Modern Data Pipelines
Google Meet

Presented by Ryan Wright, Founder, Abstract

This talk will introduce Quine: a brand new open source “streaming graph interpreter” meant as a new fundamental infrastructure component to address major challenges in data engineering and simplify enterprise data pipelines.

Quine fits in between the world of databases and stream processing systems. As data streams in from Kafka, Kinesis, etc., Quine builds it into a graph. Then using “standing queries”—queries that live inside the graph and efficiently propagate—it finds matches to complex patterns in the graph and streams the results out right away. Quine maintains a stateful representation of all data streamed through (like a database) so that complex results are built from the combination of new streaming data and potentially very old data—all without having to manage any time windows. Since the graph is fully versioned, you can always query for what the data used to be, at any historical moment. Quine is meant to be a complete package of everything that lives between two Kafka topics: high-volume events stream in, and highly-meaningful interpreted results stream out.

In this talk, we will explain the how Quine works under the hood, discuss some of the interesting and brain-bending challenges we had to confront in order to create it, and show some uses cases to illustrate why it’s important for modern data pipelines. Quine implements a property-graph data model on top of an asynchronous graph computational model. It’s like Pregel with Actors. Each node is capable of performing arbitrary computation, so we can bake in some powerful capabilities deep in the graph; and then package it up for easy use into user-contributed “recipes” available in the Github repo. Quine is free and open and the repo will be publicly available in February, and actively supported by thatDot and the community.

What You Will Learn This talk will introduce Quine: a brand new open source “streaming graph interpreter” meant as a new fundamental infrastructure component to address major challenges in data engineering and simplify enterprise data pipelines.

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Cost Free! (suggested donation $5-15 for non-members)

If you’ve paid any Data PDX/DAMA membership dues during 2019-2021 or are an employee of a corporate member, please choose Member RSVP.


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Date – Thursday, March 10th

Time – 4:30pm – 5:30pm