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SharePoint Online Training

SharePoint Innovations Headquarters
12655 SW Center St. Ste. 470
Beaverton, Oregon 97005, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Parking is open to our guests without a permit in the building parking lot.

We are on the 4th floor.



This class is designed for individuals looking to get up to speed on working with SharePoint Online within Office 365. It is geared at people with little or no experience or exposure to SharePoint and is designed to help introduce them to the technology and then walk them through the various facets of it that will empower them to manage and define their content using SharePoint Online. Furthermore, it will empower the user in administering SharePoint Online within Office 365.

In terms of the Feature management and definition, the training is geared towards contributors or departmental staff in a variety of job roles, such as content managers, site owners, site administrators, project managers, administrative assistants, functional or operations managers, business users with basic SharePoint skills, and who have the responsibility for managing SharePoint sites as an enabling technology within their workgroups and teams, not necessarily technical professionals.

This course provides a comprehensive SharePoint training that will present students with a ground-up understanding for how to use, build and manages sites in SharePoint Online the console and Management shell.

Duration - 5 Days Offered live ONLINE or In Our CLASSROOM in Beaverton, Oregon.

REGISTER ONLINE at https://www.sharepointinnovations.com/sharepoint-training/schedule/

COST • Online: $1,185.00 • In Classroom: $1,995.00

Course Outline

Day 1 Module 1 – SharePoint, an Introduction What is SharePoint? User Interface Navigation

Module 2 – My Sites and Social Networking Introduction to MySites, Newsfeeds, One Drive Updating your Social Profile Yammer Lab

Module 3 – SharePoint Lists and Libraries Introduction to Lists and Libraries Working with Lists Working With Libraries

Module 4 – SharePoint Libraries Document Library Picture Library Wiki Pages Library Form Library

Module 5 – SharePoint Lists Announcements Links and Promoted Links Calendar Discussion Boards Contacts Lists Issue Tracking

Module 6 – SharePoint Search & Navigation Search/Wildcard Filtering/Refiners Advanced Search

Module 7 – Working with Documents Creating New Documents in SharePoint Online Via Web Apps Via Office Applications Using One Drive Version Control Co-Authoring

Day 2 Module 8 – Managing SharePoint 2013 Sites Introduction to sites, site collections SharePoint Architecture Collaboration, Enterprise and publishing sites Navigation Site Features Site Templates Multi-Site Level Recycle Bin Lab

Module 9 – Customizing your SharePoint Site Customizing Themes Defining Layout Navigation Types of Navigation Lab

Module 10 – Managing Lists and Libraries Columns/Metadata Library Settings List Settings Views Types of Lists and Libraries Lab

Module 11 – Document Management in SharePoint Managing content Check-in/Check-Out Major and Minor Versioning Content Approval Lab

Module 12 – Managing Access / Site Permissions Introduction to Groups and Permission levels Managing User Permissions Create Custom Permission Levels Creating Security Groups Managing Group Membership Break Permission Inheritance at site, library and item level Lab

Day 3 Module 13 – Introduction to Managed Term Store Term Sets TermsTags Create Managed Terms Create Managed Terms Based Columns Lab

Module 14 – Introduction to Content Types Definition Site Columns Default Content Types and Site Columns Create Content Types Manage and associate Content Types Lab

Module 15 – Web Parts Introduction Types of Web Parts

Module 16 – Creating Custom Pages Introduction to SharePoint page types Organize Web Parts on a Team Site Home Page (wiki page) Adding Web Parts for Existing Lists Using the Picture Library and Slideshow to Display Images Using the Content Query Web Part to Roll-Up Content Lab

Module 17 – Introduction to Business Intelligence Tools BI Tools Excel Web Part Lab

Day 4 Module 18 – Search and Navigation Search at the Site Collection Level Search Settings at Site level Using the Enterprise Search Center Configure Site Collection to Use the Search Center Using the Content Search Web Part Customizing your Search Experience Lab

Module 19 – SharePoint Designer 2013 Introduction to the Tool and Interface Navigating Site Elements Through Designer Creating Site Columns, Content Types and Libraries Lab

Module 20 – Workflows Introduction to Workflows Types of Workflows Out of the Box Workflows Implement and Define OOB Workflows Using the 3-state Workflow to Manage IT Tickets Custom Workflows Introduction to Actions and Conditions in Designer Creating a custom workflow Lab

Module 21 – InfoPath Business Forms Introduction InfoPath Designer Tool Interface Types of Forms in SharePoint Customizing an Existing List Form Creating an InfoPath Form Library Customizing a Document Information Panel Lab

Module 22 – Governance Governance Overview General Best Practices Tips Leveraging What You Have Learned Labs

Day 5 Module 23 – Introduction to Office 365 Design and Architecture Set Up Permissions Lab

Module 24 – Introduction to SharePoint Online Administration SharePoint Online Admin Console Navigating the Interface Lab

Module 25 – Types of SharePoint Site Collections Private Site Collections Public Site Collections

Module 26 – SharePoint Online Settings Tools and Settings for SharePoint Online Creating Site Collections Assigning Storage and Memory

Module 27 – SharePoint Online Management Shell Introduction to the SharePoint Online Management Shell Setup the SharePoint Online Management Shell Windows PowerShell Environment

QUESTIONS? Email us at [email protected] or visit us online at www.sharepointinnovations.com